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Questions About Pregnancy Tests

Do you have a question about how the pregnancy test works? If the results you got are real - positive or negative? Or if some medication messes the pregnancy test results up? Look here for answers.

Taking a Pregnancy Test Basics
The straight facts on taking a pregnancy test. This how to breaks down the pregnancy test into simple steps, including where to go for help if you have questions.

hCG Levels in Pregnancy - hCG Chart
All pregnancy tests measure hCG, some more than others. How do you know which test to use?

How soon can I test with a home pregnancy test?
Wondering how long you will have to wait to see if a pregnancy test is positive?

If I take a pregnancy test too early can it be wrong?
When you take a pregnancy test you need to have a certain amount of the hormone hCG in your body to make it work. When is too early?

What is a blood pregnancy test?
What is a blood tests for pregnancy and how does it differ from a urine test for pregnancy?

What is a false positive on a pregnancy test?
A false positive is a type of results from a pregnancy test.

What is a pregnancy test evaporation line?
Pregnancy tests are something you really care about the answer on. So when you've got questions about the resulst you need to know now! This is a discussion of something called an evaporation line on pregnancy tests.

Will an IUD alter a pregnancy test?
A look at how an intrauterine device IUD changes a pregnancy test.

Strange Places to Take a Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy tests are easy to find and easy to take. Here are some stories of strange locations to take a pregnancy test.

How long should I wait between pregnancy tests?
If you get a negative pregnancy test and still don't get your period, how long should you wait before taking another pregnancy test?

Do I have to use first morning urine for a pregnancy test?
Need help taking a pregnancy test? Not sure when you can safely pee on a stick and get the right result?

What if the positive line came up later?
So the pregnancy test told you to read the test results within a certain amount of time but you read it later. What does that mean?

Can my medicine effect my pregnancy test results?
If you are taking any kind of medication you may wonder if the medication will mess up the results of a pregnancy test - positive or negative.

Pregnancy Test Still Positive If a Line Is Lighter?
What do different colored lines on a pregnancy test mean? One line is lighter than the other on my pregnancy test!

Can you measure hCG levels in your urine?
A look at how pregnancy tests work, particularly when it comes to telling you how much hCG is in your urine.

What's your take on the Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test?
Would you worry more if you could measure the range of the hCG levels in your urine? That's what we're asking in regards to the Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test.

Have you ever had a false positive on a pregnancy test?
A false positive on a pregnancy test means your test was wrong or you're miscarrying. Neither is good. Share your stories.

Scared to Take a Pregnancy Test
It is normal to be worried about taking a pregnancy test - you're vested in the outcome either way. Here are some helpful tips at dealing with the stress and strain.

5 Reactions to a Negative Pregnancy Test
So you got a big fat negative. Which of these five ways did you react?

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