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Readers Respond: Have you had a tubal pregnancy?

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Updated October 16, 2011

From the article: Tubal Pregnancy
A tubal pregnancy, also know as an ectopic pregnancy, is a very dangerous situation. Not only do you have to be concerned with the life of the baby, but also the mother and of future pregnancies. Sometimes you can treat an ectopic pregnancy with strong medications with many side effects, other times there is surgery. All of this can complicate your recovery. Share your story of tubal pregnancy. Did you have surgery? Did you have methotrexate? How far along were you? How did you find out that you had an ectopic pregnancy? Share Your Story

Eptopic pregnancy

I have tubal pregnancy doctor remove my left tube , on my right tube blood was stock n then doctor told me tht they removed it but I'm afraid whether I could be pregnent next time or not .
—Guest Anu

2 Ectopic pregnancy

hi everybody, I had 2 ectopic pregnancy the first one was in 2009 where they take my right tube n my ovary i was 7 weeks.so now its 2014 n i gt pregnant again yea me! just to find out that it was n my left tube is time i was 4 weeks.but the good news is that i caught dis one n time so i didnt lost dis tube .but had to gt a shot thats called methotrexate. so THANK GOD for that !!!!!! I want to try again but so scared !!!! so i know what yall going throw because iam goin throw it too!!!!keep faith n we all going to pray for the best!!!!!!!!!
—Guest nekaboo29

i had ectopic pregnancy

in oct 2012 i had ectopic pregnancy. my right tube is removed. but doctor is telling another tube is k. but i am sacred to get pregnant a
—Guest yashaswini

Pregnant after etopic

I had an etopic pregnancy about 4years ago.im so scared to conceive again..took a test showing im between 2 to 3 weeks along.i go to the dr tomorrow please pray for me
—Guest Scared k


My girlfriend had an ruptured ectopic last week, the surgeon suggested that the hcg level didn't match up with the ectopic, and said that she wouldn't touch the womb just in case there was another baby in there, Is this possible? How long do you leave it to do a test? Very unsure and would appreciate any opinions or advice please ladies, Thank you
—Guest guest

surgery tomorrow

I had an ultrasound three Weeks ago. They did not see a sac. The doctor said it was just too early. A week later I started bleeding. My hcg levels had not risen appropriately so last week I had a d&c. This week my hcg levels went up drastically. The doctor said it must be eptopic. I go for the surgery in the morning.
—Guest lisa

I've had an ectopic

I had an ectopic in 2009. It was due to a prev surgery leaving scar tissue. The fertilized egg fell into my abdomen. By the grace of god I have a 3 and almost 2 year old and am now carrying twins.
—Guest amandap

2 liters of blood from a tubal pregnancy

I have a baby girl and a little boy my son was 3 months when I got pregnant I was 2 months along when I had sharp pains and a heart rate of 140 I had two liters of blood pumping internally in my stomach my left tube was removed I was 30 mins from dying I now have a iud in for a year and ready to try again
—Guest Valerie

Yes i had atubal pregnacy

I started by having pain every night wen im about 2 sleep 1day it become worse n shevering also n i was freezed n i ws rushed To hospital iwas checked by 3 doctors n all of dem didnt wnt to tell me wwhats wrong they took a blood to lab n tell me to come back nxt week i ddnt go there at nyt dat pain come back n we called an ambulance wen i arrive 2 hospital thy confirm ectopic pregnant n thy rushed me 2 thearet for an operation that thing is 2 pain full i dnt wnt to experience it again n nw m scared 2 make pregnacy wen ever i thnk of makin a child comes the pain of surgery
—Guest Shiela tmk

feeling hopeless

After a few months of talking with my partner, we decided to have my Mirena IUD removed to try to conceive another child. I had my Mirena for almost 5 years and was very excited to get it taken out. We had a Mirena taken out of the beginning of October, we started trying immediately. Over the course of the next few months I seem to be having normal periods, getting my hopes up and then getting disappointed when I get my period, during this time I was feeling sick, nauseous, low energy, but not really having any reason to be that way. With my first pregnancy I was sick the whole time, I had constant morning sickness, but I figured every pregnancy is different from what I have read online from other mothers so I kept testing always getting a negative. I'm becoming convinced that I will never be pregnant I'll never have another child again. My partner is getting upset with my negativity at this time... Also during this time I am getting a lump looked at in my right breast, this has been a
—Guest Caitlin

Infertility sucks

I conceived a beautiful baby boy in 07. But since then it has been nothing but disappointment. My husband adopted my baby boy. I finally found a good man to build a family with. We tried for a year and nothing. Then we tried clomid. Clomid didn't work. We had exploratory surgery done. Turns out I have lots of scaring and only one good tube. So, we try IVF. We thought it was a for sure thing. Turns out it wasn't. We had a chemical pregnancy. This was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. We did have frozen babies left to try and we were setting up for a FET. This Christmas I found out we conceived naturally. You can imagine how excited we were. On the first I went in for emergency surgery. The pregnancy was tubal. I was 6 weeks. I had light spotting and some pain in my rectum. No other signs. My good tube was removed. I am heartbroken. Why can't i do the one thing a women was meant to.
—Guest Shaybug

I had 2 etopic pregnancy in 02 and 2008

I went to the hospital telling my Doctor how I was felling pain. He just told me that early pregnancy is just like that, i was admitted many several time, but they could not notice that I have a ectopic pregnancy I end up having a rapture in my tube they removed the left tube after that the Doctor told me that I will never get children anymore cause the other tube is destroyed. I believed them but in year 2004 it was a miracle I became pregnant again I delivered my baby girl without any problem me and my husband we praised God for giving us a child again. in year 2008 I became pregnant again and I had again ectopic pregnancy then the right tube was removed again then the Doctor told us that we will never conceive cause all the tubes are tied up to now nothing is happening I got only 1 boy and 2 girls I wanted another boy again.
—Guest Maggie

2 fallopian ectopic pregnancies

Hi i had my 1st tubal ectopic in 2010 at 7weeks whereby they removed my left tube again this year in june i had another ectopic in my right tube where they removed it now i dont have tubes and wont b able 2 conceive again im so devastated and my hubby wants more children and we cant afford ivf
—Guest Stillsad


I had an ectopic a month n half ago, my left tube has been removed, when should i try again to get preg bcos my doctor told me to wait at least a month before trying again?
—Guest Lisaa

NO hope?

I've had 3 ectopic pregnancies which left me with a half a tube. Im just wondering if I can get pregnant on my own? And why I have pain when I ovulate
—Guest Patrice

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