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Readers Respond: What crazy dreams did you have in pregnancy?

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From the article: Pregnancy Dreams
Pregnancy is known for the wild emotions and mood swings, but weird dreams can be part an parcel with this as well. You might have strange dreams that range from pleasant meet and greets with your baby to nightmares about birth or parenting. As if pregnancy insomnia weren't enough, now the dreams can be something that either keeps you awake or prevents you from falling asleep. What do you do about your dreams? What are you dreaming about? Share Your Dreams

baby .... Dragon????

I had I dream that I went to my doctor to find out for sure I am even pregnant. They did all these xrays and crazy test (all the while I only had a long nightshirt on...) and did a lot of walking back and forth in the hospital. I finnaly sit with the doctor about my results and he tells me I am pregnant...... with a dragon!???? THEN he shows me a $900 bill that he wanted me to pay right then and there. I am crying, I don't have that much, no insurance, says that the baby will be taken if I don't pay up. woke up crying and upset. THen i call my husband and tell him and he's like I have been thinking of getting you on insurance (we do not have any right now) and making room for it in our bills. That sends me into crying all over again cause we are going to have to make changes to afford it. We are gonna make it happen though. I guess I am just nervous about the doc appointment in just 4 days to find out whats going on with my body.
—Guest Paige

baby dream

I had a dream I was on vacation and when I got back in town I stopped by a friends house. We were talking and there was a baby boy in a carrier I was playing with. My friend was telling me the baby had already eaten and that he was no problem for her. She said to let her know if I needed a sitter again. I was confused because I don't have a baby. I felt connected to the baby yet confused mostly. I was not expecting the baby to be mine at all. I kept wondering why she was informing me of the baby's schedule over the weekend. Then she handed me the diaper bag and said call me when you make it home. I'm still trying to figure out where the baby even came from.
—Guest qt

Weird dream

I had a dream that my belly was cut open and you could see like newer skin on the inside, except for one spot by my left hip where you can see the baby, what does this mean??
—Guest KrissyThig

boy or girl

I'm 8 months pregnant and I keep having dreams about having a little boy but the doctors told me I'm having a girl I had the same dream over time after time that I was in labor and after my baby came out the doctors kept saying here's your little girl but when I look down I'm holding a little boy in my arms know I always think about having a boy regardless what the doctor says even thou I just had a baby shower and got all this girl stuff
—Guest princess

Bad pregnancy dream.

I had a dream last night that I was pregnant and that everyone was out to kill my baby. But there was this one girl who wanted my baby dead the most out of jealousy because she chose to have an abortion when she found out she was pregnant, I remember fighting with everyone saying that I wanted to keep my baby and etc. and receiving rude remarks about being pregnant outside of marriage the next thing I know I wake up the next day with a sore stomach, I can only assume that my stomach pains had something to do with my dream?
—Guest Uchiha

I need a understanding to this dream.

I just woke up for this horrible dream that I had. I've had other nights. But this was the worse. I hear its normal, but I don't see nothing that has to do with demons wanting my first born. So in my dream, I was laying in bed & I see a horrible figure in the corner of the room. & I was telling my girlfriend to look so it wasn't only me. But only I could see it. & days and days went by. And I stayed home alone, & it came up to me crawling on the bed. The lights flashed n it was in my face screaming I want your baby, in the worse voice I've ever heard. I woke up instantly and started praying for all protection. Idk I'm just so frighten and I've never been through this. And I just want that reassurence that its ok. Please HELP :'(
—Guest Kristal

pg Dreams

for the past 5dpo, i have had crazy dreams such as seeing my self chased by some dangerous men to hurt me. And lots of other crazy dreams. The funniest thing is dat for each time i sleep, i see crazy negatv dreams, too weird for me. Well, i take it to be part of the pregnancy fun! Hope u will mk fun out of urs too. Dnt take it too serious. But pray too aftr each. Gud luck
—Guest ijesky

crying baby in my stomach

I am seven months pregnant i had a dream i was sitting on my bed with my babys father n my baby started crying in my stomach n i kept asking him did u hear that then i started getting scared cuz i saw something weired coming out of me was like a clear bag dont know what it means
—Guest june

unborn child

I am 23weeks pregnant and i had a dream my cousin said he was going to kill my baby and he put his hand on my stomach
—Guest Mrs. Hannan

prego dream

So I feel like I am pregnant but tests came back negative. I have this dream last night that I was showing my 18 year old son the baby moving inside my belly. All of a sudden the baby starts coming out of my stomach and there is a big gapping hole in my stomach I am holding the baby umbilical cord and all and start screaming for my son to call 911 and my other son to call my husband and they both were in shock I was trying to put it back inside my stomach it was so scary... what does this dream mean. It scared me to death.
—Guest cazzz06


I don't even know wether I am pregnant or not but I recently had a dream that I had to go to the doctors for an exam and they did an X-ray on my and when the results came in it showed that I had 2 fishes in me. One in my stomach and one in my heart.
—Guest Sally

Dreamed a possessed baby

All I remember seeing the baby saying some freaky words in baby talk & laughing I couldn't wake up & then I went to complete different dream which scary it was too... I dream weird stuff the whole time & nawt I just dream but i sometimes scratch my partner or hit him by accident he just wakes up sayin wtf lol but he knows its not purpose like for Ex: I dreamed a fat kid steeling my Oreos & I attacked by trying to scrach his neck but guess what I got my nails deep into my mans necasleep thinkin he was the fat kid haha oops!
—Guest Judith obledo

Baby's Soul Left My Body

I had a dream that we were in some class and they were doing am ultrasound and my 20 week old unborn boy died while the whole class watched. He took one last breath and then his head rolled over and I felt his soul leave my body and then I woke up crying probably two minutes later. My eyes were all swollen from crying in my sleep. It was horrible... it took me 10 minutes after waking up to quit crying. On a good note he behaved himself better than ever because when I furiously grabbed u/s gel and my fetal doppler to listen to his heart beat he let me find it fairly quickly and stayed still long enough for me to feel safe... and actually gave me a few kicks which he is not super active so that was the ONLY reason I could ho back to sleep.
—Guest Tessa D

Please tell me what you think it means

My dream last night was like I was in the hospital goin to give birth, and like I was sleeping than I was woken up to the nurse coming in to check on me, and they were waiting for something before they gave me the drugs, and we couldn't get ahold of James. And finally the the dr was like well what are we goin to do since the father isn't here. And I was like well maybe he was asleep, cause he has to get up early at 4:20a to get up for work. Than I check my phone it is 5:00a and we haven't heard nothing from him. So I was freakin out and told the dr well since he isn't here than I guess when she's ready to come out , let her out. He can see her later. Than the dr tells me to get up out of bed and follow her so I follow her to this room, and than she leaves me alone in the room and all of a sudden it breaks off the hospital and I'm floating in the ocean. And the room starts breakin apart peice by peice, until I'm on this peice as big as a door. And I'm just laying there goin there lab
—Guest Michellecox


I am currently five months pregnant with my second child i had a dream last night that might have told what I am having a Lil boy came to me three times in the middle of the night and pull on me i look over and it's a a baby boy he put his hands out for me to pick him up when I pick him up he lay on my chest and went straight to sleep my son he is 14 months was on the side of me still sleep
—Guest Ressa101

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What crazy dreams did you have in pregnancy?

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