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Readers Respond: What crazy dreams did you have in pregnancy?

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Updated September 08, 2009

From the article: Pregnancy Dreams
Pregnancy is known for the wild emotions and mood swings, but weird dreams can be part an parcel with this as well. You might have strange dreams that range from pleasant meet and greets with your baby to nightmares about birth or parenting. As if pregnancy insomnia weren't enough, now the dreams can be something that either keeps you awake or prevents you from falling asleep. What do you do about your dreams? What are you dreaming about?


I'm so scared! I keep dreaming I have tentacles growing out of my hair and they move and it's disgusting it's disturbing me during the day too!
—Guest Louise

Nightmare about losing the baby

I had a nightmare that I'm not pregnant anymore! When I opened my eyes - I was still not sure if it was dream only, so it was horrible waiting for my baby to wake up and starts kicking to show me otherwise...
—Guest Uriela

Different father

I've had this dream twice. The dream is that my husband is not the father of my child. The first time I had this dream I was in my first trimister and I had a dream that I had a baby girl and she looked asian and I was confused as to why the baby was asian and then I look up that the father is asian. The second time I have this dream is that the father of my child is some asian guy and I'm confused as to how to tell my husband. When I wake up from these dreams I always feel really sad, thinking that how could I cheat on my husband. Even though in real life I have never cheated.
—Guest Farina A.

Dreaming with snakes

I would really want to know what does it mean to dream with snakes? I'm just about 6 weeks pregnant and I've dreamed with snakes about three times anyone knows meaning?
—Guest Carla

dreaming of giving birth of chicks

I am dreaming of giving birth a 3 chicks...I was so fearful with that.
—Guest jhie

all over the shop!

i'm 14 weeks and so far dreamt of being pregnant before i found out... then that i'd had a girl and i put her to bed in the sink and my partner saying he was leaving... then him cheating and then leaving with another woman coz he was engaged to her first.. then to dreaming of rescuing a little girl from two disgusting men that were sick f#$%s and hiding in a service station til the police got there. and then last night the world was ending and sitting at a table having dinner with my partner when the earth started to split... running to the bathroom to grab my 10yr old out of the bath so we could leave and him being unconcious under the water! i don't like the horrible morbid dreams... i wanna dream about fluffy animals and pancakes!! lol.
—Guest snar82

Jason X

I had a dream that this crazed killer was chasing me to a basement filled with torture toys. I woke up breathing heavy and fell back to sleep. Then I had a dream I was in a grocery store and the manager pulls out my baby to show me what she looks like. I'm only 11 weeks though. It's a girl and I'm bonding with her then he takes my baby and shoves her back in me.
—Guest Angel

Recurring nightmare

I keep having these horrible dreams. In them, I'm either re-visiting memories of abuse by my ex-boyfriend, or I'm trying to run from him. He's been in my dreams almost every night, and he's always wither threatening me or attacking me and my unborn child. Last night, I dreamt (also remembered) him with a raised arm, and him punching me in the stomach as hard as he could. I'm 10 weeks pregnant, and I'm worried this may be a bad omen. He's been showing his face alot around where my fiance works, and I'm scared that he's still harbouring negative/homocidal emotions towards me.
—Guest CL

Zombies 2

...that the government was responsible due to some scientific study and that they are going to pay for our health care and our car insurance and we asked him what was wrong with the zombies and he said they were all brain dead!! He left and eventually came back to take us all to this government facility we get there and there is more people but there are these wooden cages idk what they were for tho... They had fresh fruit and stuf then they made an announcement that they were sending us out into the population to help clean and that hollywood and new York was going to need a lot of workers.... We started cleaning up the city and I woke up but in my dream I remember praying thanking god my family was ok...
—Guest Mrssersich2011


I had a dream last night that there were a bunch of shooting stars and then they started looking like fireworks and my friend and I got n the car and went to my husbands moms house and sat upstairs waiting to see what would happen... I don't remember a few seconds of it but then all if the sudden we are all leaving and some of the people are zombies but we find out later they are brain dead... I stole my brain dead neighbors SUV n put a bike in the back just incase bc we were to tin out of gas bc we had to drive to Iowa to see my mom n make sure she was ok there wasn't too many ppl alive I remember and when I got to my moms house (she lives in the country) I was scared to go in and find them dead but actually when I got out of the car they were ok and let us all in we sat in the backyard while it was getting fenced in and we started building my husbands mom a house next door... Then an I'm standing in the door way and I hear a helicopter and he sees me he comes down by our back yard...
—Guest Mrssersich2011

Could it be a premonition?

I am currently 5 weeks. I've had some really scary dreams. Today I dreamed I was driving and laughing about the baby and a diesel truck rams into the car beside me. That one wasn't as real as my reaccuring dream of a little boy. My first dream of him, he was three years old and I brought him home from the hospital. His room was covered in toys and he said mommy I don't think I want to stay with you. Your messy. Which is weird cuz I'm a neat freak. This dream is so very realistic bc I can picture every inch of his face. He has think dirty blonde hair. Big green eyes and pale with the brightest red lips. He looks like my brother.
—Guest Dani

bad dreams

I'm having dreams about my baby's father cheating on me.
—Guest evie


I keep having nightmares abt my bf leaving me, or cheating on me. Cple night ago, I dreampt he was with his ex and she was preg as well, just more than me. Why do I keep dreaming ill end up alone!" :(
—Guest Angela

Uneasy Sleep

At the end of my first trimester I was having horrible dreams about my husband stabbing me in the stomach with a large knife. Now, during my second trimester, I'm dreaming of him cheating on me and leaving me. It's very disturbing.
—Guest Nykee

this dream scared me to death

Well my younger sister has a new week old child and I'm 7 weeks preg. So in my dream we were living in this house/restaurant and my sister and I were upstairs. I was talking and playing with her baby and the baby suddenly started walking and talking at a week old! That wasn't the scary part. I got dresses to go downstairs (the restaurant) and my sister wanted to come to and she left her baby alone. My mom was down there eating and noticed us trying to go outside she yanked my sis and went back up And started praying to some devil and made us close our eyes and rhetoric were stuck and we saw all kind of evil skulls, demons, dragons and she cursed us to never leave Amanda from then on we were haunted by these evil spirits but nobody had seen her baby since then. Its much longer and detailed but I don't wanna bore anyone. Scarier than it sounds reading it. And I wasn't preg in the dream
—Guest scarydreamer101
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