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Readers Respond: What did you feel during your c-section?

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Updated April 27, 2010

When we talk about a c-section we talk about how you won't feel any pain because of the anesthesia, spinal or epidural. You should only feel tugging and pulling for the most part - no pain. This isn't what always happens. Some women feel nothing. Other women have brief moments of pain. What was your c-section like? Share Your Experience

csection was great

I had a csection at 25weeks due to placental issues, I was terrified! Spinal didn't hurt & I did feel pressure & pulling & the motion of them sewing me up but no pain. I did have the shaking in my hands & arms but it wasn't horrible & ended when I went to recovery. Im praying my next planned csection is the same & of course full term. Overall I would do it again.
—Guest first time mom

Mine was like that too

I had been in labor for 14 hours, my water had broke initially so they were worried about infection. My epidural wasn't working well, I was feeling all my contractions and had to lay quiet and still through them. We go back for surgery. They keep upping my eppy cuz I felt the doc's pokes. The start cutting and it feels sharp not like pressure so I screamed, "ow!! Ow!!!!!" So they knock me out. Glad I didn't try to stay awake. How awful... and my baby was 9 lbs 2 oz so k was in a lot of pain if I didn't stay on top of my meds . They shot me with deladid, and it just cut the pain and helped me sleep at night. Hard first few days but it got better fast after that and was off the pills way faster than I expected.
—Guest madio


I had a csection at 33 weeks....i went into emergency because i had high blood pressure and preclamsia.....it was def unplanned.....mygrandma came in with me....i was so scared and nervous....ididnt know what was goingto happen. I remember that blue sheet that seperated my lower body....i was nervous about the spinal....i could feep them pulling and tugging....and could not move my legs for a few hours!! It was crazy.
—Guest holly

C section both quite easy

Both were planned. The first one for my daughter they put the spinal and oxygen about less than 10 mins I saw her and then they sewed me up for about half an hour or so. Felt cold and shiverred after nothing too bad I have mybaby on me . Recovery was easy pain meds took care. Second planned c section I complained a little to my doctor why there's some pain( but still manageable bec of pain med) he said it's normal. I told him the first c section was quite easy that I thought giving birth these days is All easy already.
—Guest Roxanne

horrible c section

i am 23 now, i was 21 when i had my c section, i was in labor for 36 hours and i knew my babygirl wasn't coming out,....what a waste of being in labor lol. i had a c section....i could feel them cut me open, i did have an epidural and fentanyl (im canadian) i was also induced, but when i had my c section, i felt everything, them cut me open...them pushing from the top, trynna squish my baby out...like what the hell? is that the norm? cause it was hell and i am scared as shit to get pregnant again. it was honestly a horrific nightmare. they had to knock me out cause i was screaming and swearing, my duaghter didn't come out breathing and they couldn't get her breathing. they knocked me out but i could hear people still. the doctor was like ITS A GIRL...and it was dead silent. my daughter was in ICU for awhile. am i the only one who had a nightmare of a c section?
—Guest chantellem204


I had a c/s on my third pregnancy, after i had miscarriage n the 2nd pregnancy my baby girl died in my womb. The 3rd pregnancy was late by 2 weeks n i felt no labor pain they induced me bt to no avail, the doctor came n opted for me to have a c/s coz of high b/pressure. I felt everything bt it wasn't painful till the baby was pulled out n i felt my breath cut off , I now guess its kind of normal 2 feel that way, I thought I was dying bt now seeing my baby girl makes me extremely happy, she's now 2 weeks old
—Guest Aisha

c section from hell

I was 35 weeks pregnant with my son! I had to have a c section! They gave me a epidural! Started cutting me I felt burning and the length of incision! U name it!! And aneseiologisyt told me to calm down! Said it hurts! He said its pressure!! He was full of crap! He aint layin there feelin bein cut open.I broke resytraints screaming!! Than they knocked me out
—Guest jennie lynn


i am 24 and this is to be my 4th c-section. my 1st was age 17 and was an emergency due to baby being distressed. my 2nd and 3rd c-sections were both elective although my 3rd operation was extreamly difficult due to scar tissue. im 26 weeks now my next section is due to be done on the 3rd of feb 14 and its safe to say i am terrified.
—Guest kerry 4th c-section.

