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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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—Guest JOY

am i pregnant

My period was August 9 2013 I had unprecedented sex 17-18(23-25) next period is in 2 days breast heavy lower belly feels funny so do my breast sleep a lot
—Guest skyblue29

baking myfourth

I am like fivewks I think and I am gassy bloated nauseated but always hungry. I am exausted to thepoint of falling asleep sitting up three times now. Kinda crampy and my breasts are tender
—Guest rachel

not sure yet

I am six weeks late and feel sick all the time with nauseas,feeling like I want to vomit,moody.and want to fight with my partner all the time,I am hungry but can't eat as the food smells so bad.I am hoping that I am because I tested and it said negative.
—Guest Eli

Pregnancy feelings

I have PCOS along with 4 of my sisters. this is a syndrome dealing with the ovaries and well, it causes you to not have children. 3 months after marriage I am pregnant! I was really tired and dragging home from work. I told my mom and she said, "sounds like you are preggers" it hadn't crossed my mind until then. Sure enough, i was! Now i have two beautiful boys and am wondering if another is on their way. with PCOS I never have monthly periods. usually twice a year but these last few months I have had one about once a month. I didn't have one last month so I took a test and it was negative. 3 actually, a few days a part. I noticed today that I get really dizzy easy, been really hungry and feeling fatter in the middle than normal. I have also been biting my poor hubby's head off more than usual lol. who knows, with us women and all of our hormone issues NOT being pregnant I guess it's really hard to tell haha! Well, i still have baby fat left from the other two so why not add on a 3rd!:
—Guest Becca

could it be real

Me and my boyfriend have been trying for over a year and a half now and i have always had irregular periods.they finally started comming ecery six weeks since a uear and a half ago when we stated trying.suppose to go see a fertility doctor but my biobs were so sore i took a test it came back pisitive.could it really be thia time?im afraid to believe it incase its wrobg
—Guest amanda

Am I pregnant?

I am 9 days late for AF. Normally before AF I get brown discharge, but nothing. I've been having cramps as if I was on or about to start my period. My boobs and nipples are sore and i've been getting daily headaches. Any advice? Oh and my hubby and I have been TTC for 3 months. Any related experiences? Thanks so much!:)
—Guest nadinehill

Am I pregnant??

I can't take preg tests due to a hormone imbalance that I have it will always give me false (+). I was getting all the regular cramping associated with PMS although it was extremely odd for me to be feeling that way 5 days before my period was due. The thing about me is I have an EXTREMLY regular period since I first got it back on my 10th birthday (lovely b-day present), it has been 13 years and has ALWAYS been a 26 day cycle with a 5 day period. I can mark it down to the time of day I will get it. So when i was feeling all the cramps and had no period I got curious...Am I pregnant? So i went back and looked at my calender and realized then when we had sex (unprotected and not on birth control) I was already ovulating and near my most fertile day, then on the 4th day of missing my period. I bled mildly for a single day (1 day). since then I have had cramps, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and when I try to eat certain things i can't even stomach swallowing it. I don't know, am I pregnant
—Guest Gina

hope im ok

So i dont know if im pregnant but i have headaches and feel hardness in my stomatch pple even tell me i look pregnant but today dizzyness started and i start bleeding a night all day i wasnt it just started a night. Idk hopely if i am everythings ok.
—Guest crystal


My fiancé told me that he has a feeling that I'm preg after he came into me and there after Iv been experiencing some weird bubble or cramps as if I'm hungry even though I just ate. And my friend they keep telling me that I'm prego. Please help!!!
—Guest Lehipires


I am 37 years old and found out I am pregnant today! I still am in shock...shock in a good way! Just scared because of my age. Other than that my boyfriend seems very excited! I pray all goes well for my pregnacy and my little bean!
—Guest Jane


I just had my period on the 12th for 4 days, normally Im regular around the 9th everymonth. After my period I still feel bloated and for the past few days peeing quiet oftenm which I normally dont do, back feel like tired like going to have my period. Feeling nauseating but not vomiting and my breast feel larger on my normal bra... Its the 23rd now, do I need to check to the doctor or should I take home pregnancy test first? Im having doubt that Im pregnant, because I just got my period 11 days ago...help?!
—Guest siti

could i be pregnant?

I had my tubes tied 9 yrs ago. I'm 3 weeks late, which has never happened. Feeling sick for 3 weeks off and on and my lower backs hurts and bloated and can't get rid of this butterfly in my belly. Feeling really moody all the time and want to cry over dumb stuff. What you all of you think. Could i be?
—Guest Chrystal

At nine weeks I have felt fine

I am nine weeks almost ten I misscarried in May and it Aug so that is why I am so worried I go in for my first US today I am so nervous cause really all in all I have felt fine and I would not know I was pregnant if I did not miss my period and my boobs are only sore when I take my Bra off, so we will see ( Praying all is good)
—Guest Autumn

iam 6 weeks pregnant

im 6 weeks pregnant including gestational weeks but THANK GOD not feel sick at all except i feel sometimes minor cramps breast sensitive that is all ,good appetite glad to read above all posts by 1st trimester if wont fel other symptoms is it possible to have in 2nd trimeste? tc thanks
—Guest drhana

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