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Readers Respond: When did your pregnant belly show?

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Updated July 05, 2009

I am 12 weeks now...

When I had my son (1st preg) I started showing around 12-13 weeks. With my daughter (2nd preg) I didnt start showing til about 15-16 weeks. But this is my third pregnancy and I started showing around 7 weeks or so, Im 12 weeks now and I look like I did when I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter! It amazes me how each pregnancy differs. At first I thought maybe twins but Im high risk and have had 2 ultrasounds already, so I know there's only one in there. Im wondering if this one is so different becuz this baby has a different father than my other 2 kids. Any ideas??
—Guest Having #3

16 weeks and not showing

I was so worried about not showing during my pregnancy. Maybe its because im already chubby, idk. But until i read the comments. I feel a lot better. Im so excited and thrilled :D the only time i feel like im pregnant is when im bloated. Its weird. This is my first child. :)
—Guest Kristi

I'm feeling it!

I'm only in wk 6. This is my 3rd and it's so different from the 1st. I just want want my comfy pants. It's the icky bloated feel!
—Guest hippie

21 weeks

I remember not showing until I was nearly 7 months (26 weeks) but I did have what looked like a gut. I felt my son kick and move around for the first time when I was 21weeks. But reasons for why I showed stop late dr said because I varied the baby more to the back and also I had mother bearing hips that held the baby even better than most. Now I am 12weeks and I look the way I was when I was 26 weeks. :-/ this has proven to me that every pregnancy its different and unless the dr says to worry don't stress out about a thing.

18 weeks

I am 22 and this is my first baby. I am 18 weeks. I don't look pregnant or bloated at all. This week I started feeling pregnant but don't look it at all.
—Guest First timer

17 weeks

I had to switch to all maternity pants this week and they do not hold anything in! All of a sudden I look pregnant this week--even to people who didn't know I was pregnant. I'm 3 1/2 months pregnant. I thought I'd have another month of anonymity but no.
—Guest Elizabeth

7 weeks

Right now im 7 weeks along, i started showing at about 5 weeks, a lot of people think its twins?! Im not sure, but as long as he/she is healthy thats good with me! :)
—Guest kayla

32 weeks

I'm 32 weeks now and I look like I should have gone into labor weeks ago lol. I first started to "show" at 10 weeks but other people couldn't tell until almost 20 weeks.
—Guest jmh26

Second Pregnancy but hardly showing

Hi my names Yasmin. Im a young mum of 2 and 1/2 year old boy. Just recently found out im pregnant, and Im 10 weeks at the moment, going to be 3 months pregnant in less then 2 weeks. But if you looked at me no way would u say im pregnant.... Im just abit worried, Iv been waiting over a month for midwife to see me she hasnt even seen me once yet. and have been feeling so so poorly, but thankfully my mum is round to help out as my hubby works long hours. Has anyone else experienced this? I just hope midwife calls me soon. My first pregnancy my son was about 4pounds 5 ounce. small baby... x
—Guest Yasmin

21 weeks

I am 21 weeks and my belly is huge!! My belly started showing at about 3 months and this is my 1st baby my baby girl started kicking at 19 weeks and hard!!
—Guest Alise

5 months preg not showing much

I'm 5 months pregnant and still not showing very much. It's just weird I mean I can feel where she is laying at. Babies run small in my family about 4 lbs, maybe this is why I am not showing very much. I have no clue.
—Guest FirstTimeMommy2012

15 Weeks and Not Yet Showing

I'm on my 15th week and I still don't look like a pregnant woman, I just have a tiny bump. I was so worried but after reading your experiences I'm relieved. Thanks.
—Guest Cari

21 weeks still don't have a big bump

I am getting stressed each day because of my belly not showing the way it supposed to show. This is my second baby and I still tuck in my tummy its not hard and that gives me concerns. The baby started to kick in my 19week and it kicks softly.
—Guest Thembi Sifuba

I am 4/5 weeks

This is my 1st baby and I have just found out, my boobs were sore, metal taste in mouth & am craving oranges like mad!!! My belly is hard but I just look bloated. I am so excited.
—Guest veronica

12w 1d 1st pregnancy

I'm just now 12 weeks and this is my first baby! :) I'm so happy but I don't know if I'm having twins or not because I look about 5 months pregnant right now and my tummy is hard, but 1 baby or 2, I'm EXCITED!
—Guest Madison

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