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Readers Respond: What signs do you have when you ovulate?

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Updated July 05, 2009


I get the white egg vaginal mucus, and sometimes the pinch on a side of the stomach. I am not sure of the sex drive increase. I am trying to conceive after having my first child 9 years ago. This is my first month but I am already anxious.
—Guest MCV

I can't seem to do it

It's been a month, I know probably not long enough but we've gotten to the point of having sex like we eat our meals. 3 times a day. I can't tell when I'm ovulating.
—Guest frustratedwant2bmama


I become hornier I want sex every minute. I feel pinching abdominal pains.
—Guest siphiwe

My signs

When I am getting ready to ovulate, my sex drive increases, I start feeling more flirtatious, sometimes I notice a slight cramping in my side, and my temp goes up. Also it is much easier to get aroused. Sometimes I feel my appetite increase as well.
—Guest diamondgirl8216

Infertility problem?

I have been charting my ovulation period and the doctor confirmed it, but still it didn't work. I can't conceive already for 5 months. I am getting worried about it very much. I need a child right now.
—Guest Isha

Just know it

Raw-egg-white-like vaginal mucous, swelling breasts, hornier, softer skin. I never feel the abdominal pain but my breasts are always the tale-tell sign, they're always at least one cup bigger than they normally are.
—Guest Dee


I have a 15 year old and been on and off birth control ever since, now I'm married and we are trying to conceive. It's been 3 months since I been of the depo and just started having regular periods again. But I have been tracking down when I ovulate and notice high sex drive and pain in my side, also very swollen and sore breasts.
—Guest Nympho Girl

Signs of ovulation

I do no experience any signs of ovulation at all. Because my ovulation and menstrual pain are just the same. Am trying to conceive.
—Guest Isha


I feel very hot like having a fever and I become easily horny.
—Guest jamie


I get bad cramps every once in a while & feel like vomiting.
—Guest kayla

Signs of ovulation

1-2 days before I am about to ovulate my lower abdomen swells up with dull aches/cramps which feels a bit like your period is about to start and I get a burst of clear discharge. I also get ache in my lower back sometimes around the spine or just at the side of the spine. I agree that my sex drive increases and it's more ‘comfortable’ to have sex as the cervix has risen. When I am ovulating I can feel what some of the previous ladies have mentioned a pinching pain from my ovary which I guess is when the eggs is being released.
—Guest Ana

When I ovulate...

I have heavy breasts, always want sex and wet at all time.
—Guest Funmilayo

Signs of Ovaluation

I do get a chewing gum like mucus. Back pain as well. And I want to have sex a lot.
—Guest Wiggles206

Ovulation signs

I feel pain on my waist, by the right hand side or left hand side. I will be feeling dizzy.
—Guest lynda

My ovulation signs

I always feel insatiable and always asking for more sex.
—Guest chemmie

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