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Readers Respond: How is a second pregnancy different from a first pregnancy?

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Updated August 13, 2010

Once you've had a baby, you've got the pregnancy thing down. Or do you? Was there an issue with a sibling not being the baby? Did you find less time to deal with pregnancy symptoms? Did you just want a nap? Here is a place for your to share how your second pregnancy (or more) was different than your first! Share Your Experience

Super Excited

Im pregnant with baby number 2. Im 4 weeks and 2 days. With my son it was a breeze hes 10 years old now. With this baby im having the worst lower back pain. Ugh the acne on my face and peeing every 5 minutes. I want another boy so im excited
—Guest torie

2nd pregnancy and already huge

Im only 6 wks pregnant and i look like im in my third trimester!! When you tell people that you are pregnant, they are like you can't be showing this early... This is Crazy
—Guest rhe

want to cry this time!

My first pregnancy was such a breeze! No sickness or anything! My little girl is now 3 and I'm 9 weeks and this pregnancy has knocked me on my backside! Constant sickness and nausiea, migraines, peeing constantly and my boobs are killing me! God help me. I hope it all goes at the end of my first trimester! ❤
—Guest larad33

it sucks!

I am about 10 weeks pregnant with my second child. My daughter will be 4 in 10 days. With her I had a pretty easy pregnancy. Very little morning sickness, I gained 20 lbs, and even delivery was easy. Now with this one I can't smell food without gagging. Going to stores and cooking is very difficult. I usually have to eat crackers or chips while I'm cooking just to not vomit. My stomach looks the same as when I was 5 months with my daughter. Boobs are extremely painful. Back hurts all the time. This kid better be a boy for all the crap I am going through lol.
—Guest Soon2BMomOf2

Second time around

My daughter is now 2 and I am 9 weeks pregnant with my second. This time I have an insatiable hunger that will not go away. I have to go to bed with a banana on my night stand so when I wake up to go to the bathroom (which is about 4-5 times a night) I have something to snack on. I wouldn't say I have typical morning sickness, but I get extremely nauseous if I get too hungry. I am already into my maternity clothes. I look like I'm 5 months along, and struggling to hide it from my employer and coworkers. The biggest difference I have noticed between this pregnancy and my first is how tired I am. I am dragging my feet all day and counting the minutes until I can lie down, nap or go to bed. The real kicker is that I'm not even sleeping well because I either can't get comfortable or I have go to the bathroom. Other than that, I can’t complain. I know that it could be much worse. Hang in there ladies…this too will end!

very sick

Have a 3yr old girl, had very little sickness, am 6 weeks pregnant with 2nd and have very bad afternoon sickness. Everything makes me sick that I dont want to eat
—Guest nm

Second baby, bigger baby bump.

I recently found out I am 6 weeks along with my second child. I have a two year old son who has already noticed a changed in my belly. He points to it and says " mommy have baby in belly?" Now I know most of this is gas but my stomach is already looking like I'm 3-4 months along all the time. My first pregnancy I didn't start to show until I was about 5-6 months. I have noticed I have a bigger apatite that this point last time. I feel the need to snack all day. which isnt like me. I try to eat healthy... Lots of fruits and veggies which isn't hard to do since I feed my son that way and I usually end up eating whatever I make him. I am not having any morning sickness. i only had a couple of weeks of it with my son. My lower back hurys a little but i am also always on my feet at work. i only gained 16 lbs with my son and im hoping this baby will be the same. my last pregnancy was very enjoyable and I had an easy delivery. I hope this one is the same. I want a girl! :)
—Guest Rachel

second pregnancy 5 weeks with a 1 yr old

When i was pregnant with my daughter i was nauseous all the time all the way til my 2nd trimester now im pregnant again with my second child i have less nausea frequent urination back pains bloated and sleeping all the time im 5 weeks now wishing for a boy
—Guest mommyof2

The second one is more difficult!!

