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Readers Respond: What's your Rh Factor?

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Updated March 04, 2011

From the article: Rh Factor in Pregnancy
Knowing the Rh factor of your blood in pregnancy is important. Did you know this was being tested? Where you Rh negative or Rh positive? Did you need rhogam? Share Your Story

what is my Rh factor?

My blood group is A+ and my partner is also A+. What is my Rh factor positive or negative? Please answer me.

Over 50 years ago

I was born in 1954 and I was an RH baby. I almost died (according to my mother) but was given a transfusion of A+ blood, baptised and came back like a flower getting water. We've come a long way!
—Guest Jo Jo

New Mommies...it's ok

My son is 28 years old and perfectly healthy. My doctor addressed my O- blood immediately and told me what to be concerned about in future pregancies...rarely will you develop the antibodies during a first preganancy unless you have had blood transfusions, miscarriages. The second my son was born I was given a shot of Rhogam. 2nd pregnancy I had a shot of Rhogam at 3 months and at her birth. Same with my third child. Absolutely healthy beautiful babies. Just know if you are negative, my doctor spotted immediately, know what you need to do. Find a doctor you trust with your childs life and all will be well.


I was very young when I married when we had the bliod test done the dr. Said something about our blood types mine is rh-c&dantibodies missing his was o+ ...our 1stbaby carried well never sick all was well. .Then when my baby was almost 3wehada2nd baby Iwasweak&tired&sick the entire 9mo.when my baby was born she almost died &Idid too she was sent to a bigger hospital where tbey did a transfussiondrs. Called her a miracle babyshe only had one transfussion i think our 1stbaby is o + our 2nd is 0- drs told me not to have anymore its too dangerous its a miraclemy second baby & I lived
—Guest debbie

Rh fact

Am A- and my hsband is o+ i ave lost three babies and three miscarriges,the last two pregnancies i recieved the shots bt it has not worked fo me,i dnt no what to do next please help with advice .
—Guest Stac


when i was first tested that am pregnant when it was only seven weeks i had a major problem with bleeding. i visited doctor coz it was so painful but the doctor told me that I was miscarriaging so i just thought it is bcoz of working so much. only later to learn that i was rh- and that antibodies are fighting back by pregnancy know i was so discouraged because the doctor did not realise some thing wrong but gave me pain killers. know that am two months pregnant am so worried what will happen.
—Guest rosa

my daughter rh- O-

My daughter has the antibodies now in her second preganancy with in a 2 week period they went from a 4 to a 32 count she now may have to have the baby early. There were no antibodies in her early pergancy. By this time it was to late for the shot. her first child a boy is healthy and smart. \i hope all goes well.
—Guest Bev


I have 2 children now 15 and 22 I have o negative blood both of my kids have RH + I had the rohgam shots and everything us fine both kids are grown and healthy
—Guest Stacey

Rh neg

My first two children were born in the 1960s before the shot was available. Their father was O positive and I O -. For some reason my second child was fine. In 1980 I became pregnant with my third child. My second husband is A positive. Our son had to be delivered at 35 weeks and had a double volume transfusion the day after he was born. He did not come home for good until he was almost one month old. Of course we were very worried that his brain had been damaged since he had been SO SICK. Today he is 31 has his Masters degree and has been a high school and college athlete. So other moms do not worry yourselves to death. They can get through it.
—Guest Judith Donai

same blood group

husband and wife a1b+veI found out I was rh- last august when I had a miscarriage. It being my first pregnancy, I was confused and devistated. I had been pregnant for 10 weeks before I had my first drs appointment. The dr told me she could not find the babys heartbeat, then explained to me that she believed I had miscarried because of mt blood type. Without first testing the father, she told me my only option was the rhogam vaccine. I later discovered that these vaccines sometimes, mode often than not, contain thiresmol, or mercury, and the remaining active ingredients to the vaccine makes only miniscule differences in the safety of the rh- mother and rh+ baby. Less than 3% of a difference. My miscarriage occured exactly a day after recieving the vaccine. I am currently (hopefully) a week pregnant, and though I am not possitive what exactly to do, I know for sure rhogam is not an option as far as I am concerned. And all other rh- women shohld think harder before signing that vaccine co
—Guest farveen

my best friend

My best friend of ten years got pregnant.. She carried the baby to term and delivered a healthy baby boy.. I'm his God mother.. The next two times she got pregnant she lost them. Turns out she was rh negative. The first pregnancy was fine but she had antibodies after that and it caused her body to fight the following pregnancies. It wasn't until the 3rd pregnancy she lost, that they figured it out and told her she should have had the treatment shots during and after her first baby.. But she didn't know.. She was very upset, understandably.. we are in California and she had health care and pre natal care.. So why did she go through this? The pain she went through losing those babies..and all of them far enough along that she still had to deliver them....dead... Seems as though someone dropped the ball.. And 3 little lives were lost because of that......
—Guest Lily

Rarest Blood Type on Earth

I have AB- which only 1% of the Earth's population has. My children's father is positive, as well as both my children so I have received 4 Rhogam shots. Both my pregnancies and babies were completely normal and healthy. I hope to have a natural water birth at home with my next baby. Maybe this one will be Rh- like me! :)
—Guest Shelby

My Personal Experience

I am RH negative and my husband is RH positive. I’m reading all these stories thinking in hindsight what should have been done to prevent my second son from being born with a brain hemorrhage. 21 years ago there were no such tests done for pregnancies, not even ultrasound, unless the doctor “thought” there was a problem. No one saw my problem after my first son was born 25 years ago that I had the RH factor and no doctor saw it when I was pregnant with my second son 3 years later. I got really sick one day and had to have my husband call the doctor, unfortunately, talked to the nurse and she just said it was just some gas. The next day I woke up and felt great, so I just forgot about it. I went full term and my son was born and had a bluish/purplish spot on him, his feet were purplish and I asked the doctor why, and he responded, “oh that’s from childbirth”. The Pediatrician came in almost 12 hours later and noticed right away that something was wrong with him and took him by am.

Healthy babies, unhealthy mon

I am a- and all three of my children are a+. Just like their daddy. I had no delivery complications and my babies are as healthy as can be. I had the rohgam shot with each pregnancy. My only problem was I had hyperemesis with each pregnancy. This is when you are vomiting and unable to eat during your pregnancy for a long duration. I had it all 9 months and had to take a nausea medication to help me function and eat. It was horrible. I am not sure what caused the hyperemesis. Only 0.8 % of women have it so there are no significant studies that show why or how it happens. But My mom got me wondering if it is because of the blood types. Maybe I will know.
—Guest A-

My friend and I

I have O rh negative blood and same with my friend, we both got pregnant at about the same time and were very excited. Then one day I go over to her house and her mother in law told me about how my friend had lost the baby, I was told it was because she too had a rh negative blood type, the same as mine... I assume that the baby was to have a possitive blood type, such as his/her father (I honestly don't know his blood type)... Thank God my husband has A rh negative blood, so we need not worry about the baby, but I was told if my blood was to mix with a rh positive blood type I can become seriously ill... My husband's cousin is always leaving his bloody tissues and bloody messes all over the floor. I make him clean it up, if course, but it worries me... I'm affraid of losing my baby like my friend did...
—Guest Heather

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What's your Rh Factor?

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