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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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I knew It

I worked at subway and every time I walked in to start my shift I would get sick to the smell of my manager baking the Italian herb and cheese bread, I used to love that smell, then I started craving mild peppers and red wine vinegar, I never even tried before lol

am I preggo or its a mind thing.

I got my last cycle in February. I haven't came on since. Ive been going to the bathroom like crazy almost peeing on myself at times. I get up through the night probably 4 times. My breast are sore. Im having diarrhea symptoms. Wanting to eat from the time I wake up until I sleep. Drinking more liquids than normal. Took plenty of pregnant test all came back negative. My boyfriend says he believe I am but im not sure! Help someone??????
—Guest terria

I am very confused

i am 20 yrs and i am going to college in the fall, since march 2 was my last p and i had another one March 30 and usually last 5-6 days march 30 lasted 3 days and very light but i didn't think anything of it i have been to the doctor and taken a pee test a home pregnancy test and blood test and they keep telling me i am not pregnant and i ask then why do i hurt down there i don't have any infection they have checked everything i am so confused and scared, and my mom had her cycle the whole 9 months when she was prego with me, could it be possible i am just like her? please some one i need advice and help i am scared??

sleep alot

I sleep alot I miss a period I feel sick in stuff in I was bleeding on the eight of April in stuff I'm am pregnant
—Guest bookie

first pregnancy

I took a test about 5 days after my period was due and to my amazement it came back positive! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I went to the doctors to confirm that following week and I am indeed 5 weeks pregnant. I haven’t had many severe symptoms but 9 have had quite sore breast, slight fatigue and a weird craving for bread rolls ha-ha I go for my 1st u/s in 2 weeks. :D My partner and I are so excited!
—Guest nessy


I generally don't keep track of my periods because I can feel them coming. This time I've feel like it has been coming for a week, but nothing. I've been constipated for a few days. I've also had insomnia the last week as well, and I get really tired in the afternoon. I just feel weird. I have no idea how late I could be, or if I'm jumping to conclusions early. I'm scare of the possibility.
—Guest scared

A few

With my first pregnancy I had very few symptoms in the beginning. I had no idea I was pregnant until 7 weeks along. It only occurred to me to take a test when I woke up in the middle of the night and was WIDE awake for no apparent reason. I had been feeling very tired, low energy, and a lot bloated. I was just laying in bed and noticed this kind of warmth and slight tingling in my abdomen, almost could describe it as a buzzing feeling. I knew something was off but I wasn't expecting the test to come up positive. We hadn't been "trying" but also hadn't been preventing. But other than being tired and a couple more nights of insomnia and being really emotional and crabby, I had no other symptoms. No morning sickness, no sensitive/sore breasts/nipples. Second pregnancy was similar but also had more insomnia and morning sickness.
—Guest Clare

1 month and a week.

My boyfriend first try, first shot, got me pregnant. I didn’t know until I had that feeling in my gut that I was. I am very self-conscious about it. Now we are having a baby, I just hope its healthy and I’m going to love it so much. I’m young I'm 18. I didn’t tell my parents yet, I don’t quite know how. I’m planning on April Fools Day. Yeah, my plan is to see if they freak out, I'll just say April fools! I just hope it goes well, my boyfriend and me are very exited about the baby, and I’m not so exited about the pain. But it will be all worth it at the end. I did have a crampy feeling at first, now just really tired and nauseous at times. My boyfriend & me have been together for two years. It’s a big step I'm taking, and a huge beginning. Wish all of you good luck on your child! Try to be happy and eat healthy!
—Guest Maria

I am two weeks

I am to weeks and I have cramps and a little bit of blood. I really hope everything is okay. This is my last time doing IVF because I just have the money to do it anymore so fingers crossed.
—Guest jo

Hoping, hoping and hoping

My husband and I been trying for few months and I am waiting on my period next month cause I've been feeling pregnant all this month expectantly the tender breast feeling, and peeing a lot, but not eating that much and hardly no sleep either but I really hope I am.
—Guest Toni

5 weeks

My pregnancy was completely unexpected and I don't feel happy about it at all. This is definitely bad timing and I am overwhelmed. I spent all of last week in shock. I've been very emotional, having really weird, vivid dreams, my nipples hurt, I'm retaining a lot of fluid even though I have to pee about 15 times a day, my pants do not fit around the waist, I have very bad nausea from about Noon until 7pm every day, and I'm very, very tired. I just want to live in my bed. It's nice that some many women are happy about their new pregnancies on this site but I'm not and it would be comforting to read honest opinions from other women who are in the same situation as me.
—Guest Megan

5 Weeks Today

I just found out today, had a feeling I was pregnant cause I'm never late so I decided to take a home preg test this morning and it clearly marked those 2 lines. I've been feeling fatigue for the past 3-4 weeks but have not started throwing up...grrr I hate that, I sleep a lot..even in the office. I'm excited though!!!

All Day Sickness

I am 9 weeks pregnant, I feel sick all day long with being nauseated and vomiting thru out the day. My breast feel sore, tender heavier and fuller. I also feel tired and like every time a walk I have to pee no joke. I am also having lower back pain this is my third pregnancy and with my two boys I never felt anything like this. This one is surely very different than my other pregnancy.
—Guest angelina

Where is the bathroom?

I am 45 and I am entering my 6 weeks of pregnancy. This is my first baby. I had an abortion years ago and I thought miracle would never happen to me again. But it did and now I am over the moon! I just hope he/she will stick. The first 3 moths are always very critical at my age. In any event all I have experienced so far are period cramps like, tiredness, soar breast, heartburn and lots of urination. Literally I can run to the bathroom every 10/15 minutes day and night. Very annoying. Other symptoms ... well my hormones are all over the place so there are moment in which I feel super happy other I am incredibly edgy and bitchy. Poor husband of mine! It takes a lot of patience to be with a pregnant woman. I know I will develop other symptoms as my pregnancy progresses but I found that light exercising and swimming is helping me at the moment to fight the fatigue and the mood swing.


I haven't had my period for about 2 months but this is normal for me to barley have a period. I'm always wondering!!! It drives me insane. I was taking the pill to make me have a period but because I would like to have a child I stopped but I still haven't had a period and the other day I was having cramps in my side under my belly so here I am wondering again.
—Guest Elizabeth

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