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Readers Respond: What questions will you ask at a hospital tour?

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Updated June 09, 2010

From the article: Hospital Interviews
When choosing a place for your baby to be born, what questions were important to you? Did you want to know about visitor policies and the waiting room? Perhaps if they had a birth ball or water birth area? Did you ask for a tour of labor and delivery? Did you find out about rooming in and siblings? Everyone is looking for something different.

Baby Friendly Questions

Even though there are no Baby Friendly certified hospitals in our area, I want a hospital that follows the ideals of Baby Friendly. I'll ask "Are newborn procedures done on Mom's chest?" "Do you have a nursery or do all babies room-in 24/7?" I'll also ask questions about labor policies like "Do you have a squat bar?" "How many VBACS do you do a month?" "Can women labor in the tub?" I want options in my hospital and evidence-based research to guide hospital policies.

Will you...

I wanted to know wha their policy was for taking the baby away and keeping the baby after birth. I didn't want to go through labor or a cesarean and have the kid stay in the nursery for a few days. I wanted my baby with me!

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