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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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Updated April 19, 2013

5 weeks pregnant!

I've had very very sore boobs since about 2 days past ovulation! had a little bit of nausea/light headed-ness yesterday... only slightly though. Very Very sleepy! very slight cramps. I'm so nervous something is gonna go wrong! I have to learn to relax a bit I think!
—Guest Sarah

Second Pregnancy and Feeling Normal

With my 1st pregnancy I started throwing up before my period was due. By 6 weeks I was throwing up every day. This time I'm 6 weeks and feeling completely normal. Besides missing my period and having slightly sore breasts I wouldn't even know I was pregnant this time. I'm kinda getting worried!
—Guest jen

When I first found out

When I first found out I was I guess you can say I was shocked because I didn't have any symptoms. I didn't have morning sickness or anything like that the only thing I was late.

5 weeks pregnant

I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am experiencing dizziness and mild cramping in the lower abdomen since yesterday. Yesterday I woke with with a PMs like cramping in my lower abdomen. But today I am kind of used to that feeling and have a minor ache. Rest is fine.
—Guest daa

5 weeks today

My husband and I have been trying for a little over a year. I was pregnant two years ago with an ectopic pregnancy. So I was very exited when I found out I was pregnant. So far the only symptoms I have had are lower back pain also cramps like my period is here. I have bloating. And oh my gosh my nipples hurt. My husband says my one nipple feel chapped. (I have no idea what he is talking about). I just cannot wait for my first ultrasound.
—Guest Jena

Wishing, Hoping, Praying

Well, I have had quite a long journey. I have a 6 year old who has been asking for a brother or sister since he was 4. Now that he is more independent I figured it would be a great time to try! The only problem was I still had my IUD. Somehow a month before I was planning on getting it removed I went to the doctor feeling sick and describing lots of normal pregnancy symptoms. Turns out I was pregnant! They immediately took my IUD out. The first trimester was scary because I thought maybe I'd lose the baby since I was on birth control but here I am still pregnant and oh so happy.
—Guest tierahmarie

5 weeks tomorrow

I thought I had PMS with my breast tenderness and irritability. When my period didn't come on time, I took a test. This is my first pregnancy. The breast tenderness is getting better, and I have some mild cramping. No nausea, no fatigue. I guess I'm lucky! I can't wait to start telling people. Hopefully it will feel more real when I can share the news!
—Guest ready!

5th Week

I just found out last week, so now I am 5 weeks. I have cramping, and I feel full. Other than that, I haven't noticed any other symptoms. I totally have changed up my eating habits which is proving to be a task. I never was a breakfast person, a fruit person, or a water drinker. Now I am eating like 5 fruits a day and 8 glasses of water. We had been trying for 5 months so I am happy, but anxious at the same time. My first Doctor visit is 4 weeks away so I got some prenatal vitamins and just been trying to get plenty of rest.
—Guest Shaye

Week 5

I sailed through the first few weeks with only mild cramps and some dizzy feelings. However this week serious morning sickness set in along with a severe migraine causing me to miss work, currently feel constantly sick just hope it doesn't last much longer!

full feeling with backache

I am only just 5 weeks pregnant and am feeling very achy in my lower back. Also have a full feeling in my uterus. Around week 4 I had a few light cramps. My breasts are sore too. Having said that, I am thrilled to have these aches and pains it means I really am pregnant!
—Guest naomi

Found out today

I have been a week late on my period, and suffering uncomfortable tummy twinges, light headedness whenever I stand or lift something of weight. I have been thirsty and needing to pee constantly with almost constant heartburn. I heard these symptoms were normal I estimate that I'm in my fith week. As I've only just found out I'm still conflicted as to weather to have the baby as I'm rather young, only in my first year of university and living on loans. I don't know what I should do, I have been reading up on pregnancy and children, and I'm feeling even more confused!
—Guest scared young mum to be

5 weeks and its still unreal

I'm 5 weeks today and while I'm exhibiting many symptoms (heartburn, exhaustion, insomnia, nausea, vivid dreams, mood swings). I just can't quite wrap my head around the fact that I'm pregnant. I'm so tired today I want to fall asleep at my desk. I'm about to go home for the day and I know my husband made hamburgers (ugh...can't even conceptualize ground beef!). I had some cramping last week with the tiniest amount of spotting (scary), but everything is back to "normal". This is my first pregnancy, so I'm nervous about miscarriage. I'm so thrilled, however at the idea of creating a new life. It has been difficult to remind myself that I'm not being lazy; I'm busy building a baby and that zaps an incredible amount of energy. Congratulations to everyone and happy pregnancy.
—Guest Tonya

9 weeks 4 days

I feel sleepy all the time but I don't have morning sickness.

I felt....

I felt regular, didn't feel pregnant at all. My period came on early, I threw up, I got sick, but after that I felt regular.
—Guest Colleen

Finally, I'm pregnant!

I have sore nipples, headache, tired... the usual.
—Guest lilian

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