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Pregnancy Week 22


Updated May 16, 2014

Young man kissing pregnant woman's stomach.
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You are still feeling pretty good and active in this second trimester. If you are still having aches and pains or feel like you are slowing down you may want to look into some different remedies for the problems you're experiencing.

Sex is something that many pregnant couples don't really discuss at length. However, sexuality can change a lot during pregnancy. In the second trimester libido is usually increased. With the increase blood flow and secretions in the vagina and clitoris, some women become orgasmic or multi-orgasmic for the first time.


The baby is getting bigger and continuing to practice for extrauterine life. This week your baby has developed eyebrows! S/he weighs about 15 ounces (425 grams) and is 27.5 cms or 10.8 inches total length!


Have you packed on a few pounds since the beginning of pregnancy? If so you are not alone. Many dads do put on some weight along with mom. You might also experience other symptoms of pregnancy, also known as couvade or sympathetic pregnancy syndrome.

Readers Share:

This week we hear from other readers about baby naming advice. Do you tell? If so, when? What happens if someone steals your baby name?

What advice do you have for baby naming and sharing the names?

Twin Tips:

Thinking about breastfeeding your multiples? It's certainly possible. Your body will provide you as much milk as you need, whether feeding or pumping, with only a few exceptions. Learn about nursing your multiples from other moms who have been there. Look around your local twin club or contact a lactation consult or La Leche Group.

Suggested Reading:

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More Pregnancy Weeks:

There will be slight differences in everyone's growth and fetal development. Any problems should be reported to your practitioner.

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