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Readers Respond: What does your due date really mean?

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Updated September 03, 2009

I'm ready!

I'll be 37 weeks on Monday. I thought my baby girl would be here early. I've been walking and doing everything possible to start true labor, but my other two kids came early. I guess this one is taken her time.
—Guest mrs b

cylce length

I read that one reason due dates can be off is because they assume a 28 day cycle when there are many women who have longer or shorter cycles. Mine is longer so I am just assuming that the due date is going to be off. I have told my family early August and not a specific date!
—Guest eliza

Still Waiting!

My first and second babies came exactly on their due dates. I am carrying my 3rd one after 8 years and he is 7 days overdue. Thank you pals for sharing your experiences because I was dead worried but am settled now knowing that he is coming when his time is up.

LOL @ Dates

I have 3 kids, and am expecting number 4. First was induced on the medico dates, 7 days after my dates. Second was 5 days off. Third was 11 days overdue (with 6 weeks of contractions hourly leading up to it). This one, well it will come when it is ready.
—Guest Amy

Self-set Due Date

I am 22 weeks and on my third baby. My 1st came at 37 and the other was appointed to come at 39 weeks because I had gestational diabetes. At 39 weeks my baby was 8lbs 11ozs and I didn't want to be cut so my labor was given an exact date. I was so relieved and happy to see my baby I couldn't help but cry at the sight of him.
—Guest sheffon29

Not Gonna Sweat It

My 1st baby came 10 days after his due date and it was so stressful with everyone asking everyday. With my 2nd we prayed and asked God when the baby was going to come so we could be ready because our birth center was 2 hours away. That baby came right on his due date - just like God told us. (We prayed separately and compared notes.) This 3rd baby we're having locally, and I'm not concerned with when- I'm in no hurry. Just trying to maintain my peace and be ready. I sure get sick of the same people asking me when I'm due every single week though. Next time someone asks me that I'm gonna look at my wrist and say, "Oh, any moment now," and laugh.
—Guest Emily D'Aria

Due Dates are just guesses..

I'm expecting my third baby. I always go to 42 weeks. You can't expect your baby to come on its due date.
—Guest cherie

Still Waiting...

I had my 1st baby 3 weeks early at 5pd 6oz, so now with my 2nd baby on the way I just assumed that this baby would come 3 weeks early too. I changed my due date in my head but that day came and went. We are now and still no baby. The doctors said the 2nd baby is healthy and a good size and will come when it is ready... I know he is right but of course I am still anxious to have the baby. My due date is soon, I guess only time will tell!
—Guest Axious Mom

had my baby girl today

It doesn't happen often but my lil lady was born this morning on her due date. My son was born 3 weeks before his due date. Due dates aren't usually very accurate. I was persuaded I was going to go over with my daughter.
—Guest toni


My due date is on 11th September but am still going to work and have no funny pains so I wonder if I will have my labor on that day am so anxious to see my second born!
—Guest Josephine Salano

due dates?? LOL!!!

My due Date for mine was July 14/09 and it was almost as if I had a fish in me. I don't know if it was the weather or if she wasn't ready to come out because I was having contractions for 4 weeks until I actually went into labour (and a very painless one- it lasted 2 hours with 20 minuites of pushing) But I don't believe in the due date, no one I know has had their child on or near it!!
—Guest Mommy_on_July26_09

Due Dates..lol.

We have three wonderful children and are expecting our fourth, All my children where born at the 36 weeks, they where very healthy just small..they weighted between 5 ounds 2 ozs , and 5 pounds 12 ozs...I guess they just have no more room to go and they are ready to meet the world, I will keep you posted on when the is little guy appears, his due date is January 5th 2010.....


My 1st baby came 3 weeks earlier than expected. So I was at work one day and had my little girl the next day. Was great to have all my maternity leave with my baby.

due date

My first came 8 days after his due date, I was convinced he would never come out. This one is Due Oct 15th and I wouldn't be mad if she was early.
—Guest Shana

My Baby Picked Her Birthday

My "due date" was August 1st but I knew that most first time moms don't have their babies on their due dates. When the day came and went I was sad but not surprised. I knew my baby needed more time. She decided to come on August 13th, when I was 41w5d pregnant. I'm glad I allowed her the time she needed, even if I was a little extra tired, because she came out incredibly healthy!

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