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Readers Respond: Did the ancient Chinese Birth Gender Chart work for you?

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Updated August 29, 2010

From the article: Girl or Boy?
The ancient Chinese Birth Gender Chart is based on your age and the month of conception and supposedly predicts the sex of your baby. You can simply look up your data on the chart and see if you are having a girl or boy. This is something that can be used before ultrasound and way before birth. But how accurate is it? Have you used it? Did the ancient Chinese Birth Gender Chart work for you? Share Your Experience

Prediction Wrong

The gender predictor said that I'm having a girl but I'm having a boy!
—Guest K

un sure

My first born lunar said boy for both conception and due date. I'm now 5 week's pregnant and conception says a boy and due date says girl. Which one!
—Guest Claire

it was accurate for me first time..

It was accurate for me first time . For this time it says girl will find out soon. Just and FYI.. This chart worked accurate for people whom I know ...if the lunar age and lunar month was used. Coincidence??? I dont know !!! :) And it was bit shaky when there was a full moon near the conception date.
—Guest pd

jackpot hits

worked on everyone we know......even in other countries..........
—Guest ninjuwusu


21 years old says i ment to be having girl, but when for scan having a boy my first baby so very happy it was Rong
—Guest jh

this is accurate only if

This is accurate only if you know your lunar age and lunar month you conceived. It has always been accurate at least to our family with my mom, 2 aunts, cousins...
—Guest mommie A


I conceived at the age of 37 and in the month of September. She was a girl.
—Guest Jen50n

Was right on

It said that I am having a boy and it's..... Correct!
—Guest Shea

Correct or Coincidence

It was correct for my mother with the prediction of both my and my sisters gender. It was also correct with my mother in-laws 4 children... and now also correct with my daughter
—Guest IrishMommy

wrong many times

3 out of 4 wrong. Bunch of BS this chart. I guess in reality 50/50 chance of getting is right.
—Guest Ryan

A boy!!!

It said another boy:( I have 3 boys already I wanted a girl but I have to wait for my next ultrasound.
—Guest Lizzy

Right on!

It was right for all 3 of my kids.... Boy, girl, boy!!! Pretty reliable to me! Did the due date one... It works:):)
—Guest Suzette

We will see...

I checked for my mom, friends, cousins who already have kids and all of them match the calender. Mine says im going to have a boy so I hope its right!
—Guest Kia


It was right for both my girl and boy! That is how we made the boy ;) went off the Chinese calendar! This time it says we r having a girl so we will see in a couple months!
—Guest Ashley

32 or 33?

I was born in 1981 but my birthday is in July. So, shall I refer to the column of 32 or 33 in the chart? Could someone please let me know?

Share Your Experience

Did the ancient Chinese Birth Gender Chart work for you?

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