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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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From the article: You're pregnant! Now what?
Early pregnancy feels very different from woman to woman. Some women don't feel pregnant early on, while others are hanging on for dear life with pregnancy symptoms galore. You might even experience things that seem to come and go. Meanwhile, everyone seems to have similar but unique experiences of early pregnancy! So, how did you feel in early pregnancy? Share Your Experience

Thank you god for this blessing!

I`m 4weeks prego with first baby and only sym im having are tender boobs and cramping.
—Guest JMercedes


I'm 2months preg I am always sleepy,tired,n nausea is this normal?if so when is gonna end? I cant eat because of the nausea.
—Guest Happy


I've been throwing up everything I eat for the past few days. I am not supposed to be able to get pregnant. I've had cold like allergys and my lower stomach is cramping. Everytime i try to eat, I throw up. And if I get it down, I throw up.
—Guest Cake

fingers crossed

My period is a week late and im tired all da time. I'm 29 and have been trying to fall pregnant for the last 5 years. I have no other symptoms taking a test today. Really praying for a positive result
—Guest Beth

Maybe Maybe-Not

I'm still sleepy after 9 hours. I'm hungrier than usual, craving grape ice cream, mashed potatoes with salty Mexican cheese that stinks like dirty feet. I can't stand meat though, or oily burnt smell. I've been throwing up morning and evening. My husband and I don't use any contraception, because we were told we couldn't get pregnant if we both are diabetics. It's awful. I hate feeling sick. Could I be pregnant?
—Guest Nena

10 weeks and a day

I remember the abdominal cramps, it almost felt as though I were due on my period. My mother in law insisted I took a test, I did so the following morning and so be it I am! Now I'm suffering with all day sickness, acid reflux and I feel tired ALL the time. It has not yet been confirmed how far gone I am but going by my last period I'm 10 weeks!
—Guest Casey


I was at the laundry room and I was taking out the clothes and all of a sudden I felt a huge dizzyness and I stopped for a sec I looked around and it was all moving in slow motion. Am I pregnant ? I mean I hope so me and my UFC fighter fiancé have been trying for a long time and I just really hope I am ❤️
—Guest Jen2091

feeling prego

Okay I'm getting curious my husband an I have been trying for a baby for the last two months, my LDP was Nov 13 an suppose to get my period yesterday but nothing I do feel my breasts are tender sore an heavier. No vomiting,i took a test on dec 7 but came out neg,could I possiliby be prego?
—Guest kneesh

Think I'm pregnant but not to sure

Hi there I'm 24 I had my frist child in 2011 I had the mariner in for two I toke it out in nov this yr I hadn't my preiod on 25th the feelings I have is weried cramping n my belly is very sore I feel sick n have headaches behind my eye n felling very tried is this a sign of pregnancy
—Guest Tash89

nervous !!

My period was a day early, i usually have it for 7 days, but on the 25th of nov. i started, it was light instead of normally being kind of heavy. It went for 4 days light and heavy but was a brownish cokor and stopped during the night and mostly through day 5 and came back till the next morning. 2 days later had light spotting. I had back pains, headaches every day since, feeling nauseous on and off but not throwing up even tho i feel like it sometimes, heavy bloated stomach, very cranky and moody, crying over everything, more hungry and thirsty, have some discharge and constantly burping, farting, have heartburn and sick burps, gum bleeding after brushing me teeth, rare dizzy spells. Supposed to start my period in 2 weeks but i think im pregnant.
—Guest me

am i pregnant??

I am eating a lot and having pain in my lower abdomen and also on the left side.I have missed my period by 3 days. Am I?
—Guest sweeten

idontknow !

Last month i had my pd for just ONE day and the rest few days just brown spotting and pinkishh thats never happed to me so i took 2 pregnancy test both negg , but i been having lots of cramping and backs pains also boobs are sore , feel like im 7 months pregoo belly is growing and i get hungy like hell ahh idk what to doo !!
—Guest Yuli♡

I have faith

I got married in 2011 been tryin with my husband since before we got married. I've been calm and patience about, waitin for the right time. Well i guess this is it, i get tired fast, exhausted, lots of cramps off and on, back pain, sleepy in the day time, cranky for no reason, hungry like a pig, peeing alot, constipated and gas. My period is 13 days late. We are in 5th, last period was october 22nd. I tested neg twice, im scare andbexcitef at the
—Guest Marisia

Was it to early

I have ben off da depo shot for about nine monthsand I havent had my period been havin unprotected sex wit my bf now my nipples are tender period like cramps in my lower stomach n i get bloated I took a pg rest bt it was neg bt I still hav the symptoms do u think it was to early to take the test
—Guest Katavia

dnt no if i am pregnant

My tummy is stiff breast swollen see my period for two days light which never happens I test already but is negative during my period vomiting now and then saliva in comes up in my mouth every minute
—Guest fellisha

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How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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