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Readers Respond: How did you feel about your AFP test?

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Updated April 16, 2009

The triple screen, quad screen or penta screen AFP testing is done between the 15th and 17th week of pregnancy. It can be used to screen for genetic problems like Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida and Anenecephaly. There are many false positives, which can cause worry beyond belief and lead to unnecessary intervention like amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling (CVS). How was your AFP test?


Geez, I think googling and finding thos site has tripled my stress level. I took all my blood work two days ago and have hardly eaten, slept or concentrated properly. This is insane on pregnant women! How long does it normally take before results are revealed?
—Guest stressing

I hate this test!

I had this test done in 2010 with my last son and the results came back at 1:37 chance for DS. We did not do an amnio and he ended up being born 100% healthy. I am currently pregnant again and just received my results, 1:91 for DS. Though with this pregnancy I also had the Panorama test done at 9 weeks, which has a 99.9% accuracy rate (unlike this AFP/Quad Screen), and my risks came back low at 1:10,000. I will not be having an amnio this time either, as I am confident that my baby is healthy. I wish they didn't even do this test. So inaccurate!!
—Guest Heather

quad screen

I had a quad screen 2 wks ago. My results came back 1:70. I'm 38 and this is my 2nd. I went in 6 days ago for another more definitive blood test and I'm waiting. It is horrible. I can't stop researching and reading up on things. My Dr. says he is not worried yet and since my US's have all been good, he thinks my results have to do with age. I don't plan on having more children but if I did, I would NOT have the quad screen. If ultrasounds look good, I would not bother. The stree that has resulted from this is not worth knowing for me. I'm 21 wks along and would not terminate anyway. Hoping I got a false positive!
—Guest BB

Freaked Out

I am 34 years old and will be 20 weeks pregnant with my first child this Friday and just heard from my doctor today that my AFP results were positive at 2.33 MOM when 2.0 is what is should be. I am being sent for the level 2 ultrasound in the next few days but am totally stressed out and worried that the baby has spina bifida. I am really hoping that it is a false positive.
—Guest Guest K


I'm 33 and I have a 1:10 that my baby boy has downs. Has anyone else has these odds?
—Guest Dallymarie26

AFP Test

Unsure. The first test I took came out at 1.86 (the normal range is between .5-1.80) I just redid the test and it came out to 2.04. (I am 18 weeks pregnant). According to the doctors the AFP reflects the amount of protein plasmas the baby is passing to me. An great amount can cause Spina Bifida or Nuerological Problems. He said not to worry. But how can't I. He scheduled a detalled ultrasound for 30 weeks. I live in Spain, but am American. Everyone says not to worry, that these test are really inaccurate, but I can't help it. The doctor said they start to worry when they see the numbers multiply or triple suddenly. But I have no further tests until JANUARY!! According to them, they will only be able to determine Spinal Bifida and real problems then. Then why would you test me for problems now!? I trust God, I really do, but I can't help feeling scared and nervous. Anyone have a similar story?

Got a call from obgyn

I had a baby about 8 months ago, got pregnant again when my baby was only 3 months old & had miscarriage at 7 weeks pregnant. I bleed for almost 2 weeks from the miscarriage & my period never return because I got pregnant after miscarriage. Today, I'm about 16-17 weeks pregnant & got a call from my obgyn & said my AFP blood test came back abnormal. I haven't been able to sleep and very worry. My dr referral me to a place where they can further explain what my next steps are going to be. The soonest appointment is on October 2, which is still another 1.5 weeks away. I also heard when I decided to get further testing, I'll have to wait about 14 days to get my results which is a very long wait to get the result when I'm so worry. Please let me know is it because I got pregnant right after a miscarriage can cause this? I'm so worry. Anyone experienced what I'm going through? I'm so sad to come almost halfway in my pregnancy to have to worry about the possibility that I have to abort. :-(
—Guest May

pregnant with twins and had AFP test.

