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Readers Respond: Will you get a flu shot in pregnancy?

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Updated October 06, 2010

From the article: Flu Shots and Pregnancy:
Flu and pregnancy don't mix well. Getting the flu is more dangerous for pregnant women than when you aren't pregnant. The flu shot is considered by physicians to be the easiest way to prevent the flu. But some women are worried about miscarriage or of the flu shot causing the flu. What are your concerns about the flu shot in pregnancy? What does your doctor or midwife recommend? Do they ever recommend that a flu shot not be given? Have you had one? What happened? Will you do it again?

I took a flu shot during pregnancy

It seemed to me that the risk of the flu shot was absolutely minimal compared to the risk of getting the flu while pregnant. So I didn't hesitate about taking the flu vaccine.
—Guest Sandra

I worried, but did it.

I was really worried about it. My doctor gave me all the inserts and told me to go home and read them and to look online. It was great that he respected that I was worried. So in the end it was the right decision for me. My doctor said he wouldn't push it. It was only a mildly uncomfortable shot but it's been two weeks and I'm not sick, so I think I've escaped unscathed from the actual vaccine.
—Guest Mandy
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