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Readers Respond: Do you donate time or money to a parenting related organization?

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Updated December 31, 2010

Volunteering and donating money are two ways to get involved with various organizations. Sometimes this is something as simple as volunteering at your child's preschool, sometimes it's fostering children, providing pro bono work as a doula or childbirth educator or even donating your used baby items. What organizations do you give to and why? Share Your Experience


I am the Executive Director for a Pregnancy Center & our volunteers are so important to what we do! Donations are vital but volunteers make the day to day work happen.
—Guest Liz

I volunteer for a birth network.

I volunteer for a local birth network that provides educational opportunities for moms and their families, in addition to some other things. It's great to be involved and know I'm helping out and it doesn't cost anything but really does make a difference. So don't get caught up in thinking that money is the only way to give. Ask around for local places you can volunteer!
—Guest Robin

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Do you donate time or money to a parenting related organization?

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