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Readers Respond: Have you had a missed period that was not due to pregnancy?

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Updated April 03, 2011


I have missed my period for the first time and am going crazy, took the test and it was negative. What's happening to me? I have a sore back and its killing me!
—Guest Beth

Playing the Waiting Game

I'm about 10 days late for my period; I went off the pill 7 months ago and didn't have problems with my periods coming on time until now. I have taken two pregnancy tests, a week apart, both negative. I would think that I'm pregnant, but I don't have any symptoms of either pregnancy or my normal pre-cycle symptoms (sore breasts, irritability, depression, bloating, breaking out). Could my cycle be late because I went off the pill? I know it's been quite a long time, but I don't believe I'm sick. I thought a few days ago that I felt a menstrual cramp and nearly threw a party - false alarm. Would love some advice!
—Guest Still waiting...

8 days & counting

I am 22 and a mother of 2 but about 6 months ago I went off depo and had been pretty normal. A day or 2 late but now I have all symptoms but no period. No unprotected sex in months?
—Guest peg

Late one day

I was pregnant 3 months ago, and had a miscarriage. I've never protected my self after. I'm 37 and got pregnant after taking Clomid for the first time, now i have not taking it again but am late never ever am I late, I've been having headaches which I get when I'm pregnant. Hot flashes, want to sleep all the time, and no period but negative test, please help what could this be or should I wait another week
—Guest Melinda

2 weeks late for apparently no reason

I'm 42 and we're trying for a second child. This month I'm late for the first time in about a decade---2 weeks late, and for a month I've had ALL the symptoms of pregnancy except a positive HPT. I even had bloodwork done---negative. I'm under no stress, haven't been sick, nothing has changed in my life at all. This is annoying, now I don't even know when I'll be fertile again because I've got no cycle to estimate from. I don't think I'm starting menopause---my mother was nearly 60 before she got hers. So just confused and annoyed and in pain with sore boobs....ugh
—Guest ugh

Maybe Stress?

Day 56. I'm 28, have a DR's appointment this week.
—Guest Mira

Wierded out

Been about 34 days and I'm usually on a 27-28 day schedule- but my last period was a bit heavy and lasted slightly longer (1 day) than usual. Have been having regular sex with my bf but always with condoms, until 3 days ago-then took emergency contraceptive pill- could that also cause a delay? Or is it more likely to be due to heavier period before? Has anyone else noticed a heavier period before the missed one? Well have taken one hpt and so far negative, will take second test in a couple days with morning pee.
—Guest Rena

Cycle day 52

Cycle day 52. I've been regular since coming off depo almost 4 years ago - maybe a few days late from time to time. Now. Missed one period and no sign of ovulation or pms this month. Will take a hpt next weekend if nothing shows up. I am scouring my brain to try and figure out what's wrong. Not stressed, too young for menopause, no changes in anything. Ugh what's wrong with me?
—Guest Really?

stress or pregnant?

I am 34 yrs old, and engaged. My periods are usually irregualr but never like this. My period is 85 days late! I took a HPT last week, not pregnant. I haven't gone to the doctor because I have no insurance. Anyone been through the same experiencwe?
—Guest viprincess

Late Too

I'm late, age 35 with a 4 year old son. Haven't been "active" sexually for last 6 months due to divorce. I recently changed my working hours from late morning to early morning and working 12 hours a day from 8. I have all of my menstrual symptoms, but no period and I'm a week late. Stress can also kill you....when we are dead and gone, who will care how much we worked. Something to think about.
—Guest Tia


I was about 8 weeks prego, then had a miscarriage!. The pain was horrible!. Its been 2-3months since then, I've got my regular period since. This month is strange. I haven't got my period in 13 days. I've taken a HPT and neg. I went to the doctors yesterday & STILL neg. Hmm, Do you think there is a chance of me being pregnant still? I'm very sexually active with my fiancee. I have no stress and nothing to interfere with my natural cycle....I hate not knowing I suppose all I can really do is wait.....ugh!.
—Guest LaLa.Me

Still not here....

I'm 22 years old since I was in middle school. I've had an irregular period it would come to much for more then 7 days and it would skip some time no more then 3 months. I've taken pills and the shot but nothing worked my period is out of control to much bleeding some time I had it for 15 days. My problem is that now I will have 2 years with out my period. I spot one little dot once in the blue moon but I never get it...
—Guest Nohemi Castillo

Not sure...

I don't want to be pregnant, but I haven't had a period in 40 days. My home pregnancy test was negative.
—Guest supriya

39 days

It has been 39 days since I lasted started my period. I'm 25, been with my boyfriend for 7 years and have been doing it the same way since we started (no BC, condoms right before ejaculation, or pullout). I only started keeping track of my period within the last 5 months, and it hasn't exactly been regular but it also hasn't been more than 33 days late. I've taken two HPTs, both negative. I recently moved into a new apartment and have been cooking my way through a new healthy cookbook. I'm assuming I'm not pregnant just really late due to the changes in my life. Though, I wouldn't mind making a baby..
—Guest Jen


I'm trying to get pregnant with my first. I've missed my period for two months but the hospital test says negative. I have all the symptoms - what's wrong?
—Guest Esly
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