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Readers Respond: How is a second pregnancy different from a first pregnancy?

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Updated August 13, 2010

Once you've had a baby, you've got the pregnancy thing down. Or do you? Was there an issue with a sibling not being the baby? Did you find less time to deal with pregnancy symptoms? Did you just want a nap? Here is a place for your to share how your second pregnancy (or more) was different than your first!

9 weeks with a 8.5 month old

I am 9 weeks along and am feeling fine. I need to nap in the afternoon but other then that I feel the same. My husband however would disagree. He has been on the receiving end of my short fuze for a couple weeks now, poor guy. My first pregnancy was planned but this one was a surprise. I'm worried that it's going to be tough having two babies. How do people with multiples do it?
—Guest Diana

2yr old and 10 weeks

Well this pregnancy I feel absolutely awful compared to my first. Mind you I did have morning sickness till 17 weeks and again from 38 weeks with my first. I am sooo sick this time around I even wake in the night sick and can't sleep. Not to mention exhausted, 7.30 bed time for me every night, I've got no idea whats happening in the outside world. Did i mention bloated, and random episodes of diarrhea? I'm thankful I have a beautiful daughter who hasn't minded being reintroduced to her day sleep with mum because she gets an extra breastfeed and cuddle with mum.
—Guest Clare

Less energy

I have a 2 year old baby girl and currently 14 weeks pregnant my fiance and I very much excited. with my first pregnancy I had almost no symptoms excluding morning sickness but with this one I'm tired nauseated weak and I have the most sensitive breasts this most definitely should be a baby boy
—Guest Danyell

40 and preggo!

5 wks preggo found out on my 40th birthday we have a 17 month and custody of a 9year old! I'm so sick and major back pain! I wasn't sick the first time! Most of my friends say when your sick it's a girl! It's all men in my house right now!
—Guest Colleen

6 weeks with a 17 month old

Im currently 6 weeks along and have a 17 month old little boy. We are hoping for a girl this time around. I am already feeling symptoms but when I was pregnant with my son, I didnt even know until about 10 weeks and thats because my sense of smell was so much stronger. This time Im extremely tired and nauseous. Ive been getting a lot of headaches and in my first pregnancy I did have any headaches at all. My first pregnancy was a breeze but this one is already shaping up to be completely different.
—Guest Mizz Nickki

11year old and 14 wks...

Had a miscarriage in December at about 7 weeks :-( had been trying for a baby for 3 years! Then in January ha a period and then nothing. As I have been sick on and off the last few months, missing periods was not on my mind. Found out 2 weeks ago that Im pregnant and yesterday a scan revealed I'm 14 weeks!! And my baby has arms and hands and legs and tiny gorgeous feet and toes and a beautiful spinal and a beating heart!!!! This is my 3rd pregnancy you can say even though the last one didn't hold and I couldn't be happier! Feeling worse though than with my first! I was 21 at the time and had no morning sickness, no back pain, nothing! 11 years down the track and I'm a train wreck!! But sooooo happy!!
—Guest Aga-lind

34 and preggo

I have a 2.5 yr old daughter and we are about 5 weeks along with our second. I didnt know I was pregnant til I was 15 weeks along last time. This time I knew before the store tests did! My breasts hurt, my sides hurt and can pull a muscle with ease. I also feel bloated and I didn't have that feeling last time around. Good luck all!
—Guest 2nd time around momma

8 weeks pregnant and have 9 month old

My first pregnancy was a breeze. I had some morning sickness from around 5 weeks to 11 weeks or so and was sleepy in the 1st and 3rd trimesters. I didn't sart showing until I was between 22 and 24 weeks. This pregnancy the nausea seems to be not as bad but i feel very bloated and boy oh boy am I tired. Guessing i wont start showing for a while but the bloating sometimes makes it look like you are bigger than you are. As for the exhaustion, I get really tired after around noon to 1:00 pm. So far so good with the pregnancy through. Its nice to have a little one around to keep you busy but at the same time its hard when you are so tired. Looking forward to my 2nd trimester starting so that I can get some energy back. At least that is how my first pregnancy was. we shall see
—Guest JMG

Feel shocking

I can't belive how crap I feel, I have a one and s half year old and I'm 11 wks preg, with my first I had no symptoms and now I'm sick, dizzy, spaced out, aching, heavy, bloated etc it's awful I hope it's not a reflection on the baby!
—Guest Rosie

8.5 month old and 4 weeks pregnant!

I was so happy to find this blog! After reading the responses about the ladies showing at 4 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks, I feel SO much better. I couldn't believe my stomach was already sticking out more than normal! I gained 35lbs with my first, but I was really small to begin the pregnancy. This time, I'm 12lbs heavier, so I'm worried about how much more I'll gain. I've heard that a lot of people don't gain as much, but I guess we'll see. Hopefully my already crawling and trying to walk 8 1/2 month old little boy will keep me busy. Also, I had a very sick pregnancy with my son. I was sick from 4 weeks until the end all day every day. However, I haven't had any sickness with this one except in the early mornings, but I'm only 4 weeks...so the next 2 weeks will tell. Thanks everyone for sharing and good luck to each of you!!!
—Guest Abby

4 weeks and 22 month old

I am 4 weeks now and showing it feels like more than my sister in law who's 4 months and pregnant with her 3rd child I've been reading that maybe its bloating but some of my clothes aren't fitting so idk I'm really excited don't have any symptoms yet except tired I'm hoping it's a girl but I didn't have any morning sickness the last go around wish me luck!
—Guest Jennifer

10month old and 9weeks

The difference from my first. pregnancy is that I started having mild symptoms at 7weeks. During my first pregnancy I had heartburn,fatigue,nausea,vomiting, and sore breasts since my 3rd week. Through out my first trime..I slept the days away feeling real crappy and not being able to eat much. My pregnancy now in the first six weeks I just had a few headaches and tighter bras,lol. Now at 9weeks still not vomiting yet my sense of smell is becoming way more sensitive and am begining to feel nauseous
—Guest Bree


I am 7 weeks look like I'm 21 weeks feel really nauseas but not being sick 2nd pregnancy daughter is 3 years but feel great can't wait so excited
—Guest Blobby

2nd baby and huge

With my first baby I didnt show at all until I was due to give birth and even then I only look a few months pregnant. This time around Im 6 weeks and huge, ive already outgrown my normal clothes have to wear my trousers low under my tummy with baggy tops. I have now ordered a bigger work uniform as I canT do the buttons up on my trousersand they are now holding together with a safety pin and sheer will power. Im extremely tired all the time although no nausea yet!!! thank god I suffered last time for months, and very sore boobs again didnt get that last time. In all Im huge and the the only way people havent guessed is if they are being polite or just totally oblivious. I do have a history of fractional twins on my dads side so I wondered if this time around it could be more than one... but not gunna know for weeks yet and the wait is killing me.
—Guest mulberrysummer

I am not alone!!!

I have 16 month old and am nearly 5 weeks along with number two. My first pregnancy and this are similar so far...tired a lot, not much appetite, nausea. This time though, I hate anything pushing on my stomach and all I want to drink is water.
—Guest Dana

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