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Readers Respond: Do you have trouble taking prenatal vitamins?

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Updated July 10, 2009

Prenatal vitamins can be hard to stomach. Some women complain that morning sickness prevents them from stomaching the horse pills. Other complaints involve constipation and simple nausea without vomiting. But we know that prenatal vitamins can help act as your insurance policy to a healthier pregnancy. So what can you do to overcome your prenatal vitamin problems. So women eat children's vitamins, others change times for when they take them to avoid nausea. Share Your Tips

Troubles in taking prenatal pills

I'm 24weeks pregnant. Whenever I take prenatal pills, i have stomach discomfort dat leads to vommiting. I've skipped my pills for 2weeks now. Hope it will not be a problem?
—Guest Victoria

Liquid vitamins

Tabs are awful, therefor i only buy a liquid vitamins. Nothing else works for me.
—Guest Vicky Wlodarczyk

it makes me dizzy

I'm 28 weeks pregnant, when ever I take the prenatal vitamins, it feel like I'm dieing. Pls something should be done abt this prenatal vitamins, it's not just good for most pregnant women
—Guest Ogo

prenatal vitamins

I am just past 5 weeks of pregnancy , the prenatal vitamins make me sick also I can't sleep , I read about trying the flinstones should I take folic acid along with the childrens vitamins ? Thank you for any advice
—Guest Lily


I recently found out I was pregnant and was given prenatals the day after finding out. The first time I took them I had a horrible reaction I was puking for 9 hours straight. I took it during the day around 11am or so but didn't start getting sick until around 6pm that night. I haven't taken them since but am trying again tonight, mine have iron in them because I am anemic and need the iron, I was told to take try taking them right before bed with cheese and crackers for the calcium and to drink a full glass of water afterwards. Has anyone else used any of these tips and been successful?
—Guest Lizzie


any time i took my preneta victamins i do trow up,some times i skip a day hope it wont affect my baby?
—Guest angel

crush the pills!

I crush my prenatal vitamins in a pestle then drink it down with water after a meal. Seems to avoid all stomach aches.
—Guest louie


prenatal vitamins make me sick and my stomach feels bloated all day long
—Guest Beaty


prenatal vitamins make me sick and my stomach feels bloated all day long
—Guest Beaty

prenatal vitamins

i love taking the prenatal vitamins they never made me sick its the iron in them thats making u sick i have low iron so they worked great.only when i didnt take them i would be sick for days until i could get to the store to buy more.take with juice real juice grape juice are orange i never use water to take my prenatal pills.i fell its best to take them at nite before bed if u go to bed the same time every night.When i gave birth to my first child i continued to take them .blend in blender with banana are green apples make a prenatal smooooooties.
—Guest karen

Annoying prenatal Vitamins

Im at 15 weeks, I noticed that when I drink my prenatals I start feeling real tired and dizzy and when I dont drink them I feel energetic. So what I do is I drink them every other day. I make sure I have ate already because with an empty stomach makes me throw up all day no matter what I eat. I have lost weight due to all the throwing up. Tho drinking them every other day is better than not drinking them at all. Im not able to drink with anything but cranberry juice it really helps me.
—Guest Luciana

9&1/2 weeks preggo; Prenatal Tips ;;

1- Try to chop them up as small as in 6th's and take them periodically throughout the day with a bite of something. 2- Or take them at night AFTER a solid meal, in half. 3-Take them WITH a mouthfull of water, and follow up with a bite of something to keep it down, regaurdless of if you kept it whole or chopped it up. Plus I find staying hydrated keeps me glowing (: GOOD LUCK MOMMIES (: ❤
—Guest AlyKat Alejandro

Take half..

If I take a whole prenatal vitamin my whole day is shot. If I take half and then a flinstone childrens vitamin in the evening I feel like a million dollars. No sickness at all.
—Guest Jennifer

So weak!

I couldn't stand more than 1-2 minutes and was tired all the time when taking prenatal vitamins. I had to have them without iron with my son six years ago but never experienced this. I had to switch to every 2-3 days as I was already taking them early evening.
—Guest Mandi

I cant stand the tabs, they r too big

Some one to help me, in my country there are no chewable prenatals. I realy struggle taking mine please note that i swollow them with food, i cant stand to see them. On days when i dont feel like, i just skip. I have so far skiped 5 days and am only 14 weeks. I need all the prayers in the world. Cheers mums.
—Guest Daphne from Africa

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Do you have trouble taking prenatal vitamins?

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