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Readers Respond: When did your pregnant belly show?

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Updated July 05, 2009

11 weeks

I'm only 18 and it's my 1st child but I already knew I was pregnant before I took a home test when I was five weeks. I was getting bigger in the tummy area and I'm skinny. I was wondering today how I'm 11 weeks and look 4 months pregnant. I hope it's a boy.
—Guest Ashley


I am 5 weeks pregnant and only just found out I have been bloated a few weeks but no actually weight gain.
—Guest Lucy

13 weeks...

I started showing enough when I pulled my shirt up people could see that I was pregnant then. I'm so petite though but baby Stephanie had a growth spurt right before I delivered her and she was 4 lbs and 4ozs when I had her at 33 weeks (stillborn due to placental abruption). I probably would have delivered a 7.5 lb baby if she'd made it full term.

Before the BFP!

I am 5 weeks and started showing last weekend even before I tested positive!!! (2nd child) I'm 5' and 114 lbs, and already all my clothes are too tight. My hips seemed to have spread the day after conception!! My lower abs are already pooching out. Very excited, but hard to hide weight on my frame!
—Guest Ginger

6 months

I am now 6 months pregnant and people are just now beginning to see a little something. I've only gained 6 pounds so far but it is kind of sticking out. But I still get shocked looks. I still have to lift my shirt for people to see it though. I wasn't really small but I wasn't obese. I was wearing a size 13 in pants and D sized bras. This is my first pregnancy With a girl. My bra still fits but my pants are a little tighter now. I feel super small. But my doc is impressed and says I will prob just gain my weight at the end.
—Guest Sara

24 weeks....

This is my first baby and I'm only 17 and terrified. I am 24 weeks along and only look like I'm getting fat and not having a baby girl. I was worried at first but the doctor said everything is fine. People are getting annoying telling me I'm to small. But as long as my baby is healthy then I'm okay.
—Guest teen mom in kansas

I don't know what's going on!

I am 16 weeks and still not much has been showing. I'm wondering if he has enough space in there. I'm petite so I'm wondering if that's the case.
—Guest dannex

Wooooaaahh, Belly

I'm 17, my first pregnancy! I'm 18 weeks and huge!! I was already overweight before I got pregnant so I'm afraid I'm going to as big as a house when I'm due.
—Guest ssk

My Blueberry became an Orange overnight.

I am twenty weeks pregnant with my first. A week ago I wasn't showing at all, but I woke up yesterday morning and there it was!!! Baby bump! I'm sure it didn't actually happen overnight, but since then multiple strangers have commented on it, so I guess I'm not completely crazy.
—Guest MommyMae

First baby 12 weeks no belly yet!

This is my first baby I'm nauseous and hungry at the same time all day. I am really excited for baby and faint wait to see a baby bump but as of right now I Just feeling fat and bloated. : (
—Guest Jheart

33 weeks

I started to show about my 28th week...but I'm still not big and I'm at my 33 1/2 week! I just started to have to wear bigger clothes and I'm loving it. this is my first one and I'm glad I'm not huge!
—Guest Kendra

Poochy 9 wks today

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I had a cesarean with my first two. I have been very sick and nauseated so I thought this pooch that popped out this week was just bloating from all the stomach upset! Apparently not! I'm only 5'2 and still weigh 112 but I think it may be more noticeable since the two cesareans plus I'm about 10 pounds lighter than I started off with my other two. The weird thing is I haven't told my kids yet because I wanted to wait but I will have to this week because this belly is getting bigger every day!
—Guest Bumpin Mama

When do I show

I am 7 months gone now and my belly is still just a small lump I have been told that everything is normal but why do I not show. My belly moves and it feels hard my husband wants to touch it all the time and the last thing I want is sex. I just want to look pregnant, no one thinks I am pregnant.
—Guest Judy

4wks in and look 4 months

Congrats ladies! This is my 5th pregnancy. Had one, then had 2 miscarriages before having my 2nd baby and now pregnant with my 3rd. Actually found out as I was to go into surgery for a hernia repair...cancelled because I'm pregnant . I am like 4 weeks 3 days now and have been showing about a week now. Was in maternity clothes at 6wks w/ my 2nd and will be with this one too. My belly is huge! I seriously look 4 months along. It's crazy. No hiding it. I know its not the baby yet but my body must be preparing for it and moving things around. My best guess anyway.
—Guest pinkmommi

22 weeks 18 more to go

I am 22 weeks and I've been showing since about 12 weeks and this is my very first pregnancy with a bundle of joy.
—Guest 22 weeks

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