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Readers Respond: How did you feel about drinking glucola?

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Updated November 23, 2010

Glucola is a sugary sweet drink given during glucose tolerance testing (GTT) for gestational diabetes. Some love it, others hate, but how about you? Did you wish you could get the recipe, beg for the jelly bean alternative or dread the test? Share Your Thoughts

made me feel strange and baby workout

I have to say that I was very suprised that it contained both food coloring and all these other unhealthy stuff, I believe I read artificial flavoring... things I rather avoid my baby to have, or me. I wish I questioned if it was necessary,but now it is done. I had the orange one, and after drinking it it made me feel strange for a while, and the baby practiced its martial arts or gymnastics. There should be healthier options out there.....
—Guest Anna

The drink was the easy part...

Where I live in Oregon, there doesn't seem to be a screening test, we apparently jump straight to the 3-hour test! I didn't mind the drink so much, getting poked three times and having to wait around for three hours was what bothered me.
—Guest KW

Bloated side effects

I didn't have a problem at the time of the test but few hours later my stomach was so bloated and filled with gas... not comfortable!
—Guest Julia

It Wasn't Bad

I had the Orange drink and it wasn't bad. it was cold, with a fizz to it.
—Guest Norrah


I think the lemon-lime is acceptable, it was my first time and i didn't find anything strange. It was like a normal chilled juice.
—Guest Phumzo


Erm, the study abstract said 28 jelly beans, not 18.
—Guest Jena


It does taste like orange soda without the fizz. Which I think for most people would be fine. But for me, I rarely drink anything other than water. So to choke this down is awful. Add to it doing it while fasting is even worse. It is way too much sugar. In the old days you just had to eat toast with jelly and some eggs. It was much easier.
—Guest heather

Orange glucola was fine

I had heard all these horror stories about glucola, and--now that I've had it--I don't know what people are talking about. I'm not a big fan of overly-sweet things, but I drank this easily and probably could have sipped it, too. I guess I expected something like orange Triaminic (cold syrup) but it was more like Fanta. I felt like my heart was racing a bit afterward but no other side effects. I wish everyone who drinks it could have a pleasant experience! On a side note, I did not have to drink it while fasting (I had some egg whites and canadian bacon an hour earlier)...maybe the fasting tests are what cause people problems. I know if I drink cold water on an empty stomach, I feel nauseated!
—Guest Mom-to-be

Did I cheat?

I know how to beat this test: chug the drink and walk for the entire waiting time before the blood test. This isn't against the rules and there's nothing like walking to get your blood sugar down. I just worry that maybe I'm screwing things up by making sure I pass.
—Guest Faith


They gave me the orange flavored drink. It was gross and so sweet it actually burned my throat as I drank it. After drinking it I had so much flem it I asked the nurse if I could have some water or crackers to help take away the flem but she said I wasn't allowed to drink or eat anything. & they expected me to sit and wait around feeling crappy for an hour? That didn't happen. Within 5 minutes after drinking that stuff my nausea heightened, I started sweating, I became dizzy, and in the end threw it all up. I HATE that stuff so much and they're making me try it again tomorrow. Not looking forward to it at all..
—Guest Marie


Gross. I had the 50 g test today, and the result was high so I have to repeat the test next week.
—Guest Nermin

Was not bad at all!

Hi there! My drink was cold, lemon-lime tasting and it was really strong, but I had no problems at all. Unfortunately, my results are above normal, I don't know how high, but I have to come back for additional testing. That one may be worse, but, I have to do it. 50 gr of sugar is nothing - 16 oz of fruit juice (two cups) without added sugar have 52 gr of sugar, not to mention soda drinks, and how about brownies and chocolate fudge cookies? If you were staying completely away from it during your pregnancy, or you do not like sweets, that is perfect, I was being naughty here and there, so, I have to change my diet, that is for sure, no matter what results I get from 3 hour screening.
—Guest Z


Ir wasn't bad, it was really cold so that was good. I've done it quite a few times and I really think the glucola is improving.
—Guest Lori


I just did mine today. This was my 2nd attempt because the first time I didn't drink it fast enough as it was making me sick and baby super jumpy. Same result today. Felt like I was going to be sick for almost 2hrs. I had the orange flavor-it was chilled at least. I really wanted to skip the test all together since excessive weight gain isn't an issue for me but I guess it's better to be on the safe side?
—Guest Amr

50g/100g glucose, artificial color...no

That's not what you'd expect to find on a “recommended” list for pregnant mothers, but those are the ingredients of the drink a pregnant woman must consume if she follows doctors orders for glucose tolerance screening. Women who are health conscious and discerning with the things they consume during pregnancy--or at any time in their life--are not likely going to drink the glucose test beverage without, at least, asking: “Is this really necessary?” If you'd like, read more about what I did after declining the test to address the issue http://texanesemama.blogspot.com/2011/08/prenatal-glucose-test-is-it-necessary.html
—Guest Allie Chee

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How did you feel about drinking glucola?

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