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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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Updated April 19, 2013

will it be a boy???

I'm almost 7 weeks along and don't feel pregnant at all sometimes I wonder if I really am lol b4 I even found out I was pregnant with my second daughter (last year) my breast ached and was tender the first day I missed my period and I felt symptoms eary on, but this time around I don't feel anything, im not complaining though lol, im hoping this baby will be a boy because I already have 2 girls but if it's another girl I'll still be happy, I got pregnant the day I was supposed to get my tubes tied but my doc canceled the appt so I hope this my lucky baby boy
—Guest mommy_of_2

8 week pregnant...

This is my second child, and with my first I had few symptoms, mainly sore, tender breasts and the missed period was my clue in to tell me something was up. When I pms I get sore breasts, bloating, mood swings and the like. So when I missed my period this time around as well, I knew something was up. So I took a pregnancy test and yep, pregnant. Anyways, I started having a little nausea at the end of the week, but now it's in full swing, I usually throw up once a day, with my last pregnancy I hardly threw up at all. With this pregnancy too, I have lower back pain, bad leg cramps especially in my right leg for some reason, I've had a ultrasound done on my legs and both were clear of clots. I also get badly bloated, and stomach cramps as well as horrible constipation. I feel like I'm dying with this pregnancy. I sleep way too much...on average of 12-14 hours a day, since I work nights. It doesn't help matters that I'm obese (bmi of 34) and I've lost weight since finding out. Craz
—Guest Crys

Almost 12months pregnant

i feel pregnant yet i havnt mised a period my breast were so tender a week ago but now they are normal ,did i somehow experience a miscourage without knowing
—Guest Roseline


Ive been feeling different lately. I have been peeing frequently and suddenly and getting off and on headaches. But, I just stopped my period. But having mild cramping feelings? I'm just so confused. No nausea or sickness that I have noticed. Also I have lost my appetite. Nothing sounds good at all! And no I'm not sick. I need answers. I'm having a lot of mixed signals.
—Guest Jess


i feel really tired and hungry soon after eating my breast arent sore but m sho a test ll do
—Guest geraldine

Can't wait to find out

I've been having some symptoms for a few days now, tiredness hot cramps and sickly feeling! 2 days late can't wait to test hope I am!!
—Guest Ruby's mummy

not sure but hope so

I took a blood test what I would say is two days after conception and it was negative but my brest have been sore now a week later and I feel like I am peegnante I know its only like a week or so in but I want to know for sure plus I am super tired all day is this normal to feel at a week or so along
—Guest kentucky


Well i am 20 n Saturday was my first time having sex n on that Sunday i took a morning after pill but i cant be sure it worked so i don't know what to think i hope that i am not pregnant because this is a very bad time for me to have a child i am not stable n i do not have any type of money ....signed unsure
—Guest Blessing


Hey Guys! my next cycle is in about 2 more weeks! but lately I have been feeling very nausea and moody! I also have been having lower stomach pains. I've been having weird cravings and strong smells of a lot different types of foods that's far away! could I be pregnant?
—Guest Reeree

Too early to take a test

I have a child she is 5 and me and my bf are trying for a baby! I had my last period 5/07/2013 and a 2 day of bleeding after sex on 15/07/2013! I've been exhausted the past few days eating loads and feeling crappy! I'm due on and have had period pains but nothing come yet! Is it too early to take a test and is te 2 days of bleeding a period or not?? Help please??????
—Guest Clare

5 weeks preg

Oh my God: at last am preg been trying 4 over 2)rs; felliing a lot like sleepy sore nipple and tender breast' but am happy am Gonna b a mother
—Guest laura

Not too sure.

My fiance and I decided to have sex without a condom. It's kind of a scary thought of us having a child. But if we made a mistake we'll have to just deal with it. we might be young,but we'll have to grow up. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be if it's not. We can both finish college and wait a little longer.
—Guest Kelley

I'm scared

Ok I'm 2 days late and a week or so I had bleeding but lightish brown I have heartburn headaches and cramping am I preg??
—Guest scared king


i am a 5 weeks pregnant first mom, i am so excited about this news with my partner, i still cant believe we gonna have our own little family. but im afraid i have a womb cancer i suspect so because i have been avoiding this for years but now i have the hardest sore womb. what must i do. my spine is also sore im not prepared to die or either loose my child help
—Guest Pearl

want to know if im pregnant

i am 10 days my stomach been feeling bubbley & headches off and on mood swings lower back pain & July 31 i started bleeding lightly & im still is can i still be PREGNANT
—Guest Marilyn Monroe

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