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Readers Respond: What present meant the most to you in early pregnancy?

Responses: 12


Updated November 18, 2009

From the article: Newly Pregnant Gift Guide
When you announce your pregnancy, you are likely to have someone give you a present in celebration. What would you think would be an amazing gift for a newly pregnant woman? What did you get when you announced your pregnancy? Practical or frivolous? Wearable or edible? What is your standard gift to give?

Ultrasound Gift

I received Precious One: An Ultrasound Keepsake. A nice place to keep the first images of my baby.
—Guest momof2


My friend got me a teddy saying "good luck" think I need congratulations and my hubby needs "good luck."
—Guest Mini

Early pregnancy gifts

My boyfriend bought me lots and lots chocolate ever since he found out I was pregnant.
—Guest Nokatli

The Belly Book

My sister sent me a diary for moms-to-be called the belly book; it has spaces for the ultrasound pics but also questions like: my mood swings are: totally justified considering how my back aches / non-existent: pregnacy has made me a Buddha (in spirit and size). Really nice for memories, educational and fun! My little sister is really the big one when it comes to babies!
—Guest Mariska

Seat belt extenders

My daughter is a woman of size, it occurred to me that as she got larger her seat belt might get really hard to fasten. I found one that not only extends but attaches to the right side and kind of sticks up so it's easier to reach.
—Guest Carolyn

Early pregnancy gift

My mom gave me a blanket for the baby that she knitted. It was so beautiful.
—Guest rojean

Early pregnancy gifts

My mum in law gave me a bag of crystallized ginger, great for when the morning sickness was bad!
—Guest Katie29

Mommy 2 B3

My husband knows I'm nervous with this being our first he went to Borders and bought every book for new and expecting moms.
—Guest First Time Mommy

My embryos

The woman who anonymously donated her frozen embryos to me and my husband gave me the greatest gift we could ever receive. I also included in that are the anon egg and sperm donors who originally donated in the first place!

early pregnancy gift

My mother in law gave us a parents to be decoration for our first tree, a stuffed giraffe music box like the one my husband had as a newborn and books to read the baby.
—Guest jennifer

Early pregnancy gifts

Junk food, comfy stretchy clothes, lots of movies and books!
—Guest Virginia


My mom sent me a huge box of chocolates with a copy of the study that said women who ate chocolate in pregnancy had happier babies.
—Guest LolaBaby
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