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Reader Submissions: Intelligender - Gender Prediction Test Stories


Updated May 10, 2010

Intelligender is a home urine test that claims to detect the gender of your baby early in pregnancy. It uses urine to test in your own home with results in ten minutes. Here are stories form families who tried it.

Intelligender and PCOS

I was right with my girl. I took 2 test. I have PCOS, but very controlled. I'm pregnant again I got boy results. Don't know to believe them or not. I might take a few more tests if I can get them for…More

Aly's Intelligender was wrong...

I actually had a bet going with friends and family (on babies gender). My friends bought me the Intelligender kit to "cheat" on the gender. Well it was simple to follow the directions. I followed the…More

13 Week Intelligender - Results Wrong

Like most urine tests, it requires use of the first morning pee. Luckily I read the directions the night before because it's kind of complicated when you first wake up and are still groggy. After pee…More

Taken at 11 Weeks - Boy - Correct

I took it when I was between 11 and 12 weeks. The instructions are quite specific and not as easy as I thought it would be. It wasn't hard, just could be confusing. Once I took the test it was prett…More

Intelligender said girl at 11 weeks, but...

Well I did everything correctly, from my first urine etc. The results said that I was having a precious baby girl and when I went for my 18 week scan I was told that I was having a boy! I did the tes…More

Girl Result was Wrong

I purchased the Intelligender kit and waited until I was exactly 10 weeks pregnant. I used the first morning urine to take the test and followed the instructions thoroughly. My result was clearly gir…More

It's a boy at 10 weeks!

Taking the Intelligender was easy- pee in a cup, syringe it into the container, swish it around, wait 10 minutes and wah-la! you have your answer! Green is boy, Orange is Girl with a color guide to h…More

It's a Girl!

It was a bit more complicated than I thought, not terribly, but the syringe freaked me out. Though the waiting the ten minutes was the hardest part! I did the test as I was taking a bath so I could s…More

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