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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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I'M PREGNANT!! I had to put this on here seeing as my husband and I want to wait after the 2nd scan to tell everyone. I'm six weeks and loving it!
—Guest omg

Kind of confused

I've missed my period and I'm bloated, moody, tired, sick to my stomach, eat more than usual, breasts are sore. But the test wasn't clear enough to read. I've been getting cramping and such things also. If I am I would be about 5 weeks.
—Guest emma mae


I've been trying to get pregnant for 18 months, I'm two days late with a few symptoms. Really think I am but can't be sure because I've had three negatives, not sure if its too early to detect yet. I'm hoping and praying I am. I will have too wait and see.
—Guest loraine


I am in my 10th week with my 3rd baby. Have had terrible morning sickness and pain with this one though. Found out at 5 weeks that I have a cyst on my ovary and that is what is causing the pain. I have not kept anything down for 2 days now. Even drinking water is a hard task. Am a very much thinking this is my last baby because it is just getting a little bit too much on my body.
—Guest Sara

Does not feel real

I am 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant, tried 4 about 3 years and were all negative. I was then told that I had polycystic ovaries and have found out I was 7 weeks pregnant. However I am now 10 weeks and it still does not feel real. I'm hoping this feeling will go away as I so want to enjoy this experience.
—Guest shar86

6 weeks and OH boy! This explains a lot!

I've been exhausted for 2 weeks, sleepy, and been craving french dip sandwiches! Yep! This explains it ALL. My boyfriend and I are over the moon happy. We planned for this and wow, it just happened quick! Only been off the pill for a month. My due date is right before my 35th birthday. Couldn't think of a better gift. Yesterday the tiredness was bearable. today I'm exhausted, light headed and feeling that extra fullness from my womb. It's for certain: little Aidan or Madison is on their way! :-) No nausea and I hope I don't get any. I'm waiting for the doc's visit in 4 days to confirm then we'll share the good news with everyone. I wish every woman out there a safe and happy pregnancy. if you're older like me, and were waiting to have a family, being able to conceive is a real gift. Take good care of yourself. Oh, and I started taking prenatal vitamins a few months ago. CVS's dbl pack w/ DHEA - nice vanilla flavor! Now for that stretching waistband... OH boy! (or girl!)
—Guest 34 and HAPPY!

so thankful!

I took two tests one last evening and the other this morning because my period was 6 days late. Both were positive. Been trying for 7 years and and am so excited but edgy because I've had 2 miscarriages before! I have on and off mild cramps and am glad to learn from you all that this is almost normal otherwise no major symptoms other than being thirsty a lot, increased appetite and peeing lots! I thank God for this miracle every second of the day and cant wait to be a mom!
—Guest val


I'm in my 5th week. I was sure my period was coming as I had period pains, headaches, crankiness, etc. feeling desperately tired I went to the GP to find I'm pregnant! My two oldest kids are 12 and 16 and heck this will be a curve for all of us. So far just slight nausea, very tired, feeling faint, craving choc milk and oranges.
—Guest shockedmama

Six weeks or so

I'm about six weeks pregnant, I have not thrown up once. the first week after I found out I was pregnant my stomach felt a little uneasy but now I feel actually better than before I got pregnant... My breasts feel heavier and I'm eating and sleeping a lot more. I just want to know if it's okay that I'm feeling awesome I know I'm pregnant but not sure what to expect (this is my first baby).
—Guest Baby Momma


Last month period was late and VERY short when it did decide to show. Now this month I'm only like a day late but my nipples have been very tender for quite a few days (which isn't a usual menstrual sign for me). I've been somewhat emotional, and my appetite has increased, I've experienced very little cramping...but NO blood. It's hard to tell if these are just new menstrual symptoms or if I'm prego. What do you think?

Pregnancy feeling

I have a mildly sore breast, I missed my period by 2 days, I don't have any other symptoms. I'm praying hard, hope this is pregnancy!
—Guest Mary

6 weeks...I think?

I took a digital test yesterday and it read, pregnant 3+ and I read that means I conceived over 3 weeks ago, so I'm guessing I'm about 6 weeks pregnant. I have the worst memory and cant remember when my last period was either. I have sore breast and am very bloated and every now and then I get slight cramping, I'm thinking I could be further along than I think.

4.7 weeks

I'm so happy that I'm pregnant, we have been trying for a year. Our daughter is 4. I have bad cramping throughout the day especially at night. I rarely have cramps with my period so I know that it's the pregnancy. My breast are swollen but not tender. I hope that I don't get as sick as I was with my daughter I had morning sickness from 6-13 weeks of my pregnancy.
—Guest s.harris

4 or 5 Weeks Along

I am pregnant for the first time; maybe 4 or 5 weeks along. I sleep so easily at any time but am pretty cranky if my husband wakes me up. My breasts are beginning to get sore and I have cramps just like I used to get before I started menstruating. I am happy to be pregnant but anxious about the next steps I need to take! First doctor's visit the day before my birthday! Also, does anyone else feel "morning sickness" in the middle of the evening? I feel fine in the mornings but my stomach churns at this time everyday.
—Guest For the First Time

I hope I am

So I've been told that I may not be able to have kids, which is sad because I'm in my early 20's. But my boyfriend and I have been trying for and I have some symptoms but I don't have morning sickness, my mom said she didn't have it so I'm hoping I am. I want to take a pregnancy test but I'm afraid if it comes out negative I'm going to be devastated!
—Guest ashley

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