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Readers Respond: Were you sad when you found out the sex of your baby?

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Updated July 03, 2009


I have two sons. We are expecting again, just had the twenty week ultrasound. The baby is a girl, and I don't know what to do..how is a baby girl going to make it with these two as her brothers? The only reason I wanted another boy is because we have two already. I am freaking out a little bit, I would have loved a daughter first, but with two older brothers, both under 5, I don't see how this will work. The boys are already so rough and quintessential boys, I don't think they can handle a baby girl. I am so blessed and happy for healthy children, just worried.
—Guest Help me

hoping for a boy so bad

So i want a boy so bad it's not even funny! I wanted a son from the minute I found out I was pregnant with the first and I was really upset when we found out it was a girl. Of course I was more than happy with my daughter and I couldn't imagine my life without her I love her so much, but now I'm pregnant again. And to make it worse my sister-in-law is having a boy and her first was a girl. My in-laws are all excited because their will be a boy to carry on the name. I will be really disappointed if it's a girl. I'm honestly dreading hearing those words because not only will I be upset for my own reasons, but I'll have to hear it from my in-laws how great having a boy is. Ugh. Just praying its a boy. Of course I just want a healthy baby tho.
—Guest Guest

boy #4

My husband and i just got back from our doc. Appt. Today found out we r having boy number 4. I cried and cried and am still crying. I feel so selfish. This is our last child. On our way home my husband kept asking why i was crying and so sad. My response was...i will never get to know the feeling of puttin her hair in piggy tales or playing babies with her or picking out a prom dresses or even a wedding dress or even watching her daddy walk her down the isle on her big day :( im so crushed i love my boys and couldnt imagine life without them. Im jus heart broken ill always wonder. Will my heartache ever end??? Thanks for listening -supersadmommy
—Guest supersad

Well then!

This is my first pregnancy, and when my boyfriend and I found out we were ecstatic. We had talked about starting a family before, and most, if not all, our scenarios we talked about involved having a son, driving a Chevy Tahoe, and taking the hockey team to and from games. Oh, and xbox championships, can't forget those! This afternoon we found out we're to expect a baby GIRL, which threw us for a loop, because my mom, who works as an ultrasound technician, said she was 100 percent positive we'd have a boy 2 weeks ago. Thanks mom. Well, needless to say, we went on a bit of a shopping spree last month and found lots of baby BOY clothes, even a masculine looking crib, and painted our nursery grey, with an accent wall of navy. Trust me, we were certain it would be a boy. So, now that the tables have turned, we might just leave our paint and crib and clothes for the world to see and say "those two idiots made a beautiful baby regardless of their idiocy." :)
—Guest Brianne

how could you?!

I have a 4 years old boy and expecting a second one. How could you be so unhappy having kids the same sex????!!!! Comr on ppl I would rather have 5 HEALTHY boys then having both but sick children or with disabilities!!!!!!!! My son suffer from severe astma and I ended up quiting my job when hr was 2 becausr he would sick every single month! So honestly I would be more then happy to take care of another boy as long as is healthy :-).
—Guest Andrea

2 boys TTC GIRL

I have 2 wonderful boys. One is 10 and the other will be 4 on CHRISTmas day. I am not upset I havent had a little girl yet, and if i never do then I will be just fine. It hurts to see how many people are that UPSET just by the GENDER. Of course I want a little girl so I have one of each, but I love my little men and they love their mamma! My husband is a proud daddy but his feelings are mutual. We would LOVE a girl, but are still very thankful we have children at all!
—Guest Rebecca VABCH

disappointment leaded to depression

I have 6 kids. I had my last son by my fiancee.When we fot married we prayed for a girl and said that if I ever get pregnant I knew it was going to be a girl because I prayed and I didn't have it out of wedlock.I pictured all the cute clothes and sboes until the ultrasound yesterday and I saw the penis.I wanted to die..Now I am so depressed and I can't take the disappointment even tho I pretend that it doesn't bother me when my husband around but it hurts badly and I.can't deal with this.We can't afford any more (after this)kids and have no plans of any more.I don't know what to do. He has no girls.FYI. My kids ages 15,13,12,9,8 and 2.Help!!
—Guest secret


I think that I am one of the only guys replying here. Anyway, just found out an hour ago, another girl is on the way for May. I feel bad for being disappointed, but I am disappointed. We have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who is our life, and I consider myself a good Dad to her. That said, I had this vision of a boy having my last name, playing football, wrestling, all of those typical "Boy" things. What is frustrating the most? Everyone else having an opinion about why I am disappointed. Feelings are feelings and I cannot help to feel disappointment. I am sure it will pass soon, but currently, I am pretty down and out at the moment.
—Guest Guest Dad

