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Guy's Guide to Pregnancy

It's true that pregnant women tend to be the ones who read about pregnancy. That doesn't mean that the guys out there aren't interested. Here are some guy specific resources for the new dad in your life.

More for Dads
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Pregnant Women Turning to the Internet for Answers

Pregnant women are looking to the Internet for information, but don't also get reliable information.

Squatty Potty Review

Squatting in labor can help you bring your baby down quickly and the Squatty Potty can be extra helpful.

Wrap Sleeveless Maxi Dress

Need a dress that will take you from pregnancy all the way through postpartum, to include nursing? This sleeveless maxi might be your best option.

Ways to Induce Labor

A look at some of the basic medical ways to induce labor when it is important for your baby to be born.

Creative Solutions for Working and Pumping Breast Milk

A look at creative solution for being able to breastfeed and return to work by using innovative pumping facilities.

5 Things Happy Pregnant Women Do

Pregnancy does not have to be a really stressful and sad time. Here are tips to a happy pregnancy.

Contraction Timer App Reviews

A look at various apps and websites for contraction timer apps for iOS and Android.

Prenatal Yoga Workout with Amy Griffith Review

A review of Prenatal Yoga Workout with Amy Griffith on DVD.

Bye Bye Blemishes Kit

Do you have an issue with acne in pregnancy? Here is a nice look at how the Bye Bye Blemish Duo worked for our reviewer.

5 Ways to Cope with Early Pregnancy Worries

Looking for a way to calm those early pregnancy worries? These tips and tricks will help.

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