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Readers Respond: Did you experience pregnancy symptoms before you missed a period?

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Updated September 01, 2010

Some women experience pregnancy symptoms before they ever missed a period. Being tired. Nauseated. Dizzy. Did you ever experience any of these pregnancy symptoms or others before your missed your period?


My last period was 2 weeks ago but my breasts have been feeling really sore, my lower abdomen has been feeling a lil painful like cramps. There has been the slight nausea and i have had just felt very weird lately. I get easily upset over the dumbest things and coffee tastes nastey to me. I drink it on a daily basis. I have also been wanting milk more.
—Guest Mandy


Feeling cramps for about a week in the lower abdomen and increased apetite...My period is due in next 3 days....Keeping my fingers crossed
—Guest madhu


I am experiencing nausea a little vomiting. I'm always tired I feel just plain weird, my breast are NOT sore but my belly has been slightly bloated, my period is due on the 7 th could I be pregnant Also lots of back pains / neck pains
—Guest juliea10

Early symptoms

I'm bout 1week shy of my period but i've started feeling mild cramps nd little fluttering movements ln my lower abdomen, this is my 3rd pregnancy and i think i no when i've been bitten!
—Guest Uj


I have been feeling tired lately and have been sick without throwing up. I also have had a decreased appetite, but that's semi-normal for me. I have been getting weird feeling. I have been to a lot of websites. I am not due for my period for almost one week. I was wondering what my chances are that I am pregnant.
—Guest Hopefully wondering


Yes you can experience pregnancy symptoms even before missing periods.
—Guest aliceani

2 weeks and sore breasts

I new something was up when I didn't want anything sweet and I have a pretty major sweet tooth. Now my breast and nipples are extremely sore and my moods are in full swing. I am 10 days from a missed period, just waiting patiently.
—Guest hil

3 weeks

I was 3 weeks along when my breasts hurt, could smell everything and all sweets made me sick. Took a test 3 days later and was positive. That was 4 days before my expected period! At 5.5 weeks I ended up going to the er for pains and found out I was having twins! I'm now 10 weeks 6 days and they're going strong! It's possible to have symptoms early, just depends on your hormone level!!
—Guest Courtneyann

I am hoping

I am due for my preriod around now, but after 3 years of trying and having an operation the, Doc said my partner and I are all clear to start trying properly.. I have some of the symptoms mentioned, feeling really Tired, feeling really sick, but not throwing up, lack of appetite, bloated, breasts have doubled in size. I know they can be sypmtoms of period and I have had my hopes crushed to many times to be sure or just think I'm imagining it all :/.. *sigh*
—Guest Lara

Early preg symptoms

I had a feeling I was pregnant well before a missed period. My breasts were very sore, I experienced PMS like mood swings on a frequent basis, and perhaps the most telling sign was the fact that I simply felt something in my stomach. Every night I would have to twist and turn to find a comfortable position because certain positions would cause my stomach to get this unusual stretching feeling. Getting up from bed would also result in pain, and any sudden movements such as bending down would result in a sharp pang. This was all before 6 weeks and was first pregnancy, and an ultrasound showed it was healthy at that time (not ectopic).
—Guest michelle

Yes with two pregnancies

With my first pregnancy I experienced headache and nausea before my missed period. With my third pregnancy, I craved coffee which I don't usually drink, and my sense of smell was really strong.
—Guest Tracy


I remember I was really irrational and got angry and upset really randomly. I also had small cramps and I felt sick very suddenly, I only vomited once which made me decide to take a pregnancy test and what do you know... It was positive
—Guest Esther

Symptoms of pregnancy

Bad headaces stomach hurts feel light headed, dizzy.
—Guest linda


I am 5 weeks along and I was feeling really sick on my 3rd week. Wednesday night I took the test half a day before my period was suppose to start. And guess what I am pregnant and its my first time.
—Guest to happy

My Hair Changed

Yes, my hair changed. I have very curly hair and I noticed it began to relax and seemed smoother. I also had nausea and vomited once before missing my period. It's all the hormones that a woman's body gets flooded with that causes these early symptoms.
—Guest Mindy
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