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Readers Respond: Share your story about feeling your baby move.

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From the article: Quickening
Of all the things that people talk about in pregnancy, feeling your baby move is often one of the joys and missed things about pregnancy. But when do you feel the baby kick? When do other people feel the baby move? Was it different in subsequent pregnancies? Does your baby move enough or too much? These are all things women want to know. So share your story about feeling your baby move, your cures, calms and curses. Talk About Fetal Movement

I felt my baby Kicking!

I am 16 weeks and I have just felt the "popcorn popping-like" sensation on my right side! Normally, I just feel a couple of kicks and then nothing, but this was a steady, fast 10 kicks in a row! I am so excited, I even stopped to chat with my little jelly bean and ask how my baby is doing in there!
—Guest La La

Amazing feeling

Im 26 weeks 1 day pregnant and my baby kicks realy hard, lm actually thinking they are twins coz my baby kicks me both sides of my tummy simultaneously. Sometimes its really painful but its an amazing feeling though.
—Guest Destiny

4th pregnancy 12wks definite kicks

This is my 4th pregnancy. Im almost 13 weeks and since 11wks ive been feeling flutters low down and my uterus is slightly above my knicker line. This is definitely baby im feeling as it mainly happens after an orgasm and my lower abdomen goes hard. Hubby even felt it slightly. I only feel this once or twice a day mainly after sex or whilst im using my fetal doppler
—Guest katie

My baby movements is more on right

I m 32 weeks pregnant and my baby moves more right and less on left. I just wanted know what is fetal position and is there any complications in delivery.I mean can I give normal birth?
—Guest Purna

Corporate baby

My baby loves to participate in all my office meetings! When everyone speaks, it kicks in return making its presence felt. I cant concentrate any more because I am amused at its presence.
—Guest Kanti

odd movement

i am 11 weeks pregnant its my first pregnant. my blood group o negative and my husband's blood is A positive so for that i take anti D injection and progestron suppository. i had brownish spot, but i have odd movement at the right side of my belly (above belly button )
—Guest Lili T.

I realy enjoy d kick

Woow... Dis is realy great. Mine is 4months and some weeks gone. I was in d bed wit my husband dis morning wen i felt d kick of my baby i realy enjoyed it. Cus its my fist child
—Guest Blessing umaro

"I think it kicked me!!"

its my first pregnancy,I'm 14w and i was curled up in a chair drinking a tea when all of a sudden i felt this kind of knocking going on right below my belly button. 5 times. boom, boom, boom, boom, boom....I said to my bf "i think it kicked me" but to be honest im only 14w so i havent been expecting it. Ive had butterfly feeling for a few weeks... I told my bf to come put his hand on my belly.. & Then about a min later, there he/she went again!!! about 8 kicks.. was like a spasm... it was not gas... i can tell it was baby.. Made me giddy :) and of course i cried! haha
—Guest Suzi

My baby

Hi iam 7 weeks and when I lie on my left side I feel like popcorn is popping in my belly should I be concerned ?
—Guest Néena

baby movement

It's nice to feel all d butterflies n bubbles. Sometimes I feel ticklish inside and wish my husband feels the same. Trust me it's a nice feeling... knowing someone lives in there.
—Guest saadi


This is my first pregnancy I am currently 16 weeks and 5 days yesterday I was sitting on the couch watching tv and felta fluttering sensation on my left side below my belly button .. at first I didnt think any thing of it so went upstairs to lie down happened again :) for anybody who is trying to work out if it is the baby it feels like a butterfly is trapped inside like its fluttering its wings trying to get out .. it is an amazing but weird feeling so enjoy it ! Also mine only happens around bed time must have a little night owl
—Guest Ruby

recently had a miscarriage

I recently had a miscarriage July 22 2013 i was 9 weeks...i believe I'm pregnant again with my 4th child and i always felt movement early...if I'm pregnant now I'd be 4-5 weeks and i feel strong butterfly feelings...
—Guest carrie

4 1/2 pregnant

At first in four months pregnant i did feel some butterfly movements an now i'm only 4 in a half months pregnant going to five months an i did't feel any butterfly movement ? is that normal ? butterfmovements ?
—Guest Lisa

My baby kicks so hard

Im 37weeks pregnant,my baby can kick 4 a long time and he kicks so hard,sumtimes i can even jump.wow its so amazing,cnt w8 2c m liltle jackie chan
—Guest Millicent

am 16weeks prego

i feel my baby kick today and i was so happy this is my first pregnancy
—Guest charity

Talk About Fetal Movement

Share your story about feeling your baby move.

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