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Overview and Sign Up Page for Online Childbirth Classes


Updated July 01, 2013

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Sign Up for the Online Childbirth Class
Couple in Childbirth Class

Childbirth classes are a great way to reduce your fear of labor and childbirth.

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Online childbirth class may seem a bit strange but it is a great supplement to your regular childbirth class or the perfect match for couples who are unable to attend regular childbirth classes due to pregnancy complications. This is a six week course. It works best if you go through each lesson slowly and do all of the steps and read the materials over the course of a week. There are handy emails to remind you to come to class and show you step by step what needs to be done each week to get the most out of your online childbirth class. Sign up today!

  1. Week One
    • where pain in labor comes from
    • how diet and nutrition influence your pregnancy and birth
    • the basics of relaxation

  2. Week Two
    • pregnancy definitions and anatomy
    • how labor begins; true labor versus false labor
    • timing contractions

  3. Week Three
    • comfort measures and positions for labor
    • the stages of labor
    • when to go to the hospital or birth center
    • progressive relaxation

  4. Week Four
    • how to push and positions for pushing
    • the third stage of labor (placenta)
    • birth plans and doulas
    • using visualization and vocalization

  5. Week Five
    • hospital procedures (IV, catheters, fetal monitoring)
    • medications for pain relief (epidural anesthesia and IV medications)
    • cesarean birth (c-section)
    • emotional relaxation

  6. Week Six
    • caring for your new baby (bathing, diapering, feeding)
    • physical and emotional postpartum symptoms and warnings
    • six week check up

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