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Readers Respond: Can Drano tell if your baby is a girl or boy?

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Updated October 31, 2009

Drano Test

I'm only 5 weeks so maybe it's too early but my results were dirty yellow. Not sure what that means.
—Guest MARIA

It could be a girl

I took the drano test & it came to be like a light green color with a blue ring around it... ultrasound said boy but I'm hoping for a little girl. I hope the drano test is right on a girl!
—Guest shannon

It works!

My mom had 2 girls and one boy and it worked with all 3. If it stays blue, because the drano is blue, or turns pink it's a girl. If it turns brown it's a boy. I'm pregnant now and plan on doing it...it worked with all my cousins to so if you do it right it does work!
—Guest mary


I'm really confused about the color thing. Some people say brownish for a boy and some say green blue.
—Guest mariieh

Need more people

If you don't test with enough people, you can't say the test is 100% accurate. All serious studies involve more than just "several" people. It could just be a coincidence that it worked with the people who tested it. Plus, there are way too many suggested color keys to say it is 100% accurate.
—Guest anonymous

Could be a boy

It turned a dark brown color. We'll just have to wait an see. I had my mom mix it. It was stinky so outside is best!
—Guest nananB

It works!

My son is almost four and my daughter is almost 3. I peed in a mason jar with both of them and took it outside and mixed it into another jar with the crystal drano in it. It was accurate with both!! I have had SEVERAL other pregnant friends that have tried it and it was 100% correct with them too. blue/green=girl brown/dirty yellow=boy

Not actually harmless

The fumes and everything that come off can be dangerous for the growing child. This is more or less chance. People interpert this as they want, and then say how they got what it said.
—Guest Clysta


Okay My sister in law and I are both pregnant and are 2 months apart. We just found out about this Drano test and have been reading other peoples results. We really would like to try it but am very confused to what the colors are suppose to come out as if it is a boy or a girl? So what color is it suppose to be if its a boy or if its a girl? Because reading everyone else's results are showing that it works but one person said if it comes out green its a girl but another person said if it comes out green its a boy? So what color is it suppose to be? GUIDE COMMENT: This is one reason why it is an old wive's tale, because no one can agree on the color results.
—Guest Jessica and Becky

it works

I have tried this on several people and it has worked everytime, except with twins!! Blue/Green is a BOY! Brown/Yellow/orange is a GIRL!
—Guest renee

Eolia B. Cooper

About 30 years ago, the Chattanooga daily newspaper "carried" the Drano test. I was/am a Bio/Chem major therefore it made good sense to me. The test was accurate in 1980 and-IT'S A GIRL!
—Guest Eolia B

drano test

I thought that I would try the drano test when I was pregnant with my second child, 25 years ago when they didn't do ultrasounds. I don't remember what color the mixture turned, all that I remember is just don't mix in a styrofoam cup!!
—Guest cyndi

I believe

I took an ultrasound and the doctor couldn't really tell if it was a boy or girl but said it looked to be a girl because nothing was sticking out from the front or the back. Also, the legs would not open. I took the drano test and my urine color didn't change which indicated that it was a girl. Let's see how this turns out after I give birth in 4 to 5 weeks.

I've done it and it was right

Of course you pee in the cup inside and take it outdoors to mix. Mix 1 table spoon of drano kitchen crystals in the urine and if it's brown you're having a boy and if it is a light greenish color you're having a girl.My sister and I were both pregnant at the same time and it was right for both of us!
—Guest misty

Drano, Urine and Sex

Um, well I tried it but didn't get the results since I was arrested for peeing outside in a cup. Okay, that didn't happen. We are having a girl, but good ol' ultrasound filled us in on that one.
—Guest Hehe
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