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Readers Respond: Do you have trouble taking prenatal vitamins?

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Updated July 10, 2009

Prenatal vitamins can be hard to stomach. Some women complain that morning sickness prevents them from stomaching the horse pills. Other complaints involve constipation and simple nausea without vomiting. But we know that prenatal vitamins can help act as your insurance policy to a healthier pregnancy. So what can you do to overcome your prenatal vitamin problems. So women eat children's vitamins, others change times for when they take them to avoid nausea.

prenatal vitamins !

I'm going to try the flinstones vutamins as every brand of prenatal vitmain I have tried has me vomiting fifteen min after consumption. I'm 8 weeks and I throw up 7-8 times a day. I hope this ends.
—Guest sickmommy


I never suffered with morning sickness but every time I took my prenatal pills I would get very ill. My doctor told me to take one Flinstones chewable at lunch with some orange juice and then one before bed. Taking anything in the morning ruins my entire day so this way me and my baby both get what we need and feel great! 23 weeks now!
—Guest Anthea

I think it's the iron?

I had to stop taking prenatal vitamins which my Dr recommended while TTC because they gave me just awful migraine-like headaches. Since then I have taken folate, D, zinc and coenzyme q10 separately and have no headaches. It's expensive...sometimes I think it's worth it and sometimes I wonder if that money couldn't just buy enough food to make up for the vitamins. My Dr couldn't really offer an explanation, but I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue and what they did to make sure they were still getting enough of everything?
—Guest Bean

the cure for my vitamin delima

At about week 3 of being pregnant I was diagnosed with having hyperemesis(tossing your cookies constantly..and water..and pills, etc). I was actually hospitalized for a week at GA 5wks due to the hyperemesis sending my body into shock...nearly losing the baby. I was so thankful that after being sssooo sick...often times from my prenatal vitamins, that in a large box store, I found VitaFusion's gummy prenatal vitamins. Don't get me wrong, they aren't as good as gummy bears...but are edible...only have to take 2 a day and I also eat them at night. They aren't too bad either!...at least they don't smell like dog vitamins and make you belch them up! Can I get a resounding Amen? Now...even though I've still lost weight..I'm a happy 21week pregnant momma(with a BIG belly), who just found out that this, my one and only child, is a GIRL! I successfully take my prenatal gummies every day...and don't get sick on them even though I still have morning sickness. Congrats and good luck to ya'll!
—Guest erin s

Some Days

For me, some days are fine and other days I want to vomit just looking at those pills. I do what I can. On days I can stomach them, I take them and make sure to take an extra tbs of molecularly distilled fish oil. On days I can't take it, I just skip. I know I had a really healthy diet leading up to this pregnancy, and I'll have a really healthy diet again when I'm through my sickness. In the meantime, I do my best. I second the recommendation for a food-based pill. I prefer them for reducing the constipation caused by so many prenatals.
—Guest Kate

I had trouble but I found a way!

I had troubles taking my prenatal vitamin but I found a gummy form of them and they are amazing! Their called MultiVites and you can get them at Wal-Mart for about 5$.
—Guest Paige

Chalky folic acid

Eurgh! I can't stand it, the thought of taking one alone makes me gag, I'm really struggling.. I try to take them every other day because I just can't take them on a daily basis :-s hope the sickness doesn't last.
—Guest Sonia

eat them after 12 weeks

I could not get vitamins to stay in until after my 12 weeks....I eat them right after lunch..
—Guest Jackiin


I've found gummy prenatal vitamins and they work great for me. They taste good so its like a treat for me first thing in the morning.
—Guest Samantha

Tried a whole lot...

I was fine in the beginning too, till the 7th week, when my morning sickness started the vitamins made it even worse. Tried all different kinds. Took only folic acid for a while too. Nothing changed. But the other day I bought jelly like prenatal at babies r us and keep taking them in the evening after dinner. So far so good I must say... I am at my 10th week now and I really hope that morning sickness is gonna go away soon!
—Guest marta

What a relief

Brilliant to hear that this is normal! I hadn't seemed to have had a problem with them the first couple of weeks, then last week I had two in the morning instead of one, thinking it would pep me up for the day. But instead I endured a horrific 45min bus ride to work, not knowing what was wrong with me, feeling so sick, then sprinting to bathroom at station and being violently ill. I suspected that it may be the pills and now it makes sense!
—Guest Tash

Half a dose

I got sick when I took a whole one in the morning, then the pharmacist suggested I take half with breakfast and half with dinner. Worked like a charm!
—Guest Rmiller

Out they go

I had a super healthy first pregnancy without prenatal vitamins. Now I'm early on my second baby, and the thought and smell of those vitamins makes me ill. I want to find a diet that supports pregnancy without pills. I know eggs has tons of folic acid, so does leafy greens. To me that spells eggs benedict, and so on...
—Guest Bitterroot Momma

Small folic pills can help

I'm starting to take my toddler's star vitamins too, since she won't anyway. I also have very small folic acid pills, so at least I've taken those when I can't get the horse pills down. I just gagged thinking about them! Isn't this a huge opportunity for one of these brands to make us all happy? I wouldn't mind taking 4 a day, just make them small and not chalky! Um, hello!!!
—Guest Rebecca


I hate taking prenatal vitamins. First, they make me sick and second, they are too big for me to try to swallow. I was told my the doc never take them with milk because the milk blocks some of the good stuff from getting out into your system. Instead, he told me to crush them up and put them in some apple sauce. It works great for me... I can't taste it and it's gone within minutes! The best thing of all, no sickness from them!
—Guest Amanda
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