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Nutrition in Pregnancy

What to eat, what not to eat and how to eat while you're pregnant
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Pregnancy & Nutrition
Are you having a baby? A woman's dietary needs change when she becomes pregnant. Here is how to have a healthy diet before, during, and after pregnancy.

Flavored Waters for Pregnancy
Water is the perfect drink. And during pregnancy you will want to ensure that you're drinking more water and less of the unhealthy drinks like sodas and coffee. But if you're not a big fan of tap water or even bottled water that is plain, this might be a challenge. Here are some bottled waters that contain flavor that might help you increase your water intake and stave off dehydration.

Cravings in Pregnancy - What did you crave while pregnant?
You've probably heard stories about crazy things that people craved in pregnancy. Most of the time, the old joke is that pregnant women crave pickles and ice cream. I certainly had the ice cream part down, but never the pickles, at least not together. What did you crave?

Thanksgiving Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy
Thanksgiving is about the food, fellowship and family. The problem is that the food might cause and your baby more harm than good.

Peanut Butter and Pregnancy
Does consuming peanut butter in pregnancy increase the likelihood that your baby will develop a peanut allergy?

7 Rules of a Vegetarian Pregnancy
Yes, it's safe to be a vegetarian while pregnant, but here are some rules to follow.

5 Great Snacks for Pregnancy
Pregnant women need healthy snacks to meet the caloric needs of their changing bodies in pregnancy. Here are some great snacks for everyone to enjoy during any stage of pregnancy.

Are there cheeses I shouldn't eat in pregnancy?
Worried about cheese consumption in pregnancy?

Can I eat fish in pregnancy?
When you're pregnant you might be leery of eating fish. Find out what fish is good and what isn't.

Avoiding Food Hazards in Pregnancy
During pregnancy there are certain food rules to remember. Do you know what foods to avoid?

Nutritional Tips for Pregnancy
Tips for making the most of your nutrition during your pregnancy.

Fishy Facts
Information on eating fish for pregnant and lactating women.

Caffeine Increases Risk of Miscarriage
A new study shows that caffeine increases the risk of miscarriage in non-smoking women with normal fetuses.

Folate Facts
How Folate Can Help Prevent Birth Defects, from the FDA.

Soft Cheese Facts
Eat Hard Cheeses Instead of Soft Cheeses During Pregnancy, from the FDA.

Pica in Pregnancy
What happens when cravings turn dangerous?

Pregnancy Vitamin & Mineral Guidelines
Pregnancy Vitamin & Mineral Guidelines are designed for helping pregnant women figure out how much of any particular vitamin or mineral that they need in their diet either through food (nutrition) or through supplementation (prenatal vitamins).

Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby
How to have a healthy pregnancy, from the FDA.

Free Milk Brochure
Get the Milk Council's free brochure for the calcium needs of a Mother-to-be, from your About.com Guide.

Food Sources of Nutrients
This is a great link that talks about the sources of nutrients in various foods. It's a great place to look for specific foods for specific nutrients.

Organic Foods and Pregnancy
Brenda Lane talks about the use of organic foods in pregnancy and how it can help you raise your awareness of nutrition at this very special time in your life.

Eating Right
A guide to good eating before, during and after pregnancy.

Getting Enough Protein When You're a Vegetarian
Information on the protein requirements for vegetarians and creative ways to get it!

6 Things You Can Do About Cravings in Pregnancy
Cravings in pregnancy are something that most women experience at one point or another. But how should you react to or treat cravings in pregnancy?

6 Iron Rich Foods to Battle Anemia in Pregnancy
Tired? Dizzy? You may be anemic in pregnancy. Find out how your diet can help you avoid anemia by adding iron rich foods.

Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy
There are some foods to avoid in pregnancy - do you know what they are and why you should avoid them?

What foods do you miss in pregnancy?
Sure there is a long list of foods that you should avoid in pregnancy. And most pregnant women do it, even if it means skipping their favorites. What foods do you miss in pregnancy?

Healthy Eating During Pregnancy Review
Healthy Eating During Pregnancy: 100 Recipes for a Nutritious, Delicious, Nine Months is reviewed as a pregnancy cook book!

Were you diagnosed with pica in pregnancy?
Pica can be a very scary thing to experience in pregnancy. Did your doctor or midwife diagnose you with pica?

Expecting Nutrition App
Looking to get a jump on recording your dietary habits in pregnancy? Try Expecting Nutrition App.

Water Bottles for Pregnant Women
Staying hydrated in pregnancy can help you feel better and prevent certain complications like preterm labor, particularly in the summer months. A good water bottle is a way to help ensure you've always got water nearby.

Some pregnant women crave pickles...
Pregnancy cravings can go hand in hand with pregnancy - but what do all the crazy cravings mean?

How is your vegetarian diet changed in pregnancy?
So you're a vegetarian. How is pregnancy working for you food wise?

Nuts in Pregnancy
Unless you have an allergy to tree nuts or peanuts, eating them in pregnancy may benefit your baby.

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