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So you've just had a new baby. Congratulations! Now you probably have questions about adjusting to your new life. Do you want to know about breastfeeding? How to get your body back after birth and post-baby weight loss? Do you know the warning signs of postpartum depression? We'll help you!
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Postpartum Recovery
Giving birth is one of the hardest things that you will ever do, next to being a mother. Here is some advice on the practical aspects of what happens immediately after you give birth and getting your body back during the postpartum period.

6 Surprising Postpartum Symptoms
You've prepared for your baby's arrival for a long time, but did you happen to catch the part about these postpartum symptoms?

How did you know when you were having your last baby?
Family size is a hot topic. But how did you know when you were having your last baby?

Quick Tips for Losing Postpartum Weight
Losing that pregnancy weight can be really difficult. Here are some really quick and easy tips to preventing the pounds from staying.

Postpartum Hair Loss
Having a baby may mean losing some hair after all is said and done, but are you really going bald?

Your Six Week Postpartum Check Up
Your six week check up is the conclusion of your prenatal care, but what really happens when you visit the doctor or midwife?

Books for Postpartum and Parenting
When you first bring baby home, you may feel overwhelmed and bewildered. I know I sure did. Even after having multiple kids, bringing someone new into the mix adds confusion and brings up questions. Here are some places to look for answers.

Things to Have at Home for the Postpartum Period
The postpartum period is not a time to be running out to the store to pick something up, so plan ahead with some personal care items for yourself that can help ease you into the postpartum period. Some of these are for your comfort and will be used short term, others will carry you through the first year.

Preparing for Postpartum
Some quick ideas on how to prepare for postpartum to make life just a bit easier on you.

Leaving the Hospital After Having a Baby
Having a baby is hard work, no matter how they enter the world. Just as advocates say that there is no one right way to have a baby, mothers and babies are being forced into models of postpartum care that say everyone leaves on a time table. New research says that this may harm mothers and babies.

10 Tips for Great Postpartum Sex
Just because you had a baby doesn't mean your sex life is over. Here are some quick ideas on how to make postpartum sex great!

Post-Baby Fashion
We spend a lot of time talking about fashion in pregnancy, but we usually neglect the immediate period of time after your baby is born when it comes to fashion help. Here are some quick tips to help you look great, even after your baby is born.

What do you miss most about pregnancy?
Now that the baby is here and all of the reality of postpartum has set in - what do you miss most about pregnancy?

Sex After a C-Section
With about a third of all women having cesareans, you probably want to know when you can resume your normal sex life after surgery.

5 Rules for Postpartum Help
Having help when you have a new baby is such a gift, except when it's not. Here are five rules your postpartum helpers should know about before hand to make it a great experience for all of you.

What was the most surprising thing about postpartum?
Giving birth is hard work and postpartum is the sweet reward, but many of the things that happen can be very surprising. What was the one thing that really surprised you?

What did you wear after having your baby?
Having a baby means getting rid of your maternity clothes, or does it? What should you wear as your body transitions back into your normal body?

Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) of Birth Control
Considering using breastfeeding as birth control? Here's what you need to know first.

10 Tips for Great Postpartum Sex
A few things to keep in mind when considering sex after baby. (Yes, it will happen!)

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