I'm 16 weeks pregnant with twins and just took the AFP test last week , my Ob office called today to say they got my results and my Dr. Wants me to go in to discuss them. I emediatly felt my heart rate drop now I'm so worried Im having a hard time controling my emotions. I'll have to wait 6 days before my appt and they will be full of worry and uncertainty. I just had my first child last year and also took the AFP but it was all normal. Now, my faith lirs in only god
—Guest twins2b

Miracle Baby

Before i had undergone those test (Triple Screen Test) during my 14 weeks of gestation and it was very positive, that i will be having a genetic abnormality for my child.Those gave a a very horrible stress for my entire pregnancy period. My Ob advised me to have another test which is amniocentesis but then i declined it. i continued my pregnany and Alas! when my lil precious angel was born she was completely A healthy and Normal child. She is now 7 months old. So to all moms out there who had undergone those test,, just have FAITH , and a MIRACLE will also happen to ur lil angels.. God BLess us.

AFP horrible.

I had mine done this week on Monday. I got a phone call from OB and said mine came back positive ratio was 1:191 at first I was scared and shocked at the same time. But the nurse reassured me tht many tests are false/positive. So I asked why do thy do these tests if most of all are false/ positive. So I'm kinda scared but I'm gonna do wht I knw is best n pray to God tht all is well with my baby. I'm scheduled for a US in two weeks. Please pray for me n my child. Thank you and God bless us all!
—Guest Melinda

Would not take the test again

If I had my time back I would not take the test.Didnt realize that its a screening not a definite result and am now reading about all the "false" positives".I am now nervous about amnio due to the risk of mis..What if amnio result is ok but I miss due to it.? Stressed.
—Guest Ireland

Will never get another quad screen

Before sharing my experience, I want to say that I will NEVER get those tests done again. I am 32 and will have my baby at 33. When I went for my second trimester U/S, there was absolutely nothing to indicate any problem. Taking my own initiative I also got quad test done. After 3 days my doctor calls me on Sunday morning and says my odds are 1:127 (less that 1%). He sounded worried (as its still positive) and asked me to see the genetic counselor. The next day, the counselor did my U/S first, found no markers and bumped my numbers to 1:250. Since the numbers never actually go to zero, at that point I wanted to make sure and got my amnio done. It took 3 days to get the preliminary results which turned out to be negative. But the stress, sleepless nights, loss of appetite, anxiety that I faced during the entire course of time is inexplicable. So my 2 cents: if the extensive level II U/S turns out to be fine, do not worry too much about the quad test. Nothing is diagnostic, except amnio.


My OB Dr. talked to us about the Penta screen on my 1st visit. I went home and read up on it and the more I read the more nervous I became about having it done. I had the test at 19 weeks and today (20weeks) the Dr. called and said I tested Positive with a 1 in 25 chance. Now Im even more scared and nervous. If a positive result doesnt mean the baby WILL have downs and negative doesnt mean it will NOT, then Why even offer the blasted test?!? I wish I'd never taken the test. I'm waiting for level 2 US next week and I'm a nervous wreck.
—Guest Jennifer

False Positive. Stress and Panic.

I'm 44yrs old with two boys age 8 and 5. Both happy and healthy kids. Now I'm 17 week preg with our 3rd/last bb. Had quad test last week and result came positive with DS 1:20. Did not have any prob with my earlier pregnancies. Immediately we went to see our OB, did another U/S but still no soft marks. To dcfm we proceed with amino. Lastly we received good news that our baby boy is perfectly ok and in good health. Thank God our scary nightmare is over.
—Guest Mimie

Sunshine finally

I did my triple test and the doctor said my chances were 1:110, had me do both ultrasound and amnio. All tests were negative but I lived through hell which led to hyper tension, emergency c- section but in the end my healthy beautiful baby boy was born. This test should be banned, it puts expecting couples through devastation. Good luck to all of you out there!!
—Guest Amy

How was your AFP test?

How did you feel about your AFP test?

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