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Readers Respond: Can Drano tell if your baby is a girl or boy?

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Updated October 31, 2009

Thinking about trying it -

Not sure if it's worth it, though. Also, CatieBoo, not necessarily. Generally what I've found is that the wives' tales that're TRUE are the ones that the medical community tries its hardest to debunk. I'm not sure if it's because they can't profit from it because it's too old or common (come on, they couldn't patent something like that medically because it's *Drano*), or if they just don't want to look foolish because they can't explain WHY it works. Science is very much a "yet" field. :) The idea that fascinates me here is: what color does the Drano turn if you just mix it with regular, non-pregnant pee? Or what about a man's pee? :D
—Guest Nokomis

Worked for me!

I took drano test with both my children for fun before ultra sound, Drano said boys for both, Dr said boy for my first son and girl was predicted for my second, Dr. Drano won, I had a son.... and those tests were done 17 and 15 yrs ago... I have a step daughter we are doing again today and see what happens, she is almost 4 mths, and the colors are like this.... place 1/4 c urine and 1/4 c drano place in glass see through jar.....outside, pour urine over drano, go inside wait 5 min, go back and check and if the bottom color (not foam) is kind of a hunter green , it's a BOY, if it's more a teal or blue green a GIRL..... it will work if you do it this way, I did it with my kids and it worked wth neices and their children as well
—Guest Tina

3rd times a charm!

7 yrs ago, I tried this test, it was teal blue, indicating a girl, and my daughter was born. 4 yrs ago I did this test, it was murky brown indicating a boy, and I had my son. Now I'm on my 3rd, and I just did the test, and it was murkey brown again. :)
—Guest Criss

It has worked in my family FOREVER

My aunty had a son and it showed the rusty color for boy. My mom did it for her kids, all three showed the right colors. Boy, Boy, Girl. It worked for me with my daughter and gave a grey teal, and it worked for several of my friends. I am unaware of anyone it hasn't worked for that I have shared this secret with. I think Drano should market this...It truly does work. I am pregnant with my 2nd child now and can't wait till I am far enough along to test with it again. Happy Drano peeing!
—Guest I swear by it.

it worked for me and several friends

I took this test 18 years ago when I was pregnant for the first time. Mine turned a bright green--girl! Sure enough I had a girl. I told several friends about it and they all took the test which worked every time! I am now pregnant again and you better believe I ran out and bought a can of Drano crystals!
—Guest Amy


I just did the test and it foamed up and overflowed, then settled and is a light light yellow... What does that mean
—Guest Book

Hoping for a little girl

Ok so i heard about the test!! I've just tried it and my results were a bright orange color---which means I'm having a girl.!! Guess I'll find out if it really works when I get my ultra sound in four weeks.!!
—Guest Kisha

I don't know...

I just did mines today and the color didn't change. I guess some say its a girl being that it didn't change colors. I don't know what am having as I am 2 months....
—Guest redd money

Hope it is correct!

I tried this with some friends, I have heard from several people that it worked for them, it turned bright green, hopefully that means girl! I already have two boys! Third times the charm! (Hopefully)
—Guest Krysta


I used clear liquid drano. And it turned yellow to a yellow brown. Please help what does the color mean?
—Guest Brittney


I took the crystal drano test today...it turned a yellow/brownish-green. With teal foam at the top. What does that mean? Help! I have 3 boys now...and dying for my lil princess!
—Guest Rachel

It turned brown

I thought my friend was crazy when she told me about this test. It worked on all of her friends none with a false girl/boy outcome it says mine is a boy by turning a dark brown immediately I am 20 wks at the moment and i find out today the results of the ultrasound. I already have a girl I'd love another but a boy would be awsome too!! I just dont know much about being a tom boy anymore I guess between him and his father I'll llearn LOL I will be back on later to give final results :)
—Guest Ash


My son is 2 and a half now but when I was pregnant with him I took the test and it turned a mucky brown color which IS indicating a boy.....my friend did it when she was pregnant and hers stayed pretty clear and light which is indicating a girl....and she has a little girl now! So I really think it works....
—Guest Chels


Name of a test you can buy at drugstores now is "Intelligender" which showed brown which indicates a boy. It's a boy!!! Yellow indicates girl. We just did a draino test on another mom-to-be and it shows yellow or amber. Is the Intelligender Test used with same chemical as Draino? Can't wait to get an ultrasound to see if it definitely is a girl. We are so excited for either one!
—Guest SusieQ


I did it years ago and it turned brown, I had a girl, my friend did it and it turned blue, she had a boy. We just did it again today so we'll see how accurate this is. I had 100% accuracy so far. Will repost after baby is born for the 3rd test.
—Guest Lynda

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Can Drano tell if your baby is a girl or boy?

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