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Readers Respond: Did you experience pregnancy symptoms before you missed a period?

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Updated September 01, 2010

am i pregnet

Well iv had sharp pains and my breast are tender and I feel nausea a lot I do get hungry more than feel nausea and my back hurt but I missed my period for 5day and I just got it but very little...
—Guest lost


Im 6days late. I feel sick morning n vomit. My breast getting bigger n its soar. I think I became more sensitive and feel more pleasurable during the sex. Could I be pregnant.
—Guest Ana

I don't know

Hey my period comes regularly and this month it is late. I've been feeling crampy as if it was like any other month before my period. I'm still waiting and yet seen nothing. This would b my first pregnancy if so.
—Guest jasmine

I didn't know

I didn't know about my first pregnancy 15 years ago dew regular periods, but felt sick from some food, tired, moody. My periods where in time but less each month. Went to see doctor for checkup and ultrasound shows healthy baby 9 weeks. Total surprise !!!! With my second baby 2 years ago I knew 4 days before my period because I did have unusual craving for salty fish and after I felt sick, test show positive! Both healthy girls:)
—Guest Julia

i dont know

I have been having these sysptoms. Like headaches( which aint unusual for me), nausea (which is unusual for me), stuffed up nose sometime and runny nose sometimes and mood swings. But my breasts aint sore or hurtin or anythin. I had sex on my ovulation day. I have taking 2 pregnancy tests and both came out negative. I am supposed to starr my period on Sept 30th. Could i be pregnant?
—Guest nervous

Stomach cramps

I'm experiencing stomach cramps, backache and a little light headed. My period is not due until 3 weeks and i can't wait anymore to find out if i'm pregnant. My husband and i wanted to have a baby ASAP!
—Guest Makenzie


I have so much headache and backache so terribly even crumps 4 1 week now and feeling dizzy , tired , sleepy , feel like vomiting but no vomit , and ma heart beats so fastI don't know weather am preg.......
—Guest leyla

missed periods

i didn't have sex with my bf i just have him a blowjob i missed my period did i get pregnant by any chance plz help
—Guest latika

am i pregnant?

i experiance morning sickness and 7 days after my missed period i started another period what does that means?
—Guest nancy


For those of u wondering if u are pregnant, here is my story. For about a year I tried and tried to get pregnant and had NO luck. Until one day I did a lot of research online and read that the best time to try to conceive is when u are ovulating. I went to pee one day, wiped off, and seen some cervical mucus on the toilet paper; so I knew I was ovulating that day. It was August 10th. I made sure to have sex that day l0l. I have my periods every month around the 20th-25th. Well, up until the 25th, I had very little symptoms. I only puked once, but I was already craving pickles and lemons. The 25th came and I still didn't have a period. I took a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE!! Ovulation day is the key!!! Good luck everyone I hope my advice will help for those of u trying to concieve!!
—Guest LovinLife


i have been having cramping in my lower back and my lower abdomen 2week after my period and i had sex immdly after my period on and on like that , after the constant cramping , 3 days ago i did not feel anything on till now and now am feeling like my period is coming pin in right side of my AB to my right leg vebrating , pls can i be pregnant bcs i really do want to ?
—Guest mercy

im preg or what?

no i ddnt bt evn nw im not to.sure that im preg or what but i have this crazy morning sickness
—Guest kelly


this post is for people that know for sure they ARE pregnant and want to share their pregnancy experience and symptoms....not asking for advice to know whether or not they are pregnant. I came here looking for answers not people asking for advice. there are plenty of other posts for advice this one is for PREGNANT PEOPLE ONLY
—Guest real talk

am I pregnet

I suppose 2c ma period last week but I hvnt I fell some gramp on ma stomach so am worried .
—Guest nomosa


Well i have had un protected sex like 2.5 weeks ago, and expecting my period in the next week or so. I am scared like crap cause its 9 months before my wedding. I am engages but like we have all these plans and the dress oh gosh the expensive dress.. For the past week I have been so nauseous, throwing up after work( cause I work night shifts), my feet hurt, back hurts, craving food like ice cream, and not being able to stand certain foods, like peanut butter, eggs, BBQ sauce. My breasts are tender, they hurt to itch, but they are not overly sensitive just hurts :(
—Guest crap

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