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Your Pregnant Body

From the first sign of pregnancy to the last contraction, your pregnant body is changing and growing a baby. Do you just glow like all the books say? What about your belly? Is it big enough, small enough, round enough? How is your baby growing? Follow the pregnancy week by week pregnancy calendar to find out what is going on with your body and baby!
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Your Pregnant Body Month by Month
A quick look at your body and emotional changes in the nine months of pregnancy.

Concerns About Your Pregnant Belly
At some point in pregnancy, you are likely to worry about your pregnant belly and how it looks. Is it too big? Too low? Too wide? Here is why you have no need for concern!

The Pregnancy Quiz
Try your hand at your knowledge of pregnancy with our fun and informative pregnancy quiz....

What's different about pregnant sex?
Pregnant sex has some differences than the sex you had before. Are you ready?

Will my baby's movements slow down at the end of pregnancy?
Towards the end of pregnancy, you might have heard that your baby's movements will slow. Fact or fiction?

Touching Pregnant Bellies
How do you keep people away from your pregnant belly?

When did your pregnant belly show?
Everyone's pregnant belly grows a bit differently. When did your belly show?

What's the worst part of pregnancy?
Pregnancy is supposed to be something that we're happy about. It's the pregnant glow. The baby moving. It's also morning sickness. Labor and delivery. Waiting. Various pregnancy symptoms and did I mention waiting?

My baby seems to move all the time. Is that normal?
Is my baby moving too much? Is it a sign of something bad like ADHD?

When will my husband feel the baby move?
Once we feel the baby move, we're anxious to share that feeling with other people in our lives. Unfortunately it takes additional time for people to feel the baby externally.

Should I worry at 20 weeks, that I haven't felt the baby move?
Quickening is how we describe the first fetal movements. When does this happen and what can alter that time line?

Can I take a bath during pregnancy?
Taking a bath in pregnancy is controversial - but what is the right answer for you and your baby?

What are the stages of pregnancy?
What are the stages of pregnancy that you and your baby go through?

Pregnancy Instruction Manual
The Pregnancy Instruction Manual is a very brief book on pregnancy and birth.

Surviving a Party When Pregnant
Being pregnant doesn't mean that you have to skip parties. There are some ways to make a party easier on yourself while pregnant, by planning ahead.

Fainting in Pregnancy
Sometimes in pregnancy you may have a tendency to feel light headed or faint, you might even pass out. Many times this can be a normal occurrence - find out why.

Stress Does Effect Your Baby in Pregnancy
Stress is a fact of life, but how does stress effect your pregnancy?

How Pregnancy Changes Your Belly Button
The belly button of a pregnant woman is such an unusual site. Learn about changes and find the answers to questions like keeping a belly button ring during pregnancy and being touched in the abdomen by strangers.

When will I get my belly back after pregnancy?
After watching your pregnant belly expand, you may wonder when it will return to your prepregnancy size.

Does my pregnant belly tell me if I am carrying a girl or a boy?
The old wives were busy telling tales that you can look at a pregnant woman's abdomen and tell whether or not her baby was a girl or a boy based on the size and shape.

Will my belly button pop out in pregnancy?
With everything going on with your pregnant belly, now you have to worry about what your belly button will do as your pregnant belly grows. Will your belly button pop out?

Why is my pregnant belly furry?
You might find that a furry belly is indeed a strange symptom of pregnancy, but it does happen.

What will my stretch marks look like after I give birth?
Wonder what will happen to your stretch marks after your give birth?

What is the dark line on my pregnant belly?
There is a dark line that runs down your pregnant belly - what is it and what does it mean?

What can I do about my pregnany belly itching?
So your pregnant belly is itching? What can you safely do to relieve the itching?

Will I get stretch marks in pregnancy?
Many pregnant women want to know if they will get stretch marks.

Breast Anatomy and Development
How do breasts develop? How does the anatomy of the breast change during lactation? From the Breastfeeding Guide, Melissa Nagin, IBCLC.

Top Gifts for Mother's
A gift guide for the mother-to-be on any day.

Stork Parking
Do you think pregnant women and new moms need a special parking space?

Pregnancy Guide for the Holidays
Looking for a way to make the holidays less stressful while you're pregnant? Here are some of the best tips for pregnant women from travel to the diner table and everything in between!

First Trimester Newsletter Overview and Sign Up Page
The first trimester newsletter is designed to help you get your pregnancy off to an easy start and answer all of your questions.

Pregnancy Guilt
Pregnancy and guilt go hand in hand. What makes you feel guilty in pregnancy?

Positive Pregnancy Affirmations
Pregnancy affirmations are designed to help you instill and reinvigorate your faith in your body, your pregnancy and your baby. This is an easy way to help you influence your brain's messages about pregnancy and parenting.

10 Things to Love About Being Pregnant
What is there that is so great about being pregnant?

What can I do with my rings when my pregnant fingers swell?
Swelling in pregnancy is normal. but it can mean that your rings don't fit anymore. What solutions are there?

6 Bits of Pregnancy Advice That Will Land You in the Hospital
Pregnancy advice abounds, most is harmless but sometimes, the advice is so bad that you can risk your baby's health by following it.

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