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Readers Respond: Did you experience pregnancy symptoms before you missed a period?

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Updated September 01, 2010

Some women experience pregnancy symptoms before they ever missed a period. Being tired. Nauseated. Dizzy. Did you ever experience any of these pregnancy symptoms or others before your missed your period? Share Your Experience

need help

Hi okay me and my husband trying to have a baby , and I have a week or 2 with sore painful sensitive breast back pain and I been cramping Down right abdomen for week can i be pregnant? Please help!!!:(
—Guest anna

Help please!

I need help. Last November I had my period on the 3...i normally have a 28day cycle..I had intercourse with my finance November 24th..about a week ago i started geting sick with food i used to love,smelling things tthat other people didn't smell...geting sick in the mornighs and at night! I thought i was pregnant but i started my period today but its VERY light pink and im hardly even bleeding! I took to pregnancy test a couple of days ago....both said negative. Could i still be pregnant? Please help!
—Guest -skyelynn

am i pregnant

my LMP was 4, but the last month i was experiencing headache, lower abdomen cramps, breast sore, constipation and my belly has been slightly bloated.periods came on 12 and i still feeling i am pregnant coz my belly is very hard and breast sore? what can i do?
—Guest shaz


i last saw my period on da 24 of oct n now we r in dec i av baxk pain ... I pee alot i av seviere head aches but i took a pregnancy teste it shows nagative n im still feeln sick plzz help me tell me am i really pregnant?
—Guest worried

2 days late

Hi I have been wanting a baby for a while and my partner wanted to wait another 2 or 3 years however I already have 3 children and they are 13. 10 and 6 and everyone around me has just recently had babies this sent me baby crazy. I had the coil in for 6 years and had it taken out in may 2013. Since then me and my partner have used the pull out method. We where intermate 2 days before my highest fertile days and again on ovulation however the day I where ovulating my fella pulled out a little too late and ejaculated a little inside me. Since then I have been adamant I am pregnant, however 10dpo I bought a box of 3 cheap dip stick test which all 3 never even worked lol then on the first day of my missed period I tuck a test which looked like it had a very faint line but after a few hours seemed to disappear. Then I went and got myself a clear blue early test. And I tuck this test on my first wee this morning which is my second day of my missed period and the instructions said if there
—Guest Candice

I think am pregnant

Hello. Everyone I really need your help. I been having really bad stomach cramp and my boobs hurts. I also have lower back pain. But now am three days late . Also I think I gain two pounds. Todays I took a test but it was negative. I have a 3 year old daughter and I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was three month. Even thro I still got my period.
—Guest Kim

I Think I'm Pregnant But I'm Not Sure.

Helllo ladies , i'm going through almost the same things I had sex and my period was IRREGULAR but my last period was 10/19/13 my boyfriend and I had Sex that same day . Today is 11/22/13 and i have yet to see Aunt Flo 11/10/13 I Spotted for One day and it was brown , after that I've Been Really tired and For the last 2 nights I've had really bad dreams . ! PLEASE MEEEE
—Guest Guest Lilly


i have breast tenderness and nipples sore what should i do
—Guest adejumo grace

think i am pregnant

I had sexes on the 6 of nov now 4 days I been getting abdomen pain, feeling sick ,headache I have been pregnant once before 15 years ago
—Guest louise

can i be pregnant

i jst finished my period and on the day i had sex. ever since i felt very sick i have back aches;cramping,headaches;vommiting and im two weeks before ma periods nd it came early but its not normal its brownish its not enough to fill up a. pad only when i wipe. can i be pregnant please help
—Guest lezanne


my periods are due in 3 days but am feeling some cramps, little tiredness and constipation.these are early symptoms of pregnancy?when should i take pregnancy test? I would like some honest answers,thank you.
—Guest laveena

Am I pregnant

I had sex on the 16th of september and I got my period a few days after that..And I had sex(no protection)again on the 16th and I haven't got my period,my boobs are big and swollen and very sore(the nipples)..should I be worried

Am I pregnant?

My period wasn't supposed to start until the next 2 weeks but I have weird feeling. I always feel dizzy and wanted to throw up. I get mad really easy have been eating more then lately. Can I be pregnant?
—Guest sister v


I've been feeling nauseous and dizzy at very random times, I took hpt and it wasnnegative but I don't know if I took it to soon. hopefully it is positive when I go to the doctor..
—Guest Mandy

help i need to know if im pregenant

Me and my boyfriend had sex and its been 4 days and yesterday I almost fainted while eating and I been craving weird things. My stomach feels funny and my breast do too. Help me please I'm only 17
—Guest guest17

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Did you experience pregnancy symptoms before you missed a period?

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