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Readers Respond: What signs do you have when you ovulate?

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Updated July 05, 2009


I always feel like having sex all through the week of my ovulation.
—Guest bles

am I pregnant

Last month I has two periods 20 days apart this month I'm late I took a pregnacy test 2 days ago it was negative I'm having lots of symptoms I've been having cramping fatique feeling full tired cranky headahes backahe pains on my right side I just don't kno what to think
—Guest rose avery 123

My signs

My stomach hurts really bad I feel like I'm bout to give birth lol my va jay jay hurts and my butt. I throw up sometimes pain in my stomach
—Guest Mema


I feel very horny when i'm ovulating and abdominal pain..
—Guest candy

bright complexion and period symptoms

I just started paying attention to my body cause I'm about to get married, and noticed 16 - 19 days from the First day of my period, my skin begins to have a healthy glow, I eat more, experience mini cramps around my lower abdomen, most hours of the day I'm constipated, and have a more than normal discharge, sometimes even get moody. I'm just glad to share my experience and to know I'm not the only gal going tru Ovulation stuff.
—Guest Mini

The Big O!

Every month after my cycle the get the urge to have sex. I get emotional and moody if I don't "get it". My breast hurts, I'm extremely wet and all the sensation is on my left side.
—Guest Lena


Only noticed it the first time like 2 days ago a sharp pain when I moves in my lower abdomen on the left side and then like an aching pain in my vagina not had a period for 2 months though and not had any discharge had like a period but was only for half a day :S
—Guest jenny


I feel very sore in my pelvis, sore breast, horny like crazy, feverish, nausea
—Guest Andrea

Am I pregnant?

Am I pregnant? I had sex and had just started a brand new pill, but apparently it takes 7 days to work? I've got a bloated pelvis and bubbling sensation, but it's only been just over a week since I had sex, help!
—Guest Hannah


I get really watery CM for 2 days before hand, I then get sharp cramping and really horny with white CM. My nippes tingle too! X
—Guest Lauren


Clear or milky white discharge! Bubbling in my lower abdomen.
—Guest brozay


I haven't had ny period for 4 months now IDK when I am ovulateing!?!?
—Guest danielle


I had a larger amount of white mucous very horny sleep alot all I wanna do is eat sleep have sex sharp pains in the cervical area
—Guest mr


My dry eye gets a lot worse when I ovulate. Back and period like pain, moodiness flushes headaches and clear stringy discharge & sore nipples and get extremely horny
—Guest ness

Ovulation Period

I have to study myself to enable me know when I am ovulatng Thank you.,

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