unorganised hospital led to unplanned c

After waiting 5 days of being told there wasnt a bed in delivery for me to have my little boy but i was unable to go home as they were monitoring him due to not growing to there standards. i was then taken to have him. After 6 hours of full blown labour i was swarmed with about 10 doctors. A pethadene shot slowed me and my baby down and they said his sugars were low and he was in destress. i was rushed for a c section. The section went fine apart from being unable to breath when they pulled him out but luckily my little boy was healthy but the events leading up to my opp was horrid. The hospital was unorganised and had no answers for nothing. After 8 days i was able to leave a take my precious little boy home. I will not go back there if i can prevent it. I also forgot most of my labour and im still wondering how. Was is the gas and air? Pethadene? Or spinal block? God knows! Im still recovering as it was 9 days ago but glad to be home. I do believe if the hospital didnt leave
—Guest dea

2 c-section

With my first c-section I didn't feel anything but when the doctor was trying to pull my son out I felt like my lungs was being crushed. It hurt so bad that I started crying on the table. Then 5 years later I got pregnant with my daughter and I made sure to tell my doc to be gentle and not to be so rough when pulling her out. Well he did a great job and I didn't feel anything. But after the surgery I got really cold and I was shivering as if I had a fever. Also I has gas or air inside of me that I couldn't release it and my stomach was hurting really bad. They gave me stool softener and eventually I was ok. But when I got home I had got a fever and then I got better. My advice for the ones that are getting a scheduled c-section is too make sure to tell your doctor about your fears and for them to make sure your numb completely and to be gentle as possible.
—Guest Helen

Went well

I am pregnant with my third child and with my first one it was an emergency csection due to pre eclampsia. I was so scared when they took me back for the spinal. I felt a sharp pain in my right hip then they numbed me again and the spinal took after that. I did vomit while on the operating table but in the end it was worth it. With my second child it was a planned csection and I barely felt the needle that numbs you and the and the spinal took right away. I did have a harder time recovering the second time around. Hope the next one goes as smooth as the last one with out the hard recovery. All in all neither one was terrible. Good luck to everyone who has to endure this procedure.
—Guest Charity

Perfect c-section

Contractions started 12 days early after going in after 3 days waters broke during a internal check. Had 48hours then had to be induced. Was terrified of epidural and c-sect. Laboured for 10 hours(1 of pushing) then taken for c-sect with a spinal. My partner was with me. He was so upset for me and I was so over labour I was completely at peace and was calming him down. Was aware of everything but felt no pain. Could feel some tugging and pushing on my ribs. After they weighed and checked her handed her to my partner to bring to me I kissed her head then the nurse unwrapped her and put her on my chest until they finished everything(felt like she was on my chest for ages it was bliss). Partner pushed her to recovery along side me. I had to stay under a heat blanket for a while but bub and partner was right beside me. Recovery was bearable nurses were great. I am looking forward to elective c-sect in 6weeks as it was way better then the horrible labour I went through before 1st emergency1
—Guest Kate

On baby #6 due 11/2013

For every horror story there are success stories! I have 5 healthy children, 4 of which were delivered via Cesarian Section. I've had spinal block, epidural and with my 4th C I had both. I respond well to the anesthesia and felt only tugging and pulling with any of them. My C-Secs were scheduled due to underlying health concerns but with all but one I delivered earlier than the scheduled day. All of my babies were healthy at birth and are healthy still! I am due to have our 6th baby November of this year and this will be my fifth and final C-Section because the tubes are getting tied! This baby was a surprise to us and my husband and I feel that 5 C-Sections is enough on my body.
—Guest DeLaina


was induced on a wed and after almost 5 days of hard contraction labor I was finally at 10 cm on sunday morning but my daughter's head was stil 2 in too high and her heart rate waa droping, as was my blood pressure. I waa, unbelievably, asked if I wanted to undergo another day of pitocin or just do a c section.. I obviuosly chose c section, after all that! I had an epideral in place from friday and felt tugging and pulling, but very little pain (like a paper cut). the thing I was not prepared for was how freezing cold it is to have your insides all open!! I was so cold I was involentarily shaking and my teeth were chattering, even with a heat blanket it took me two hours to warm up. had the surgery at 3am and didn't to hold or feed my baby til 830!!! only real complaint I had. =(
—Guest sara

No problems

Wow, these are some horror stories. I have my 3rd c/s in two days and I didn't have any problems with my other two. The first I felt literally nothing and the second I felt mild tugging, was strange but not at all painful. During both I could not feel myself breathing due to numbness but they said that's normal and is why they have you on oxygen. I remember asking if I was breathing normal and they were reassuring and kind. Afterwards, I had minimal pain, just that kind of burning itchy feeling you get with any healing incision. The only really horrid part is when they come to check and make sure your uterus is shrinking by pressing on your belly. That is miserable but brief. As soon ad my babies were cleaned up they stayed with me from that point on. I'm very happy with my surgeries.
—Guest Jenn

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