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Readers Respond: What will you call grandma and grandpa?

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Updated October 04, 2012

Grandparent name

Baby Rush can't speak yet but he has heard Gda and Gemma enough times too know who his grandparents are.
—Guest Guest Jim


My mum is going to be called yiayia Greek for grandma and dad will be granddad
—Guest Jlove07

it's all in the name - or is it

I married into a large extended family. We had gramma (my mom), Jeanne (dh mom) plus gramma maryann, gramma freida, grosmutter and gramma barton to my grandson (I presented with gran) he settled on graaaaama - of which I am very blessed. We left it up to him to decide and at age 3 he loves to drag out the aaaa. Would have it any other way
—Guest Christine


My grandparents were always called Oma and Opa, which is German for Grandma and Grandpa. My in-laws are called Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop.
—Guest Melissa

Grandparents names

My daughter calls my Mom Gammie which she loves. My mother-in-law is Spanish but my daughter couldn't say abuela, it came out as Bayla and it stuck. The grandpas are all Papa something based on what the grandpas called my daughter. My dad is Papa Peanut, Father-in-law is Papa Rosebud (hysterical since he is a redneck) and my grandpa was Papa Pumpkin.
—Guest hannah1873

Names for grandparents

My son called my mom Gam-ma and my dad B-Pa. Where back in the day I stuck with the originals grandma and grandpa.
—Guest Diana K

Kinda confusing

I will prefer Gran pop for my Dad and Gran for my mum, but let the baby decide.
—Guest Christabel

Be proud of what you are!!

One can twist it any way they want but in the end you are still what all genealogy charts list you to be and that is a "grandparent, grandma or grandpa." I read the sweetest poem that said "be proud of what you are." To baby talk and expect a teenage boy to say MeMe or DeDe is not fair to the child in my opinion. Age doesn't matter. I was only 17 when my daughter was born and she was 18 when her daughter was born making me a very young grandma. Besides being young I was blessed to look much younger than my age making people look twice when this young precious one calls me Grandmom. I am not ashamed to be a grandma and I never want my child to think I was ashamed of them calling me what I am. I wish my daughter would have waited to have children but Kiana is here and we love her dearly. Are we going to start calling our grandchildren Nanachildren or MeMechildren?? I am not Hispanic & in Spanish Nana means older woman babysitter.


When my niece was a baby, she began calling my mother-in-law Boggin. Previously known as Grandma, she was a very surprised grandmother! No worries though; she quickly grew to love it. :)
—Guest Andi

Had to follow the older kids

On my hubby's side my daughter and soon to be son are the youngest so we have to go with our nieces and nephews. But my in-laws are Italian so it was a given that they are Nonna and Nonno. Since my kids are the oldest on my side my daughter chose. My Mom wanted to be Grandma and my duaghter calls her that but my Dad was supposed to be Grandpa but my daughter started calling him Papa from te get-go so that has stuck. My Grandpa is the only Great-grandparent and we let him pick his own name. Big mistake! He decided he wanted to be "Grandpa the Great!". That was a bit of a mouthful so he's now just G.G.
—Guest Shannon

Nanna and danda

I'm British and these were what I called my grandparents. Only recently did I find out that they were unusual....well particularly Danda. Anyone ever heard the same?
—Guest damian

Grandparent to-be names

My parents plan to be called grandma and grandpa (however, mom may end up being "mee-maw" because that is what I call her sometimes)... My husband's parents what to be called Peedsy and Popsie.
—Guest skbug


I'm to young to be called grandma. My children are 23 and 24 I'm 42 and I like mimi. Thank you for input. It's been a long time since I've been around a little one, so its like starting all over again. Yay.


The kids call my dad papa and my mother is known as nana and/or grandma. My nephew calls his other grandparents Opa and Oma. They're French.
—Guest Kim

Grandparents name

My 2 year old grandson often comes with me to school. He calls me mam as in madam as the kids do.
—Guest Cheryl

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What will you call grandma and grandpa?

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