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Readers Respond: What's your Rh Factor?

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Updated March 04, 2011

From the article: Rh Factor in Pregnancy
Knowing the Rh factor of your blood in pregnancy is important. Did you know this was being tested? Where you Rh negative or Rh positive? Did you need rhogam?


I am Rh- and got the Rhlg shot with my 1st pregnancy the result, my daughter was born Rh- also. My daughter then 31 lost her first child at 12 weeks she was due her Rhgl shot at her 12 week visit, there was no fetal heartbeat. With her second pregnancy she got the shot at 8 weeks. She had a heathy baby on her due date. Does any one besides me think if she had gotten her shot earlier she may not have lost the baby.
—Guest Pat

RH Negative

i have a five year old, now 11 weeks pregnant with 2nd child and I keep bleeding. I'm worried that my body is fighting off this pregnancy. I went to the Er last week and they gave me a shot of Rhogam. This really has me freaking out. I'm stressed out enough.
—Guest Eby

O-ve and AB +ve

I am O-ve and my DH is AB+. I have 4 boys and am pregnant with my 5th child. All the boys has +ve blood groups (1 A+ and 3 B+) I have taken 2 rhogamm shots with each pregnancy and once after a D/C (miscarriage). I have never had any problems with the shot or reactions to it. All babies have been normal deliveries and babies.
—Guest Amanda

rh negative too

I am rh negative (a-) and had no complications with my son who is rh + . I got rhogam at 28 weeks and after my son was born. I do not know if I made antibodies after my son was born or not...they didn't give me the shot until the day after he was born...how would I know if I was sensitized or not? My son is now almost 4 and already has a diagnosis of adhd and spd (sensory processing disorder) but is normal otherwise. You wouldn't know from being around him that he had any issues...he's just a very active, bright, and sweet kid.....but takes ALL my energy to keep up with him...there probably will not be a 2nd child...don't think I could manage
—Guest valerie

Rh negative

I am rh negative (A-). I have delivered 4 healthy babies. Each one is A+, just like their daddy. I had the two Rhogam shots each time. There were no problems in all pregnancies. Each baby came in at 8-9.5 pds. They are all adults now.
—Guest lisa

rh neg, A-, had rhogam, didn't work

When pregant w. my son i found out i was rh-, a- to be exact. when tested during pregnancy my blood showed i had NO antibodies, so the rhogam should have worked. there was no indication that blood was crossed at all, yet after delivery, my blood showed antibodies. for those questioning rhogam....although it didn't work for me, GET IT. Because in the case you become sensitized like me....going through a 2nd preganncy will now require EXTENSIVE medical intervention on a weekly basis throughout...just to prevent the death of the fetus. blood transfusions, immunoglobulin shots, blood plasma exchanges & possible in-utero blood transplant of baby, plus automatic early delivery. Its one of the highest possible risk pregancy situations medically, and has been the sole factor for us deciding NOT to have any more children. Its VERY serious...I wish it worked for me but didn't...and i can't see why any mother would risk such a thing with no medical proof linked to miscar..from rhogam itself. none
—Guest ehh80nh

RH postive

I had two son;s same father. Husband had 0 postive too. First son born 6lbs 3ozs. Jaudice health good. Second son 7lbs 4oz.
—Guest Karen

Hopefully a mom-to-be...

I found out I was rh- last august when I had a miscarriage. It being my first pregnancy, I was confused and devistated. I had been pregnant for 10 weeks before I had my first drs appointment. The dr told me she could not find the babys heartbeat, then explained to me that she believed I had miscarried because of mt blood type. Without first testing the father, she told me my only option was the rhogam vaccine. I later discovered that these vaccines sometimes, mode often than not, contain thiresmol, or mercury, and the remaining active ingredients to the vaccine makes only miniscule differences in the safety of the rh- mother and rh+ baby. Less than 3% of a difference. My miscarriage occured exactly a day after recieving the vaccine. I am currently (hopefully) a week pregnant, and though I am not possitive what exactly to do, I know for sure rhogam is not an option as far as I am concerned. And all other rh- women shohld think harder before signing that vaccine consent form...
—Guest Kristen

Rh neg

I am rh negative. I got the shot around 28 weeks pregnant and again 2 days after birth. I also had a miscarriage and got the shot during that. Everything is ok.
—Guest Letti

Young.. And Educated

I'm RH neg I was nineteen when I conceived. Unlike most my baby did not survive. Then again so young and now when I decide to have children I will hopefully not have to go through this ever again. But in case I do I know I'm strong and somewhat prepared. For those of you who don't know. Get tested it never hurts to take precautions. I'm twenty-one now and live a happy normal life and can't wait to be a mother one day.
—Guest Rh neg

RH Factor

My wife is RH negative and the 1st issue was not alive the 2nd issue daughter is RH positive therefore at the time of birth she was suffered from sevier jaundice after that blood transfusion was done after that now she is a CP child.
—Guest Rajesh Nath Goswami


My mother is B-. I am B+. She didn't have any complications during her pregnancy despite not receiving the shot. I guess we both just got lucky.
—Guest Addie

My Rhesus factor

My is positive and I pray my partner will be negative so that this is not an issue.
—Guest Nazy

B+ while my wife is B negative

She give birth to a 8years old girl and now about to deliver, but the Dr and nurses said she is at risk because of her blood type and also that her blood level is low.
—Guest ola

My son or daughter

My Rh is o+ve & my wife's is AB+ve. What could be my son's or daughter's Rh? +ve or -ve GUIDE COMMENT: If you are both positive, your child can't be negative.
—Guest O+ve

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