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Pregnancy Basics


Congratulations! You're pregnant! Once that pregnancy test turns positive you may be wondering what comes next. Sure it might be morning sickness, but you also have the joys of feeling your baby move for the first time, hearing your baby's heart beat and so many other fun parts of pregnancy.
  1. Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms
  2. Prenatal Care
  3. Maternity Clothes
  4. Prenatal Fitness
  5. Prenatal Testing
  6. Your Second Pregnancy
  1. Choosing a Baby Name
  2. Baby Showers and Celebrations
  3. Pregnancy Calculators and Tools
  4. Twins and Multiple Pregnancy
  5. Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

Morning sickness. Insomnia. Leg Cramps. Backaches. Doesn't pregnancy sound fun? Well the good news is that there are ways to help rpevent or treat many of the pregnancy symptoms that you may experience. The other thing to remember is that some pregnancy symptoms are fun like feeling your baby move and wearing maternity clothes.

Prenatal Care

Fetoscope - Hearing Baby's Heart Beat in Pregnancy

The term prenatal care probably means appointments with your doctor or midwife. It can also mean how well you take care of your body in between these visits. Staying alert and healthy can help you have the healithiest pregnancy possible.

Maternity Clothes

Happy Pregnant Woman

Maternity clothes. It's a love/hate relationship. Most moms can't wait to get to wear them, but then you quickly realize that you're stuck after a certain point with only so many clothes to wear. Do you need answers to questions about where to find clothes? Should you bare your belly? How do you dress for work? Here are tips on staying comfortable and fashionable in pregnancy.

Prenatal Fitness

Yoga in Pregnancy

Staying healthy in pregnancy is very important and prenatal fitness and exercise play an integral part in that process. There are exercises for every fitness level to benefit you and baby. Exercise in pregnancy controls your weight, decreases the risk of complications, make labor faster and can even speed postpartum weight loss.

Prenatal Testing

Prenatal Appointment

Prenatal testing is scary and exciting. Knowing about your baby before birth can be a blessing or a curse. Trying to interpret data and deal with the decisions that have to be made is very difficult. Whether it's a simple blood test like the AFP, a screening ultrasound, or an invasive test like an amnio, we've got your information.

Your Second Pregnancy

Sister and Newborn Sibling

Yes, you've done it before, but pregnancy the second time around can be vastly different from your first pregnancy. And pregnancies past your first and second - those count too! Here are some things to think about for your second pregnancy or more!

Choosing a Baby Name

Mother and Newborn Baby

The name that you give your baby is very important. Do you go traditional and choose a family name? Do you pick something a bit unusual and risk someone misspelling or mispronouncing your baby's name? How do you decide when neither of you like the list of names for babies? Learn new names, and get baby naming advice!

Baby Showers and Celebrations

Baby Shower

From planning, to picking baby shower games and presents, there are a lot of details that go into planning the perfect baby shower or blessing way. Here you'll find information on themes, decorations, recipes and foods, as well as etiquette.

Pregnancy Calculators and Tools

Pregnant Belly Photos

Here are some fun and handy tools for pregnancy - from calculating a due date, to learning from fun quizzes and playing around with old wives tales, here's some fun for you!

Twins and Multiple Pregnancy

Twin Ultrasound

So you're expecting twins (or more)! Here we have information on figuring out if you're having twins to having a healthy multiple pregnancy. Learn by seeing ultrasounds and learning about good nutrition in a twin pregnancy. See how having more than one baby will change your birth plans and how life will be after you bring home more than one newborn.

Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

When pregnant you may be concerns about miscarriage and pregnancy loss. There are some facts and fictions floating around, but here is some sound advice on the facts of pregnancy loss from blighted ovum, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and more from our Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss Guide.

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