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Readers Respond: Did you experience pregnancy symptoms before you missed a period?

Responses: 24


Updated September 01, 2010

Implant removed

I had my implant remved 15 days ago. After a week I had period symtoms cramps feelin sick etc. but still no period. I did 2 home test both negative. So confused...
—Guest nicole

Was very tired!

I didn't know I was pregnant, and didn't even consider that it could be why I felt so tired. But a week before my period was late, I felt completely exhausted. I could suddenly not do even close to what I could do before. I thought I was getting sick. Turned out I was pregnant!
—Guest Anna

Falling asleep at 8 p.m.

With my 2nd child (my first was 2 years old), I started falling asleep on the couch right after I put my daughter to bed. That was a dead giveaway for me!
—Guest Catherine


I had stopped eating meat when I was 11, and I hadn't had fish in 7 years when I woke up with an enormous craving for a tuna sandwich! I knew something was going on. And sure enough, I was pregnant.


With #1 I had light cramping early on - almost a week before my period was due. The light cramps didn't get stronger and my period didn't come. I didn't realize until after I tested that this had been my first sign. With #2 I knew something was up because I had no PMS when I really should have had PMS.


It took us a year to get pregnant, so I was VERY in tune with my body. The biggest pre-positive-test sign was these weird sharp stabbing pains in my lower abdomen, several times a day. They wouldn't last long, but they were pretty sharp (sometimes I would gasp out loud and double over). I also was tired and very bloated (although those are also premenstrual signs for me).

Hormonal Emotions

I am convinced that I had spells of emotional outbursts that were hormone related before my missed period. In fact my husband told me at one point if I wasn't pregnant he was going to be worried about me! I ended up having many more throughout my first trimester...worse than the first time around!
—Guest Holly

I knew something was up at 3wks, 5days

I knew something was up at 3 weeks 5 days into my cycle. My breasts felt more sensitive than usual leading up to my period, and I also didn't sleep through the night for a couple of nights in a row (usually slept all night, and I haven't slept a full night since I've been pregnant). I also took my morning basal temperature, and noticed that it jumped up two days in a row. So I took the pregnancy test at 3 weeks 6 days, and it was +!


I went to bed early for several days in a row, and took naps. It was so unlike me. My period was due the next day and I finally wondered out loud if this might be the month. My husband and I took the test the next day and got a BFP!
—Guest Robin

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