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Readers Respond: How did you handle a pregnancy while dealing with other kids?

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Updated January 06, 2010

During your first pregnancy you have it easy and you don't even know it. You feel tired, you go take a nap. You're too tired to cook, you don't make dinner. But when there are other children around, you can't just go lay in bed for hours on end. Your toddler doesn't care that you have morning sickness or can barely keep your eyes open. So what's a mom to do?

thankful to my husband

I have a 2-yr. & 6-mo. boy and now i'm 16 wks. preggy. i'm thankful that my husband is so supportive of me esp. in my 1st trimester, always tired and all these. he always adjust on my needs, foods being craved & the household chores including taking care of our eldest
—Guest aweng

Hope I'm myself again soon

I have a 17 month old boy, and I'm 12 weeks pregnant with my second. This pregnancy has had me very sick and exhausted. I feel so guilty but sometimes all I can do is lay on the couch while my son plays nearby. My husband is very supportive but I feel so bad I can't make dinner, because the though and sight of most foods make me horribly sick. The doctor says I'm not gaining weight because of all the vomiting, so I have to try to keep it to a minimum. Uggh. I hope I feel more like myself soon, for my son and my husband!
—Guest Nicole

Tired tired tired ! ! !

I'm 16 weeks pregnant with a 10 month old who has now been waking up 5 times a night, I'm so tired lately I cry, my hormones feel awful cos of lack of sleep.
—Guest Emma

8 wks preg.& mum of 5(6,4,3,2,&8 months)

My husband is off studying so I am at home with our 5 children and newly pregnant with number 6. I am have really severe nausea and extreme fatigue, I am finding the hardest part is not having my hubby around for emotional support, trying to find info on pregnancy tips when you already have children is quite difficult I suppose and also considering I have had about eight interruptions in the short space of these few sentences would explain why,lol :) The joy of children and pregnancy is amazing I find sometimes thinking about what it must have been like for our great grandmothers puts at ease all the problems I have knowing they cope with much harder ones, also eating the right food regularly and remembering that over our complete lifetime this "raising small children" part is going to vanish so quick and we will be longing for the days when our children needed us so dependently, generally helps me it doesn't help me get more rest though, or do my dishes for me.
—Guest pheonix27

From one existed mama to another

Glad to hear I am not the only one. I am 16 weeks and on my second. My first is 20mo and very demanding of all of my time and energy. I have faith that everything will work out tho. I still manage to find a way to balace my time between. For spouse, family and myself. It is important that we take the time to take extra good care of ourselves especially during pregnancy:) I know it's hard but remember to love yourself it's the best thing you can do for everyone around you. Get plenty of rest and take it easy. Best of luck to all of you and I feel glad to know that I am not alone. Take care!
—Guest Monyta

Routine is key

32 weeks preggers with a 2 year-old little girl here. Hubby and I work full time during the day while little girl goes to daycare. Kinda hard as I am constantly battling guilt from not being with my child and exhaustion as I am with child. Anyway somehow it works, bills get paid and little girl is socialized. She looks forward to seeing her friends at daycare and enjoys a full hour each with mom and dad in the evenings. However mom and dad barely has any "couple time" apart from the daily breakfast runs on the way to work. Weekends are golden and cherished definitely after a mad week! Not sure how to keep up once little boy is born though. Two kids in daycare is just too expensive! We'll see how it goes and just roll with it...
—Guest KiT

second trimester with a 10 month old

I'm 4 months pregnant and I have a 10 month old son at home with me who is crawling and teaching himself how to walk. When ever I feel over exhausted I grab some toys and a book along with the 10 month old and relax in my bed with the t.v on. Lots of times my son tires and we both get a nap in.
—Guest angela

just go with the flow

I'm a mom of 5. Ages 8,7,5,4 my latest one was a stillborn 3yrs ago. I'm almost 16 weeks with our 6th..This baby came as a shock since I had my mind set on NO MORE after we lost our last baby. With all my other kids I felt great but with this one I was hit hard by morning sickness & extreme fatigue! I'm lucky my kids go to school & youngest to preschool otherwise I'd be in bad shape. My husband helps a lot when I ask. I don't know what I'd do if I was in this alone. My respect to you single moms. Just don't over do it and remember its the little things that count with your kids. 20 mins a day that's just for them is awesome for them. Involve them in helping do things for you. Kids love to feel needed & don't forget to praise them.
—Guest Dee

Pregnancy dragging now

You all seem to be coping better than me, 35 weeks pregnant. I have a 21 month old, an 8 year old, behavior problem 9yr old who doesn't sleep and a 12 year old who is slower due to having meningitis. I move a week today. I still have lots of packing and feel drained by kids and husband . We are moving 70 miles away for his work. But I know it will be good in the long run as bigger house and the 3 girls will no longer need to share. I guess our instinct is to just get on with it, as we as mothers hold the fort.
—Guest Chelsea

14 weeks pregnant with a 4 year old

I'm about 14 weeks pregnant, am still suffering on and off sickness and nausea and feeling very tired and worn down by it. Have a little madam who will be 4 in a couple of months and who is still going through quite serious temper tantrums. I work and am doing a home study degree...oh and am living alone - father of this child and I haven' t found a house to live in together yet and obviously me and father of child number one no longer together...upshot is, I'm shattered. Feeling a little down but cannot wait for the little beauty to arrive and us all to be living together like one big crazy happy family!
—Guest Diane

18 pregnant with number 2

I have a princess who will be 2 in novemeber and I'm 7 weeks pregnant. My lil girl is very active and never stops to breath! Its hard running after her and doing my college work at the same time as feeling very dizzy and sick and tired also cooking and cleaning but wouldnt change my life at all. They both have the same dad and although we are not together, I'm proud to say I'm a mum. I'm bit worried about when this baby is born and how I will cope but I'm determind to make the best out of my children and be the best mum I can.
—Guest amiliear

My kids kill me softly

I am 16 weeks with my 2nd child. I have a two year old already and he breaks everything. I am a single mother but have they have the same father. Sad part is he is in Texas and I have to take care of my son with a semi big belly because I'm small framed and stressed and tired all the time. It's taking a toll on me but I always think about the good things that come from a second child for one my son won't be lonely at home as a only child bad part on me is he will have a partner in crime. They are a blessing though because not everyone can have a child, so thanking God is a must.
—Guest tatiyana motherof2

Thanxs God for my husband!!!

I have a 6 y/o, and I'm in my 16 week... This pregnancy has being so different to the 1st one, my morning sickness, I feel tired all the time, and my reflux... But my husbnad to the rescue!!!! He takes acre of everything the kid, the house.... He has being very supportive, he just want me to take care of myself, to eat well and get a lot of rest... My kid understand it he is so mature he just want to meet his new baby brother!!!
—Guest Mariana

i am so nervous

i am a mom of 10 yrs old boy and a 4 yrs old girl and am 14 weeks pregnant with baby number 3. I am so nervous, I don't know if I will cope. but since this far my husband and the kids are very supportive and they are more excited than me about the new born and they are already planning for the arrival. So I have just told myself to relax and take things slowly and it helps a lot...
—Guest selinah

Second pregnancy

Its not easy to care for one and carry another one, but the first thing every body has to think about is to calm down and really understand whats important... For me the most important is my first child, he is 2yo, I do have to feed him, play and overall be around. And when he gets enough of quality time with me, he is playing by himself and I can take rest... And everybody is happy;)
—Guest Irena

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