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Readers Respond: When did your pregnant belly show?

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Updated July 05, 2009

Belly bump

Im 23 weeks and my belly just started showing alittle bit..this is my first pregnancy and i was in gymnastics in high school..im 22 and weighed about 150 before the pregnancy..i think i jus t have really big ab muscles..lol
—Guest Jessicalily

11 weeks 4 days second baby

With my first I started showing at 16 weeks and with this pregnancy I had people who I havent talked to in years ask me if I am pregnant when I was 7 weeks! Im 11 weeks and look how I did at 24 weeks already... And with both my belly disappeared/disappears when I lay down.
—Guest Kasia

10 weeks not showing yet

This is my fifth baby, I'm 10 weeks & i'm not showing yet but I sure feel like it, bad morning sickness, sore breast and the worst back pain. I guess all pregnancies vary bc with my boys I started to show early but my girls I didn't show until about 5 months.
—Guest Olivia

6 weeks

This is my first baby I am 12 years old 6 weeks pregnant and my perants don't. Know yet how do I. Tell them
—Guest hannah


I'm 17 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I feel lim not showin much as I should be. Is this normal? I've been having dizzy spells and fainting spells and I'm still exhausted. I feel like I'm in denial. It almopst feels as if nothing is there
—Guest 1st time mommy


This is mi first pregnancy nd I'm sooo excited I'm 7 weeks now nd I'm not showing I can't wait to have a belly
—Guest Kia

Pregnant belly

I started showing in the first trimester around 2months.
—Guest rozina pouncy

Sixth Pregnancy at 5 weeks!

I've been so excited for my sixth baby, and I'm on 5 weeks, my bump hasn't come up yet, with the others it was 1 month each! Wow.
—Guest Kara

baby #3

I'm not sure how far along I am but I think I may be 6-7 weeks pregnant. I knew I was pregnant just by all the pressure I had in my pelvic area when I woke up in the morning from my bladder. Anyways my pelvic area is becoming harder and bulging a lil more so I'm not sure what that means since this is my third.
—Guest becca


Am 31 yrs and this is my 3rd pregnancy and my pregnancy is 9 months already, it started showing when I was 7 months along.
—Guest Hanny


—Guest laniyah

11 weeks

Before getting pregnant I had perfect abs now I have a little bump only my close friends and family notice.
—Guest Private

17 weeks

I'm 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby at 31. My belly started to get a rounded small bump at 15-16 weeks. I'm relatively tall (5" 11) slim & had a small pudge prior to getting pregnant. (I suffered a lot of bloating in my first trimester). I've been told I'm carrying quite low; hopefully not from poor abdominal muscles!
—Guest clare

4 Weeks - Looking like a baby whale

I'm a mommy of 2 girls, and had a recent miscarrraige, resulting in a d&c. I am 4 weeks, and my belly looks as if I'm about 6 months pregnant already.
—Guest Janke

5 1/2 weeks

I'm 5 1/2 weeks pregnant I believe and this is my 2nd pregnancy and I feel like I am 3 months pregnant and VERY BLOATED.
—Guest Amilee

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When did your pregnant belly show?

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