My first pregnancy was very smooth. No nausea, no headaches, no pain during labor, just the usual cravings and UTI (which was suprisingly painless as well). The second one, I'm 14weeks preggy now, is so horrible. It's everything that my first pg was not. I got nausea and bad headaches even though my first trimester is almost up. My back is killing me. I want to vomit all over my keyboard (at work), I want to stay in the restroom because the frequent trip to urinate is irritating and worst of all, the fatigue is just overwhelming. I want to stay in bed all day and eating and smelling is a challenge. Going to work everyday is a struggle. I have white spots all over my face, ringworms all over my breasts and I'm constipated!!!! Ugh!


It's really annoying. I always thought my second pregnancy will be as easy as my first but oh! It's so horrible. Heartburn, intolerable, unbearable, distasteful and ugly CONSTANT BACK PAIN, constipation, nausea, fatigue and everything that's not present during my first pregnancy!!!!!


This is my second pregnancy...after telve years!! I have a 12 year old son who's now going to be a big brother :) Quite the surprise and I'm nervous about the whole thing over again. I'm 36 years old now so I'm worried about the physical strain on my body. I'm 6 weeks preggers now and really the only differences so far are peeing more frequently, and already getting a pudgy lil belly. I'm actually excited to show earlier and feel the movements sooner :) I loved being pregnant the first time around so I really hope I do again :) I plan to keep exercising to keep my abdominal muscles strong to hold the baby instead of putting so much strain on my back. Congrats to all you moms out there & good luck!!
—Guest Beth

31 wks with baby #2

my son is 3 and i had the easiest pregnancy, no morning sickness, slight indigestion in the first trimester and then everything was fine i had energy, now pregnant with baby #2 (girl) i still didnt have morning sickness but oh dear God the indigestion is killing me, i cant drink water without getting heartburn, the round ligament pain has been constant i walk like i've been riding a horse because my hips hurt so bad, and she's in my ribs constantly with pregnancy #1 i could still fit most of my clothes i cant even pull my pants past my things this time around with my son i gain 25 lbs so far its about the same with this pregnancy but the weight is carried differently.
—Guest Netta

1 year old and 5 weeks pregnant

My husband and I just found out we are pregnant again. I noticed in the past few weeks I have been very tired, and have frequent urination. I mentioned to him I felt pregnant, so we decided to take the test and sure enough I was right. Nausea is slight at this point. My only advice is this. Don't use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever you want. Last time I went from 140 at 5'7 to 203. I gained 63 pounds. I never lost it completely I now weigh 148 5 weeks in. I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. This time I will eat very healthy and exercise through out. Last time I could not exercise as I was put on bed rest three times. Praying for a easier pregnancy! Good luck everyone and may you all have healthy bundles of joy!
—Guest Valerie

how is the second pregnancy diffrent

this time is verry diffrent with my 5 year old princess i had heavy heartburn luckally no morning sickness this time im going in for 7 weeks and i look like 4 months is it normall im moody tiers shame stressing my hubby out moan for everything
—Guest andy


I had my son 4 years ago and that pregnancy was nuts with how much I couldn't eat or stand smell of chicken or fish and had minor morning sickness. Now I cant stand eating until late at night and only want noodles or veggies but not lettuce salads. Meats and sugar aren't appetizing at all. I love things I didn't with my son and gag with things I craved then. Chinese food is irritating to my stomach now and I throw up if I eat something that doesn't agree with me. I drink a lot more water or carbon drinks than I eat or want to, but don't seem to have a choice. I am not a small woman, about 318lbs and 5'7 1/2 inches. This was unplanned but baby daddy is OK with it after the initial shock of it. I wish I could at least keep more down or eat something useful for nutrition. I feel so bloated and clothes tight and uncomfortable already. Haven't had my ultrasound to check everything yet but the doc is guessing 8 weeks, Friday. I thank God for blessings but I'm so tired all the time already.
—Guest fouryearoldnpregoagain

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How is a second pregnancy different from a first pregnancy?

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