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Staying healthy in pregnancy is a big part of prenatal care. Trying to figure out whether to use a doctor or a midwife? Need to know your due date? What about ultrasounds, tests and other questions? Learn what you need to know to have a safe, healthy pregnancy and how to get the most out of your prenatal appointments from the first sign of pregnancy until your baby's birth.
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What Happens at Prenatal Care Appointments
The doctor or midwife appointments that you have in pregnancy are called prenatal care. Each visit is an opportunity to assure that you and your baby are growing well and to answer any questions that you have. So what goes on in these appointments?

10 Things to Ask Your Doctor in Pregnancy
We all need information from our doctor or midwife. Here are 10 questions that you should ask your doctor about your pregnancy.

How to Listen to Baby's Heart Beat in Pregnancy
Hearing your baby's heart beat for the first time is an amazing feeling. Here are the different ways that your midwife or doctor might listen to your baby's heart beat in your prenatal care visits.

8 Reasons to Call Your Doctor
The question of when to call your doctor or midwife in pregnancy is a tough one. Is this really an emergency or can it wait until the morning light. Here is a quick list of when to call and how to talk to them once they answer the phone.

7 Prenatal Appointments Partners Won’t Want to Miss
If your partner can't be there for every visit, here are ways to figure out which are the ones not to miss!

Prenatal Visits in the First Trimester
How often do you see your doctor or midwife in the first trimester?

Prenatal Visits in the Second Trimester
How often should you see your doctor or midwife for appointments in the second trimester of pregnancy?

Prenatal Visits in the Third Trimester
How often will you schedule your prenatal appointments in the third trimester of pregnancy?

Common Tests in Pregnancy
Each of these files will help you learn a bit about the specified test including why its done, how, when and what you can expect.

When did you start prenatal care?
The earlier that you start prenatal care, the healthier you are and the more likely you are to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Quiz: Am I Pregnant?
When you're having unknown symptoms and you want to know if they spell out that there is a new baby on the way, it can drive you crazy. This simple quiz can help you answer the question of Am I Pregnant? By looking at the probability of a pregnancy based on your pregnancy symtoms.

5 Things to Bring to Your Prenatal Appointments
How do you prepare for a prenatal appointment? Here are some things you should plan to have handy the next time you go to visit your doctor or midwife.

Free Prenatal Care
Need help afford prenatal care for your pregnancy? Here are some helpful resources in your town.

Anatomy of a Prenatal Visit
This article focuses on what happens at each visit to the midwife or doctor. From ultrasounds and blood work to hearing your baby's heartbeat...

Prenatal Care
What are the basics of prenatal care?  What's included and what isn't?

Pregnancy Tips Daily
Celebrate your pregnancy every day with the Pregnancy Daily Newsletter. This brief tip of the day will help you learn more about your pregnancy and give you insightful advice from other parents as you experience the miracle of pregnancy, birth and parenting!

Stork Parking
Should expectant and new mothers be given preferential parking spots? Look at the controversies surrounding this seemingly innocuous idea.

Is home fetal doppler use okay in pregnancy?
You can now rent a fetal doppler for home use. Is this a wise move for the average pregnant woman?

Choices that can affect breastfeeding
Written by Andrea Eastman, a childbirth educator, learn how your labor choices affect your breastfeeding, from your About.com Guide.

Prenatal Records
Have you had a chance to see your prenatal record? Do you know what's on there?

Improving Your Doctor-Patient Relationship
You've chosen your practitioner and now you're having problems. Or maybe you have questions you're afraid to ask. Here is how to make the most of your prenatal appointments without feeling the tension between you and your practitioner.

Are Drugs in Pregnancy Safe?
A general look at the safety of medications during pregnancy, including the FDA categories used for medications in pregnancy, from your About.com Guide.

Questions to ask a Potential Healthcare Provider
A nearly complete list of questions that you would ask a potential provider, whether for a midwife or doctor; homebirth, birth center or hospital birth.

Informed Consent
Includes a section on a VBAC consent form by Dr. Bruce Flamm, but has great information for anyone.

Genetic Counseling
Who needs genetic counseling and what is it.

Newborn Testing & Procedures
You've planned for the birth, now let's see what comes next. Information on hospital procedures and testing for newborns. From APGARs on...

Choosing an Infertility Physician
What you need to know before you shop for a physician for infertility.

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