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Readers Respond: What did you try to get pregnant with a baby boy?

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Updated April 22, 2009

Doesn't work, sorry

I have 2 girls and I tried the Shettles Method to try to conceive a boy. It didn't work. Having a boy or a girl is purely a matter of luck. My mother-in-law, who certainly didn't believe in orgasms (as a staunch Catholic) had 5 boys. I love my 2 girls but really wanted one boy. So i am disappointed but know that I will fall in love with my 3rd girl as well when she arrives. Good thing that my husband is very happy with a 3rd girl. Good luck to all!
—Guest guest2012

Praying for our boy!

My 1st child with a previous relationship was a boy. I have 3 girls with my husband. We r now expecting our last child and r praying it's a boy. We tried ovulation test, changing our diet, vitamin A, K, E, folic acid, (DW), & Zinc and vitamin E for DH doggie style, and a full moon. It's in God's hands now! :)
—Guest 5th and Last

Got my baby boy

I have two girls and had my baby boy last year I am A firm believer change your partners lol no I was bottom for my son and girls on top! :) good luck everyone who is trying .....
—Guest Kimmy...12

to influence the xy(boy) chromosomes...

From all my research, it seems like the most influential method would be the Shettles method. I'm sure that it increases the chances, but what it really comes down to is which sperm wins the race to the egg. But, it seems like most women succeed in having a boy after using an ovulation test and have intercourse after they detect their lH surge. I have the book and things it says to do are 1-have intercourse once you test and see you are ovulating. 2-eat foods high on the alkaline scale 3-use rear entry penitration (doggy style, as its as close to the cervix as you can get). 4-make sure woman has orgasm before sex, as it makes the woman's body for ideal for the boy sperm. This totally makes sense as I've tested both mine and my husband's pH levels. My normal, pre-sex pH was around 6.5-7.0, which is the concerned levels on the acidic range. After orgasm my body was 8.0-8.5 pH. After intercourse, with my husband's bodily fluids, they tested 8.5-9.0 so I'm sure alkaline favors boys!
—Guest hoping to see blue

All my baby were surprises

My first baby which was a girl was the first time my husband and I made love we didn’t have to try hard at all, my second which is also a girl was born 16 months later she was my contraceptive condom baby so she came at a big surprise. We agreed after she was born that we would wait awhile at least 2 or 3 years so I went to the doctor and got a IUD the Paraguard non hormonal one it didn’t work that great because 2 month later I became pregnant the baby is perfectly healthy and the IUD is out I am blessed everything is ok we are hoping for a boy. Crossing fingers I also have 2 stepdaughters so if this were a boy it would be a miracle.
—Guest melissa

Rumor Has It...

We wanted a girl, but didn't try anything special to increase our odds. We ended up with a girl anyway! I read in "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" that X sperm survive stresses like heat better than Y sperm, and X sperm also live longer but travel slower than Y sperm. So if you ovulate like clockwork, try to time your sex for a few days before ovulation to make a girl (then stop), or for just-in-the-nick-of-time to conceive a boy. Don't know if it actually works, but it's the most scientific method I've read about. Certainly beats special sex positions for credibility.
—Guest Kate


For the fist time me and my spouse after marriage usually have intercourse three times a night for one month at different positions then we got a handsome baby boy. Try this method.
—Guest sexter

I tried to have a boy with the diet

I tried having a boy, using the special diet. I also heard that eating more (especially big breakfasts) gives you more chance to have a boy. I also tried to deal with the timing of the intercourse. But, after not conceiving for a few months, we just had as much sex as possible during ovulation. Although I kept the boy diet- I got a girl. But I was happy anyway for getting pregnant, and now - of course I'm in love with her... After all, remember that you are going to LOVE your baby, no matter if it's a boy or a girl...

Yet to try

I wish to have a baby boy, though I have been going through all this experience from people or rather peoples response, pray that God will help me, but my husband is not worry at all, wish to have a baby boy by God’s grace.
—Guest pepe

I need a bouncing baby boy!

My husband and I have 4 daughters and he also has 3 other daughters from a previous relationship, we've tried and tried for a boy and the chinese gender test along with others say boy... hope it's true, bc this is my 1st time carrying my baby this low... wish us luck! by the way if it's a boy i'm naming him prince, bc my name is princess and the girls are named after daddy, hope he doesn't hate the name....
—Guest guest princess

I'm hopping for a boy

Not yet conceived but am hopping to conceive a boy baby following Chinese gender calender,tracking my ovulation day, doggie style, having sex on quarter moon, have orgasm before him, and eating more and more red meat! I'm hoping to complete my family with a boy as I have a 2yr old princess.
—Guest rabbit


I ended up being pregnant, but, alas, I miscarried at 6 weeks. :( We have recently tried again & have done everything possible like last time, I pray all goes well and I don't loose another child.
—Guest Mandi

Girls to a boy

Me & my spouse we tried to have a boy but we firstly started with 3 girls then we research methods of having a boy. So now I am 10 days preg, I can feel its a baby boy.
—Guest Alina

Is it a boy??

I have two beautiful girls they are my world that I love dearly, surprisingly am pregnant with # 3. If God wishes a boy will be nice; my princesses want a baby boy. I didn't plan for any of my kids I just love the surprises they feel my heart with joy.
—Guest Mommy (-_-)

Get your boy.

I've read somewhere that the Y chromosome (boy) dies off more quickly than X (girl). So to better increase your odds try to only have sex closer to ovulation. Instead of days before. It worked for us.
—Guest Rgamble

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