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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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I was pregnant before and I miscarried at 7 and a half weeks. I had all the symptoms vomiting, tired, bloatedness, sore legs, and forgetfulness. I had my period last month and it was the first one since the miscarriage. This month no period I am about 4 days late, so far I have just had a craving for pickle cheese and mayo sandwiches, been tired, and peeing more. Have not taken a test yet but it does make me wonder, I am 36 years old and so hoping that If I am pregnant again that I go to full term this time.
—Guest Tbone

Almost 6 weeks

Really excited. Had been trying for a year and a half and this is my first pregnancy. Had two days of spotting, but then didn't get my period like I usually do after a couple of days of spotting. Doctor said it was most likely implantation bleeding. I have sore breasts, and had some slight cramping, but not sure if that was gas related. Every now and then I get a wave of very slight nausea, but other than that I feel normal. Not tired at all, but then again I am only working casually so get plenty of opportunity to relax. Very scared though and praying hard as I want this to last. Cannot wait until scan in a week. All my prayers to those out there in the same situation.
—Guest Whoohooo

Just Five Weeks

I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am very weak and practically run a very high fever with no appetite for food.
—Guest Filia

So excited

My husband and I have been trying for 2 years and began fertility a few months ago. After our second IUI procedure we received the best news ever. I am 5 weeks pregnant and couldn't be happier. Have had some cramping, which I know know is normal, sore breasts, tired, and I pee much more frequently. I am looking forward to my ultrasound next week. I hope everyone has a safe and healthy pregnancy. I know I can't wait to meet my little one in March.
—Guest Tara

Kinda Scared but Exited

Well I don't know If i am pregnant but my period is supposed this week but hasn't. I thought I was going to have it but I didn't. I just had sore stomach and feeling sick for 2 days I've been dizzy and cranky with everyone, I keep going from happy to sad then mad.
—Guest MissPent


I had a baby 16 months ago I didn't feel anything different maybe a little moodier when I was pregnant...no sickness no breast tenderness nothing... Now I have missed 3 periods and think I may be pregnant and I feel horrid got most symptoms going sickness, headache, sore breasts, cravings the lot.... just shows not every pregnancy or women are the same.
—Guest pregnancy.about.com

40 and pregnant for 1st time!!!

I've been married twice, never got pregnant....my clock was ticking something horrible. My boyfriend and I have been in love since we were 16, and always wanted kids....we're now having one!!! I'm 5 weeks along - I'm biting my nails that everything goes well. No morning sickness, a little dizziness, feel "thick", tender nipples, scared to have sex. I am cautiously ecstatic, and want to start buying baby clothes & stuff! Started taking prenatals, but need to make a doctor appointment.
—Guest jenny

Feeling about pregnancy

I felt stupid and so alone I cried about it. I told closed friends and my sister about it I can't stop crying about it. The thing is I'm in love with my unborn babe, that is all I can say.
—Guest Bongeka

I'm not sure!

It's now a month passed, since my periods went missing. I went to get tested but the results says I'm not. I'm worried
—Guest anna

13-18 weeks?

I was diagnosed with PCOS so missing periods for 3-6 months was normal for me. One day I fell asleep at my desk at work. I just figured I didn't sleep good the night before. Well it went on for about 4 weeks, I kept falling asleep at my desk around 2-3 pm. My breasts were tender and I was under a lot of stress. My boss didn't want to give me a vacation to move from my apartment and I actually started crying! Man, I'm under a lot of stress! I thought...my mother in law pointed out that I was probably pregnant, but I ignored it as I was planning on going through a career change and knew that if I was pregnant it would halt all my plans! Well, I went to planned parenthood and they guess that I'm anywhere between 13-18 weeks pregnant. No morning sickness for me!
—Guest Michelle


I hope I'm really pregnant and that I have a healthy pregnancy.
—Guest JOSSY

5 weeks

I am so excited- 5 weeks and wish I could tell my everyone. I am feeling well- just sore breasts, cramping, sleepy, thirsty and freq urination but love it all because it reminds me I am going to have a baby!!! I will be 7 months pregnant for my 30th. Fingers crossed it all goes well - am trying hard with exercise and nutrition and have stopped yoga. Will go to the doc and organize an OB visit this week for my ultrasound..

5 weeks

I only have headaches. No sickness yet. I tested positive on a pregnancy test 7 days ago. I actually took 5 and they were all positive. I'm a little tired also and yes some gas. Yuck!
—Guest Lauren

I need baby!

I'm 5 weeks pregnant. I need sleeping a lot during the day! I have gastric issues!
—Guest Selam

Is it too early to tell?

I have been experiencing a few symptoms but I'm not quite sure if it means anything. I've gotten my period but it wasn't as heavy or long as usual. Could I be feeling these symptoms this early?
—Guest ashlee

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