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Pregnancy Week 24


Updated May 16, 2014

Pregnancy Week 24

Multipe 3D Ultrasound Images at 24 Weeks


Your fundus (top of the uterus) reaches just above your navel! You are now aware of your baby's movements and may even be able to tell the sleep/wake cycles of your little one. It is important to recognize the signs of premature labor. Premature labor is actually more common in the summer months, thought to be caused by dehydration in some women, so continue drinking lots of water! Call your practitioner if you have any of the signs of premature labor.


Your baby is almost completely formed, and is beginning to deposit brown fat on his or her body. The purpose of the brown fat is to retain body heat. Newborns are bad at regulating body temperature at first.

Babies born at this point have some chances of survival with very special care. They will be in the Intensive Care Unit, probably for many months. A major problem with premature babies is lung development.

S/he weighs in at 1 lb 5 ounces (595 grams) and 30 cms or 11.8 inches total length!


Mom is now visibly pregnant for most everyone to notice. You may feel a swell of pride when talking about her and the new baby. This is a normal feeling. though some men say it really surprised them.

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Twin Tips:

Some practitioners will try to use cervical length to calculate your risk of preterm birth. This is not the standard of care and has "poor predictive value."

Suggested Reading:

Every Woman's Guide to Preventing Premature Birth by Barbara Luke
A basic guide to preventing preterm labor and helping carry your pregnancy to term. Easy to understand and dotted with personal stories.
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Baby weights can vary widely. Please see your practitioner for your questions.

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