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Readers Respond: Did your baby have the cord around the neck?

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Updated April 11, 2011

A cord around the neck happens at about 30+% of all births. Did you experience this at your baby's birth? Many times parents don't know until after the birth. Did you know during the birth? If you knew, how was this handled? Did the doctor or midwife slip the cord over the baby's head? Did the cord get clamped before the baby was born?

cutting the nuchal cord

Your post refers to cutting the nuchal cord as routine and common - while this is sadly the case, obstetric and midwifery guidelines have advised against this practice for quite some time. A tight nuchal cord can cause a blood volume depleted baby at birth and the intact cord is vital to restore blood volume and re-perfuse the neonate. Cutting the nuchal cord is associated with untoward outcomes and death. The somersault should always be attempted first.
—Guest Nuchal Cord

Cord around neck CAN be a big problem!

Labor with my 3rd son, Bryan, did not progress as easily as with my first 2. I knew there was a problem, but getting the doctors and nurses to listen was impossible. During contractions, he would thrash around violently, twice he even turned completely sideways. His head did not engage so the dilation was not progressing. The external monitor showed repeated times where his heart would stop for several seconds, or drop to below 40bpm.Turned out the cord was around his neck so tightly, it was strangling him and tearing the placenta. He was born severely oxygen deprived and I had to have an emergency D&C a few hours later when they realized I was bleeding to death. If a baby is moving a lot during contractions, the doctor should be looking at the potential of the cord around the neck and potentially a C-section.
—Guest Amber

Found out later...

I found out that my baby had the cord around his neck at birth afterward. I had no clue. I did get worried, but the doctor laughed at me and said it was "so not a problem" particularly after the birth. I laugh now about the new mom paranoia.
—Guest NotMe

I had this with first baby!

This happened at my first baby's birth. I was really anxious about it, but it was something the doc said out loud and before I could even ask a question, the cord was moved and the baby was born.
—Guest HMom
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