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Readers Respond: What position did you sleep in during pregnancy?

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What sleep positions work well in pregnancy? Well that depends on who you ask... You're not supposed to sleep on your back in pregnancy. So that leaves your belly or your side. You can use a body pillow or tons of pillows under your knees. I even had a pillow under my stomach to support it. Some moms choose the couch or the recliner... Tell use about your experience with sleep in pregnancy. Share Your Experience

pregnancy sleep

i prefer to sleep on ma left side than right even though causes pain hip bt i feel comfortable.
—Guest Mats'episo Sepelemane


I cnt sleep good at night now I set I'm no longer laying I hv neva had full sleep since I'm preg which side must I use to sleep
—Guest amazing

side to side

It always recomended 2 sleeps on your left side. I tried 2 do so but hey couldn't keep it real, both left nd right were paining so I had 2 turn side 2 side all night. Sometimes I'd wake and sit in the middle of the 9te becz of pains on my hip. There is really no comfort zone of sleeping while u r pregnant.
—Guest lucia

found a way that works for me

Im 20 weeks. I could not sleep ever since I found out I'm pregnant. All that toss and turning all night. I barely get any sleep until my best friend gave me a tip. Buy a lot of pillow especially the one that support ur neck. I SLEEP SITTING UP! I know it sound weird but it helps me and I uh... ha. I actually got some sleep. Put them all on ur bed, put some behind your back, your legs, then sleep sitting up on Your bed (but don't sleep on your back!) I hope this helps! :0)
—Guest first time mommy


I have an extra pillow between my knees and one on my right and one on my left. I switch sides a lot because of dicomfort in my hips after awhile but having a pillow behind my back slightly under me helps. Having a pillow between your legs is a pregnancy must.
—Guest Heidi

both side

I sleep on my right the most but intend to toss and turn in the middle of the night cuase my hips start hurting.. or my side intend ti get uncomfortable I want ro sleep on my tummy cuase thats hoe I grew up sleeping but jow that iam prevnant its hard cuase its my first prwgnacy and I intend ti freak out
—Guest chelly chel

No sleep at all

I'm 36 weeks pregnant & can't remember the last time I had a good night sleep. My legs get tired, I turn a lot & its just too heavy when I turn & right there I'll be awake. This is my third child & nt remember going through this with my 2 boys. During the day I stand, I get tired, I sit down, I get pains on my sides. & can only take a nap for only 2hours
—Guest Mosidi

Sleeping on my sides

I feel better if i sleep on my left side cause my baby kick better than right side knw im 39 weeks 5 days but im strugling to sleep hey only 2 hours then i wake up help me girls please
—Guest Noma

sleeping positions

Hi I can't sleep for the whole night.I toss and turn a lot and end up sleeping on my back.I sometimes have bad dreams of miscarriage and I am 21 weeks.help me with any advise please.... ☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹
—Guest karabo.pretoria

i flipped side to side

I couldnt sleep whole pregnancy i would flip side to side to no avail my hips will kill me so i didnt get any sleep my whole pregnancy now that i had him i still cant sleep comfortably my back and everything ache so i basically have inmsomia
—Guest chrissyboo

Side sleeper

Would toss and turn from my left to right side, couldn't sleep on my back or belly as it was to uncomfortable. I'm now 35 weeks, I've always been able to sleep through the night so not sleeping has been very hard for me. I find myself exhausted during the day but I do manage to nap when I feel like it
—Guest Jennifer

Side Sleeper

I'm 20 weeks along, I sleep from my left side to my right side. I turn about 4 times during the night. I have a pillow for my stomach an my husband is closet behind me so I don't sleep on my back, when I turn my husband turn with me!! LOL
—Guest Deedy104

pregnancy sleep

I am cofortable to sleep my right side , but it killes me my hips
—Guest sara

First Time Mommy

I find when I sleep on my left side, my baby moves alot more & wakes me up
—Guest Destiney

16 weeks

Already uncomfortable sleeping at 16 weeks. My left side is my only comfortable position wjth My knee propped on a pillow..
—Guest liv

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What position did you sleep in during pregnancy?

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