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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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i feel really tired and hungry soon after eating my breast arent sore but m sho a test ll do
—Guest geraldine

Can't wait to find out

I've been having some symptoms for a few days now, tiredness hot cramps and sickly feeling! 2 days late can't wait to test hope I am!!
—Guest Ruby's mummy

not sure but hope so

I took a blood test what I would say is two days after conception and it was negative but my brest have been sore now a week later and I feel like I am peegnante I know its only like a week or so in but I want to know for sure plus I am super tired all day is this normal to feel at a week or so along
—Guest kentucky


Well i am 20 n Saturday was my first time having sex n on that Sunday i took a morning after pill but i cant be sure it worked so i don't know what to think i hope that i am not pregnant because this is a very bad time for me to have a child i am not stable n i do not have any type of money ....signed unsure
—Guest Blessing


Hey Guys! my next cycle is in about 2 more weeks! but lately I have been feeling very nausea and moody! I also have been having lower stomach pains. I've been having weird cravings and strong smells of a lot different types of foods that's far away! could I be pregnant?
—Guest Reeree

Too early to take a test

I have a child she is 5 and me and my bf are trying for a baby! I had my last period 5/07/2013 and a 2 day of bleeding after sex on 15/07/2013! I've been exhausted the past few days eating loads and feeling crappy! I'm due on and have had period pains but nothing come yet! Is it too early to take a test and is te 2 days of bleeding a period or not?? Help please??????
—Guest Clare

5 weeks preg

Oh my God: at last am preg been trying 4 over 2)rs; felliing a lot like sleepy sore nipple and tender breast' but am happy am Gonna b a mother
—Guest laura

Not too sure.

My fiance and I decided to have sex without a condom. It's kind of a scary thought of us having a child. But if we made a mistake we'll have to just deal with it. we might be young,but we'll have to grow up. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be if it's not. We can both finish college and wait a little longer.
—Guest Kelley

I'm scared

Ok I'm 2 days late and a week or so I had bleeding but lightish brown I have heartburn headaches and cramping am I preg??
—Guest scared king


i am a 5 weeks pregnant first mom, i am so excited about this news with my partner, i still cant believe we gonna have our own little family. but im afraid i have a womb cancer i suspect so because i have been avoiding this for years but now i have the hardest sore womb. what must i do. my spine is also sore im not prepared to die or either loose my child help
—Guest Pearl

want to know if im pregnant

i am 10 days my stomach been feeling bubbley & headches off and on mood swings lower back pain & July 31 i started bleeding lightly & im still is can i still be PREGNANT
—Guest Marilyn Monroe

It's always one red line

I have been to concieve for over a year. This time around, i got that injection and doctor told us to hahe regular sex on my high days but past week or so, i have all the pregnancy symptoms but I know my period isnt due for a week more atleast. i think im going crazy or what...everytime i used to take the test and it turned out to be negative somehow i felt i had jinxed it cuz right after taking the test i would get my period in an hour or so! Hoping for a positive outcome this time :(
—Guest Rabia

I feel weird

I've had sex 3 times this month. 5th, 19, 28th. My last period was from June 28-3rd of July. My period is 3 days late. I'm moody. I feel crampy but no blood. My stomach feels weird. I feel nausea but I haven't thrown up. I don't really have a craving for anything.. Matter of fact my appetite has diminished a bit. My nipples aren't sore but they are a bit perkier than usual. I'm scared to take the test early. I'm hoping for a positive!!! Do you think I could be pregnant?
—Guest Hopefullyamommytobe


I hope I am pregnat my husband and I been trying since my twenty third birthday June 8 and it's July 29 we been like rabbits and using my period tracking been feeling hungry lots and been having lower back pains and my lower stomach around my hips feel crampy but I hope it's a baby!
—Guest Air Force baby


Ive had a urine pregnancy test and and hcg hormone test and my hormones was at .59.... I have intercourse with my husband a week ago and it was the very last time I am currently in the field and its unsafe to be here when pregnant. I was told by the doctor that if im pregnant it could be too early to tell and that I could only be one week. Ive been nauseous tired hungry emotional ive had bad back pain peeing all the time my breast are tender ive been getting headaches acne on my face and chest my hair and nails are growing and if I hold my pee too long it starts to cramp up. The same day that the doctor said I could b too early to tell, without any other examination he said that he is going to put me on birth control cause it could be withdrawal from the depo without really being sure himself. Still not sure if I can b but I just started seeing a like pinkish blood or discharge. HELP BEFORE I DO SOMETHING THAT COULD POSSIBLY HURT MY BABY THAT OM STILL NOT SURE ABOUT.
—Guest meerah

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