Not sure how to feel

Today was the big surprise of what we were having... And boy was that a huge disappointment... The moment was so silent... I wanted it to be a dream of a different sex of course... I truly think it doesn't matter to my husband... But that's not the case for me... I'm so Saddam at this point... I feel horrible because now s party of me wish I wouldn't have gotten pregnant again or thinking that an abortion would've been a better option... I already have a daughter and live her to death... But the whole girly thing isn't for me... She lives pink and doing cheers... I love sports and doing hands on things... Gosh this is going to be so hard for me... I'm not sure what I'm going to do with another girl... I'm not happy at all about this... This really does SUCK!!!!!! I grew up with all girls and never really related to them... And now more girls... UGH!!! I don't like doing hair... I want my husband to feel the whole responsibility of raising a Man as I do of raising a women.
—Guest Still coping


I am 14 weeks along with my second child and hope so much that its a boy. I have a sweet empathetic amazing 5 year old son and I wouldn't trade him for anything. I've always been a bit of a tomboy and I have no sisters or even many girlfriends. I don't feel comfortable or quite capable of raising a daughter but I feel horrible for praying so hard for a boy. I know I should not be so selfish and just hope for a healthy baby but I know I will be crushed if it's a girl. I even get annoyed to the point of anger when my family teases and hopes for a girl. My husband feels the same and I just pray we can be happy no matter the outcome. My brother has 3 girls and I do love them but I don't enjoy spending time with them as an aunt should. With my son and my only nephew I truly gush over with joy and love. They light up a childlike happiness in me and for that reason I feel this baby just needs to be a boy. I'm so hoping it's a boy that I bought some adorable outfits for him. Now I'm too ashame
—Guest b

sad to see him

When i found out i was pregnant i was so happy i was exctied cause everyone told me its going to be a girl . I wanted a little me so badley i even went out and bought some diamond war rings for my baby then at my 21 week ultrasound they told me it was a Boy i didnt cry but i was so CRUSHED his father was so happy . My son will be one soon and even till this day when i see little girls i day dream on haveing one and i get jelous too when i see my friends that are pregnant are haveing a little girl . But dont feel bad! O love my son with all my heart and it helped alot when i still see till this day how happy his dad is that he got he had his little Boy
—Guest ale

I feel the same

I am currently pregnant for the first time and ever since I found out I have imagined a little girl, a boy has never even crossed my mind. I guess that is how much I am hoping that my baby is indeed a little girl. I am really worried about having my 20week scan, all I want is for the baby to be healthy. BUT if I am told that my baby is a little boy I fear that I may breakdown and not be happy with the news.... I feel bad for even feeling this way!
—Guest Chazza

last baby... Another boy

hubby and I have 2 boys already, we are 16 wks along with our last baby, just found out another boy. Im devastated to say the least. im in the bathroom crying right now. God give me strength to get over this feeling.
—Guest sad mommy

I am so sad

I have 2 boys, 14 and 2 YO. After me and my husband were so sure the last one was a girl, I cried instantly when I saw his package at the ultrasound and that was before they told us it was a boy. My husband was happy he would have a little boy and couldn't wait to tell everyone. I didn't want to mention it, I felt like a failure. I didn't even know what this kid's name would be and frankly, I didn't care. Now my husband says he doesn't want to have any more kids. Money is tight and we're getting older, but I never got a girl. He got a mini-me, but I didn't get what I wanted. I love my boys completely, I just don't feel like I'm complete. I even secretly hate those that have daughters and mock their FB pics when they show those pretty dresses off and stuff like that. I don't know what to do with this anger and pain. I can't tell anyone how crazy I feel about it so here I am venting to strangers online cause I don't know how to deal with it. Thanks for listening and any suggestions

Second baby is another boy

Had my 20 week ultrasound today and it took all my strength to hold in my tears when I heard I was having another boy. I love my son to death but always imagined i'd have a little girl someday. I cried all day, felt guilty about that and have bitter thoughts about those lucky enough to get girls. I worry I'll be jealous for life about this. Not sure we are done having kids but worried about how i would feel with a third boy if this was my reaction to 2. Ugh. My eyes sting, my head aches and my heart hurts. I should feel lucky and blessed. But I feel sad. This might be it... And I am really beginning to feel like I might not ever get that dream...
—Guest Nic

How did you cope?

Were you sad when you found out the sex of your baby?

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