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Readers Respond: What crazy dreams did you have in pregnancy?

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Updated September 08, 2009

From the article: Pregnancy Dreams
Pregnancy is known for the wild emotions and mood swings, but weird dreams can be part an parcel with this as well. You might have strange dreams that range from pleasant meet and greets with your baby to nightmares about birth or parenting. As if pregnancy insomnia weren't enough, now the dreams can be something that either keeps you awake or prevents you from falling asleep. What do you do about your dreams? What are you dreaming about? Share Your Dreams

baby .... Dragon????

I had I dream that I went to my doctor to find out for sure I am even pregnant. They did all these xrays and crazy test (all the while I only had a long nightshirt on...) and did a lot of walking back and forth in the hospital. I finnaly sit with the doctor about my results and he tells me I am pregnant...... with a dragon!???? THEN he shows me a $900 bill that he wanted me to pay right then and there. I am crying, I don't have that much, no insurance, says that the baby will be taken if I don't pay up. woke up crying and upset. THen i call my husband and tell him and he's like I have been thinking of getting you on insurance (we do not have any right now) and making room for it in our bills. That sends me into crying all over again cause we are going to have to make changes to afford it. We are gonna make it happen though. I guess I am just nervous about the doc appointment in just 4 days to find out whats going on with my body.
—Guest Paige

baby dream

I had a dream I was on vacation and when I got back in town I stopped by a friends house. We were talking and there was a baby boy in a carrier I was playing with. My friend was telling me the baby had already eaten and that he was no problem for her. She said to let her know if I needed a sitter again. I was confused because I don't have a baby. I felt connected to the baby yet confused mostly. I was not expecting the baby to be mine at all. I kept wondering why she was informing me of the baby's schedule over the weekend. Then she handed me the diaper bag and said call me when you make it home. I'm still trying to figure out where the baby even came from.
—Guest qt

Horrible Dream

I had the worst dream ever! I already have a 5 yr old girl and I'm 4 months pregnant with my second. I had a dream that 5 men broke into our home and it was just my daughter and I. I told her to run to the back room closet and hide and not come out unless me or the police tell her to. I grabbed a gun and killed 2 men, but then one man grabbed my daughter and had a gun to her head. I begged for her and my unborn baby's life. They made my daughter watch as they shot me 3 times in the stomach killing my baby. i woke up crying my eyes out of the thought of loosing either of my children and it felt so real! I don't know how my mind could think up something so horrible, but I'm thinking it was just a fear of protecting my kids and being alone.

baby paranoia

Well last night I was sleeping tossing and turning a little. I had a dream that I was in labor and the doctors had my baby in both hands but my child wasn't moving or crying . I am pregnant and this is my first child but I need to know is this true or not ...
—Guest khalilah Hadley

Horrible nightmares every night

I experienced intense and terrible nightmares during the fifth and sixth month of my first pregnancy. They were so graphic, vivid and disturbing that I stopped sleeping at night. Instead, I napped. It was exhausting. I'm 10 weeks pregnant and they're back. They're worse. It makes me feel crazy and awful about my mind's ability to create such disgusting scenes. I simply hope it doesn't last the duration of my pregnancy.
—Guest Jessica

foot fell off and someone stole it!

I am 35 weeks and last night had what seems to be the 2nd part of a dream I had last week. I had been badly beaten and found in the parking lot of my children's school. Then was taken to some sort of medical facility. I arrive and a girl tells me she has to get me out of the wheelchair. She leaves me with 2 broken legs sitting on a hallway floor. As I am sitting there, my bones come out of the side of my left leg and my left foot comes off completely. She comes back by, tells me she is going to x-ray my foot and leaves again. A guy then comes and tells me he needs to get me out of the hallway. He helps me to my foot (broken leg and all and somehow I ignore the pain) and helps me hop into a room. There is a bed in the room with underwear and a hospital gown. From behind me, a familiar voice tells me to change clothes. While changing, another girl walks in and tells me my mom is there but that she can't come into this room. I go to the bathroom to find my mom dad and sister waving at me.
—Guest jenalber78

Pregnancy dreams

Am not pregnant yet but i dreamt i have a small pregnancy. Please help me. What does it mean?
—Guest Thokozile

Dreamed of my un born babies sister

I am currently pregnant with a baby girl. In the dream her father and I and her infant sister was in my dream. My ex boyfriend and his daughter ( she looked about 1) and I were at toys r rus.( i was also pregnant in the dream) His daughter had just finished eating because white stuff was all around her mouth I showed her a baby doll pacifier and told her this is for a baby doll. Then i asked her do you have a baby doll. she said no. i said all little girls should have a baby doll. Then she gave me a peck on my lips and I woke up.
—Guest Dreamer


Im 12 week and I've known since 5 weeks and the crazy dreams keep on coming .... from someone kidnapping my 3 yr old daughter or my ex pretending to be my husband and all my family going along with it? Also my kid being lost in a crowd of people and I dont know what they look like! I always know im pregnant in my dreams and when. I wake up from most of them I cant go bk to sleep or I feel sick! My husband went missing in one and I woke up and freaked him out by touching his face and hugging him....it happens so much that he just asks me now...."another dream" they feels so real and in one I could feel the wind and rain drops! Insane!
—Guest brandy

Crazy dreams !

I had a dream that my baby was very early and I had him around 6 months. He was a full grown man but was still a baby it was so scary and everyone was telling me no look your baby is so cute and I was flipping out because it wasn't right and I knew the baby had come out like that because I had summoned the devil to me. And the devil had do e that to my baby! It was so crazy dream and very scary. I think I know why I had this dream to because my baby father was on steroids the time I had gotten pregnant.
—Guest Jd

Not too sure

I don't know if i am pregnant. I always think i am, but then I get a period. But last night, I had 4 dreams. The scariest one was it was me and my highschool in an underground restaurant. About 16 people we didn't know rushed in and put the place on lockdown. They were religious young people who believed that mass murdering was a way to sacrifice to the Gods. They led us to this room in the restaurant that looked like a sanctuary and could sit all 1,000 of us. They begin speaking of God. I called my long-term boyfriend and told him what was happening and made him promise not to tell anyone. They were going to burn us all alive. And for once, I wasn't scared of death. Right then I wanted to die. My boyfriend told me I can't die because I was 3 months pregnant. I don't know what to feel.
—Guest imaginvry_

Weird dream

I had a dream that my 20 yr son took off with a car I was looking at and he had a wreck 3 hrs later found him back to the dealer where I was looking at cars at he looked bad
—Guest Mbruner

trying to understand

I keep having dreams about little baby boys. in every dream I've had since I've become pregnant.
—Guest curious

what does this means

Im 13 weeks pregnant and i had a dream that my sister punched me in my stomach
—Guest curious

we was fishing at a lake

Woke up when dad went down the water and came back up
—Guest Amber and my father and mother

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What crazy dreams did you have in pregnancy?

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