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Readers Respond: Have you ever had bleeding in early pregnancy, but no miscarriage?

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Updated September 22, 2010

Bleeding in early pregnancy strikes fear in the heart of all pregnant women. The fear of miscarriage and sense of dread are overwhelming. Though there are many women who do have bleeding in early pregnancy but go on to have a normal pregnancy and healthy baby. Is this you? Share your story. How far along were you?

Bleeding in early pregnancy

I found out I was pregnant when I was 5 weeks along. A few days after I found out I started bleeding. Went to the ER nothing was wrong. I ended up bleeding every two weeks. Nothing was ever wrong at any of the ultrasounds or doctors visits. I am now 32 weeks along with a baby boy :)
—Guest Mommy2be

18-week hemorrhage, still pregnant at 29

At 18 weeks I had a large hemorrhage with clots and bright red blood in the middle of the night. I thought for sure the baby was gone and I was next due to the gushing of blood. Contractions started and an exam in the ER showed me to be 2 cm dilated. Bleeding subsided on its own and an ultrasound showed the baby and amniotic fluid "just fine"! I had a low-lying placenta and hematoma near the cervix. I remained in the hospital for 3 days on anti-spasmodic meds and progesterone. Six bleeding episodes, 3 ER visits, and 3 months of home/bed rest later we've made it to 29 weeks with baby still growing healthfully. At 28 weeks they finally gave the diagnosis of marginal placenta previa (posterior placenta 6mm from cervical o/s) with a large venous lake behind the placenta... the cause of the bleeding. I've been lucky to remain home, in close contact with my doctor, and with help (emotional and logistical) from family and friends far (phone calls bring cheer) and near.
—Guest BridyBri

Placenta Previa and Percreta

I am currently almost 33 wks pregnant and started bleeding 3 days after I found out I was pregnant, due to a blood clot above the fetus. I had my first u/sound at 7 weeks, and the Dr assumed that miscarriage was imminent. I had intermittent crampy bleeding from that point on until about 12 wks, when I experienced extreme pain and cramping. I assumed I was miscarrying, however there was no simultaneous bleeding and a subsequent u/sound showed the fetus was actually growing further up into the uterus (he had planted down low on my previous caesarean scar). My next bleeding episode occurred at 16 wks, then 19, 20 and 22 wks when I was admitted into hospital with placenta previa and suspected percreta. I had further bleeds at 24, then 28 wks. I am now currently 33 wks, still in hospital(!) however I have defied many a doctor's belief that I would miscarry and/or wouldn't carry past 28 wks. I firmly believe that bed rest, (along with the odd prayer or two), is the key to success!


Thank you for writing about your experience w/ both placenta previa and visualization to get it to move out of the way. I have planned to have a home birth, but was recently (at 27 weeks) diagnosed w/ p.p., and am trying to be so positive in hopes it will be pulled out of the way by the 34-36 week mark. Your story is an inspiration to me - thanks again!
—Guest krenlee

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