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Sitz Bath

Help with Perineal Hygiene and Soreness Postpartum


Sitz Bath Photo © Price Grabber
A sitz bath is a special bath used in the early postpartum period to help ease pain, promote healing and give good hygiene to the perineal area. This is particularly helpful after an episiotomy or tearing during birth. Though it also helps ease swelling in the perineum or a swollen labia.

In the hospital you may be given a portable sitz bath. This sits over a normal sized toilet. You fill a bag with warm water and sit on the sitz bath. The warm water then flows over your perineum allowing for healing and cleansing. You can add medication or herbal preparations at will.

This can be done often through out the day and is a lot easier than getting into the bath tub. Should you not have a portable sitz bath sent home with you, you can generally sit in tub filled 2-3 inches with warm water for the same effect. Or you can order a portable sitz bath for your home.

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