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Readers Respond: Pregnancy Myths and Old Wives Tales

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Updated August 17, 2009

Pregnancy is certainly an event that has a lot of myths and old wives tales surrounding it. From trying to figure out if your baby if a girl or boy based on old wives tales, to pregnancy advice that just doesn't measure up (Like don't take a bath while pregnant...), there are a lot of things to figure out on your own. The problem is that you never really know what's fact and what's fiction! What is the best old wives tale or other piece of not so true advice you've heard about pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding? Share Your Myths

Birth marks

I have heard if you are startled by something when pregnant and touch your body, wherever you touch your baby will have a birthmark on that same spot.
—Guest geez

crossing legs

I heard that if the baby cross his or her legs the other one that comes next will be the same sex.
—Guest sarah

Sweeping The Knees

I was told if you sweep your baby's knees while they're in crawling stage then it'll make them start walking... I tried it on all 3 of mine and it never worked!!!
—Guest Motherof4

determine who ur baby looks like

if a pregnant woman is fond of playing with a particular child her unborn child will look exactly like that child when born
—Guest gideon hopewyse

babies ??

Im having a boy but its like my son and newfew are attracted to me and kiss my tummy seems like a girl but ultrasound says a boy ??? Only birth will tell
—Guest cynthia

Pregnancy myth?

I have always herd the old wives tale if babies and small children are very drawn to you then you are pregnant.
—Guest Alaina

a second one.

my mom told me an old wives tale that if your first baby is all of a sudden clingy then mom is pregnant again. well my daughter has been super clingy and she never has been that way, she is the total opposite of clingy. and i guess in a couple of weeks we will find out.
—Guest joanna

Morning Sickness

I was told the more I throw up the more likely it's a girl. Hoping that's true cause I'm not throwing up that much and I really want a boy! 11 Weeks today!
—Guest Ceci

Don't sleep too much now..

My in laws and old fashioned grandma say if you sleep a lot the baby will stick to the belly walls on the inside.. Let's hope not I tend to sleep from 2-3 am til 1-2 pm ..
—Guest Nicole

bad influence of eclipes on baby

they says if pregnent lady cut something or eat or walk during eclipes thn the baby will be born with mark on its body.i think it may be true.cz my brother has a cut mark in his back as my aunt cut an onion when she was pregnent with him.
—Guest unknown

Im Prego

Im Prego And I Have 3 sons And One Beautiful daughter i want a little girl . My Daughters Name Starts With A "D" i want this childs name to start with a "d" The Name Danika Sounds Good But I need It to be Spanish cause my fiance Doesn't know english and i want him to pronounce the name write any suggestions ?
—Guest Just A Person

having a girl

If baby boys stay under you and all baby girls cry that means im having a girl. My aunt say babies are attracted to opposite sex.
—Guest Larhonda

golden chain

I was told that if you take a golden chain and hold it straight from the pin of your palm hand, u may learn about how many kids (girls and boys) you are destined to have. If the chain moves in circle its a girl and if it moves foward and backward, its a boy and when it stops, this means that this is the number of kids u will beget.
—Guest ivrishka

Pretty Things

My mom told me to only look at pretty things while I was pregnant so that my baby would come out pretty.
—Guest Andy


I heard if you dream about someone dying that someone is pregnant that you are close too!
—Guest Faith

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Pregnancy Myths and Old Wives Tales

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