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Readers Respond: When did your pregnant belly show?

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Updated July 05, 2009

am 13 weeks and show occassionally

Hello friends,I am 13 wks now and I show on some ocassions.I used to worry wen my tummy gets flat most times but the dr says its normal.Does anyone have same experience?
—Guest mandylicious

Wondering Mommie

This is my second pregnancy. I'm currently 12 weeks and 2 days. When will I start to show ?
—Guest Mommie_2

I'm 2 months !!

My first lil one n I'm only 2 months n feel like a total fattie I'm already showing a lil
—Guest Spencerbee1stbby

16 weeks

I'm 16 weeks and I'm just showing a little bit but I have a big belly ready and have 2 boys and this is my 3rd boy so excited....
—Guest Jess


This is my first pregnancy and so far I've only experienced extreme fatigue with migraines. My belly is slightly growing and I haven't had morning sickness. Is this normal ?
—Guest Bonnie

15 weeks

I'm 15 weeks still not showing iv put on weight about 3-4lb and always had a but of a chubby belly but no bump or anything! Hopefully will so soon! :) xx
—Guest Saraii

1st pregnancy 5 weeks

I'm only 5 weeks n my tummy is big at night and a little smaller in the mornings,I've very slim has always been,now my face looks fat and my ass is getting bigger by the day no sickness apart from the little tummy aches bt doc says that's normal this is my 1st pregnancy and I'm so excited my hubby more than me
—Guest ambaby

20 Weeks

I started to show noticeably at 20 weeks. Both my boyfriend and myself could tell around 18 weeks. This is my first pregnancy and I'm now almost 29 weeks pregnant. I'm slender, weighed 115 before pregnancy, and I'm 5'7", so I was a bit underweight. I now weigh 165lbs.
—Guest Mommy2Be420

3 month

I'm 12 weeks and still not showing, but got my scan in a few days so excited xxx
—Guest chloe

my first bundle of joy

hi everybody iam 13weeks pregnant now with my first, i have really back pain m starting too show so i feel so huge already bt my boyfriend comforts me n tells me m not we really exited about our first lil bundle of joy, good luck ladies
—Guest Zikhona

7 weeks

Im 7 weeks n ive noticed my tummy is flat in the mornings but as soon as i eat its gets high is that normal? Also this is the 2nd time for yeaR preg but my first ended in a missed miscarriage so im on edge about alot.
—Guest mona

When My Belly Started Showing

I'm currently 23 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my first. It looks like I'm only 20 weeks pregnant. People keep saying I'm not big at all (I can't see my feet anymore). Sometimes I feel my baby boy move, and other times he's probably resting. Should I be worried that I look like I'm only 20 weeks pregnant? I started showing around 15-17 weeks.
—Guest Mommy2Be

6 weeks!

I feel huge. Can't suck my original tummy in, I lay down and feel like I'm on a balloon. My stomach is only hard on top. Don't feel a bump standing up...but I'm also a little chunky.
—Guest Courtney



pregnant belly

I am 9 weeks i am small and slim i am on my 3 child and i am showing my jeans are not fitting anymore its hard hiding that i am pregnant lols.
—Guest brenda

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When did your pregnant belly show?

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