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Reader Submissions: Add Your Favorite Baby Shower Decoration


Updated November 06, 2010

Baby shower decorations are at the heart of your baby shower theme. This is what pulls your party together and adds to a sense of festivity. So what are your favorite things to do for a baby shower decoration?

Rubber Duck Cake Pops

You bake a cake, and when it's cooled, you crumble it in a bowl and mix it up with a can of frosting. Then scoop it out of the bowl and shape into a ball. Place it on wax paper and freeze it for at l…More

Baby Shower Tree - Baby Shower Decoration

You find a branch and paint it white, or whatever color you want to have it. You can save it and use it over and over for other events if you paint it white.Before the baby shower, secure it to the t…More

ALL In! A Baby Shower Game

ALL IN!!!!!This would be the very last game of the shower. Host go around with a baby bag and jar tell each guess to put what ever dollar amount they would like in the bag as well as have each guest …More

Wrap It Up Baby Shower Game

The guys will hold a plunger with the stick side facing toward their partner. The girls will hold toilet paper. When someone says go, the girls use the toilet paper to roll around the plunger stick. …More

Guessing Game as Decor

Take any number of cotton balls and put them into a bowl or basket. Ask all of the guest to try and guess the number of cotton balls in the bowl or basket, get them to write the number on a peice of …More

Rubber Duckie Center Piece

Lots of hot glue and time! I glued the big rubber duckie in the center of the Styrofoam and then I curled the ribbon and glued it on the Styrofoam around the duck. I plan on using it to top off a dia…More

Baby Bath Toy Surprise!

It very simple and easy to do!Buy some baby bath toys and about 3 boxes of jelly, make jelly mixture and set in fridge for a bit. Then take out jelly and place bath toys into the jelly. Setting the j…More

Baby Shower Animal Key Chains

My mom made a really clever shower favor. She bought little bean bag animal key chains, in all different styles, boyish ones (elephants, giraffes, turtles, etc...). Then, she bought blue ribbon with …More

Baby Blankets as Decorations for Baby Shower

I was hosting a shower for a friend and because we were having many people we did it in the church fellowship hall. Since it wasn't the nice cozy feeling of a home we used dividers that the church ha…More

Baby Shower Candy Buffet

Who doesn't love candy? A Baby Shower Candy Buffet is a sweet idea for your Baby Shower. I will share with you the basics of getting your buffet ready for your party.*Begin buy getting some clear gla…More

Baby Shower Napkins

I've made nut cups from 5 "square pieces of Baby Flannel & the tiny gold safety pins. Fold the square piece of cloth into a triangle then pin the three points together. Immerse in heavy laundry starc…More

Baby Shower Marshmallow Bears

I did a baby shower theme in bears, and for favors I made bears out of marshmallows. You use two big marshmallows 1 for the body and 1 for the head, then use 6 miniature marshmallows two for ears, sh…More

Balloon Baby

Blow the big white balloon up all the way. The "tie part" of this balloon is the belly-button. Then blow four balloons up partially and attach them as the arms and legs of the baby. And another as th…More

Baby Shower Sock Corsages

I purchased a bunch of fake flowers (carnations) and then I pulled the fake flower off of the stem. I then rolled up baby socks (in colors to match decorations) from the toe to the top. Then fold the…More

Using Baby's Nursery Theme

She was decorating the baby's nursery in light blue gingham and eyelet and was going to make the curtains and bedding her self. We decorated the food table with white eyelet that hung to the floor an…More

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Readers Respond: How did you pick your favorite baby shower theme?

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